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iPhone 6 flip tip slips in Aussie's clip: Apple's 'reversible USB' leaks

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Hairy rounds....


Show me a USB port that fat fecker would fit in !

Chip and SKIM: How dodgy crypto can leave shoppers open to fraud

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Re: Weak CPRNG

Read those chapters thanks. Learned how to suck eggs a tiny bit better.

Really. Come on.

My point still stands - where is the perfect solution that (obviously) only someone as experienced in the commercial world as Mr Anderson can actually deliver ?

Just asking ...

It is always easier to find faults than to give recommendations. I recommend that a proper risk analysis (with stress testing scenarios and full Regulatory, Financial, Customer, Reputational impacts) be included in these theory papers from the Cambridge team.

Don't misunderstand me here. I am keen to see faults and holes identified in any product or service that affects me. I just wish Mr Anderson worked on his approach to delivering the messages such that we could all benefit from his research... rather than just scaremongering and self-image.

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So if you break the card, and the ATM,m and the network, and they happen to be running non-random generators... you might get some money out of an account. Assuming it has some in the first place. If you can break all the above and implement your own code on ATM's etc then this is a pretty piss poor approach to getting your hands on some money. Just change the ATM code to puke all its money out to you there and then !

Two things.

1) When has the well educated Mr Ross Anderson ever produced a detailed design for an infallible payment system? (and why has he not copyrighted such and made a killing?),and

2) Where is the risk analysis and cost benefit. i.e. the cost to 'fix; the problems that seem to be endemic in the payments world versus the losses that also appear to be sustainable to the banks ?

Really folks. NOTHING in life is perfect. EVERYTHING costs something.And Mr Anderson should produce a good alternative rather than keep looking for ever more minute gaps that obviously do not amount to any risk (cost value) greater than the exposure (cost value).

My work-from-home setup's better than the office. It's GLORIOUS

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Re: Great Article.


You should work for a Swiss company .... our connection is in Zurich.

At least spamverts splashed across your screen are in English !!

Google's Nest gobble: Soon ALL your HOME are BELONG to US

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Re: But..


It might not be any better.

But could it be ANY WORSE ? !!!

Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software

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Re: As long as compatibility mode works, I don't see a big problem.


It doesn't.

Do you see that ?

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Re: Microsoft

Works for work....

Not if you need to use Citrix for remote access it doesn't.

Pile of poo. Renders a very nice white screen without any error messages though.....

IT MELTDOWN ruins Cyber Monday for RBS, Natwest customers

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I used to work at RBS. They made me redundant in 2010 even thought they thought I was knowledgeable and useful. I worked in Group and oversaw several divisions of activity.

They are currently working very hard to make even more knowledgeable and useful people redundant.

I expect the remaining hamsters will be very busy trying to keep the wheels turning (if they can even recall which wheels they need to keep turning).

My advice - move your business elsewhere unless RBS management focus on staff (and I DO NOT mean the overpaid banker boys on Bishopsgate) and they are better respected and looked after. After all, how do people focus on the day job when they are busy filling in job applications and being interviewed just to keep their current jobs ?

As Homer would say... "Doh!!"


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