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'Public Wi-Fi' gang fail in cunning plan to hide £10m cigarette tax fraud


Re: I wonder if there's an opportunity

And the first time you make a mistake in that line of business would probably also be your last!

Sysadmin denies boss's request to whitelist smut talk site of which he was a very happy member


There are many places outside the USA believe it or not!

Not all these "other" places have such draconian laws and aren't "at will"

The fact the story says he saw through the people claiming to be in the "UK" would suggest he is also in the UK so USA laws dont apply (yet!)

New measurement alert. The Pogba: 1,200Pg = NHS annual budget


Mixing metaphors

" but given the volatility of both the Sterling and footballers"

Sterling is a footballer and the only person known to refer to themselves as "the" is the Donald!

if it was meant to be sterling as currency there is no capital S

Netflix pirates Netflix, for the sake of better video



For 12 minutes!!

Is this their latest ploy - make the file sizes so large that no self respecting pirate will download it!

'I found the intern curled up on the data centre floor moaning'


Before banks moved to "national" numbers back in the 90's they had local numbers. Barclay's moved their Hertfordshire numbers to the Watford branch with a new number.

The phone number for the Watford branch of Barclays had the last few numbers the same as our home number in Bushey (482000 for watford and 4820 for ours). People would often dial our number thinking they were calling the Bushey Barclays because they hadn't read the full phone number.

There were a number of times I would come home and find that someone had left a message on our answerphone thinking they were calling Barclays and leave their name, account details and phone number asking for someone to phone them back.

This was back in the days before most people had heard of the internet so if they were that willing to leave their details on a strangers answerphone I am not surprised they are taken in by so many scams nowadays.

Barclays response to us when we contact them over this was telling us to change our phone number to stop us getting these calls!

Internet of Car...rikey what the hell just happened to my car?


"so I ended up applying my own update from an Android hacker's cloud store"

because installing from a non authorised app store couldn't possibly go wrong could it!

Jailbroken iOS users hacked

Microsoft tweaks TCP stack in Windows Server and Windows 10


How about they reenable NIC Teaming on Win10 instead!

BOFH: I found a flying Dragonite on a Windows 2003 domain


Re: Been there done that

at least your plonker used 'company'.com one place I was at just used 'company' - you can imagine the fun with that when it came time to upgrade!

Visiting America? US border agents want your Twitter, Facebook URLs


Re: 'murican airports

Think Freud would have great fun with your dreams!

Wi-Fi hack disables Mitsubishi Outlander's theft alarm – white hats


Re: Not Just Cars

"I thought ahead, I bought a 1998 Toyota Corolla for £250 last month. I'd like to see someone hack that with a mobile phone!"

A 1998 Nokia 5110i through the side window would probably be a start ;)

RIP Prince: You were the soundtrack of my youth


he might have been joking about that (only he knows) but Clapton's comments about Prince pulling him out of depression around the time he saw Purple Rain were made just a day or so ago.

Was he also joking about that?


Actually in the last year he was quite active on twitter and instagram - which he renamed to Prinstagram.

He was actually very funny and to his die in the wool fans (yes I am one) he was very generous. Saw him do 7 nights at Paisley Park in 2002 for $250. Would cost more to see some dross in the charts for a single concert now (ignore the flights/hotels/car rentals etc!).

The outstanding memory - after one show he invited everyone in the audience (probably 1500 of us) to join him at the cinema (that night happened to be a pajama party!) and watch Minority Report and at 1am we were following a white limo through Minneapolis to the local cinema where he had hired the whole thing out and paid for the popcorn and drinks for everyone.

That naked picture on my PC? Not mine. The IT guy put it there


Re: Something similar

Nobody mentioned it was an explicit share either!


Re: Something similar

And I think you shared out the C: as an explicit share and not accessing the C$?

If you were accessing the C$ on FAT32 on Win98 you should have patented the way you did it because you would have made a fortune because it wasn't technically possible according to everyone else.

if you create a share on a drive then yes you can access it on Fat32.

Maybe you don't actually remember what you did?

North Dorset Council hit by ransomware, flips the bird at miscreants


Re: "Some of these organisations do not have the latest backup [systems] installed"

Depends on the ransomware, some sit there dormant for a little while before "showing" off to the end user. That way they have a chance to have encrypted some of the documents in the backup.

If the encryption kicked off on the PC and immediately displayed the request for bitcoin then yes a restore would work.

All eyes on the jailbroken as iOS, Mac OS X threat level ratchets up


Apple store hosting malware

Has everyone forgotten only 2 months ago that the Apple store had over 4000 apps infected by the dodgy xcodeghost malware.

this would have affected non jailbroken devices also if you downloaded them surely?

Flickering screens turn Microsoft Surface Books into Microsoft Surface paperweights


Re: Multipurpose

Your friend has had two? from John Lewis? In the UK?

Fucking impressive that since they were only released in the US on Monday this week and there is no UK release date yet

Vodafone exceeds own upper broadband speed limit to hit 80Mbps


Re: Ah but wait a moment...


from 2002! sorry old news that ISP's cheat! ;)

How French spooks can silently command Siri, Google Now on phones


Actually on the 6s - Hey Siri works anytime - doesn't need to be plugged in anymore. Admittedly it narrows down the devices that this can be done on but is feasible with everyone clamouring to upgrade.

Facebook's UK wing paid just £4k in corporation tax last year


let's take that one step further.

You work for company A and they pay you £40k a year which is what you are taxed on.

Company A's income is £45k a year. Out of which they pay you £40k and the other £5k goes on electricity and other non negotiable costs such as building, internet etc. So there is no profit at the end of the year and nothing to currently be taxed on.

So Company A is now taxed on £45k a year (because that is fair to you) - even at 20% tax that means they are paying £9k in tax.

If they only had an income of £45k and they have had to pay £5k in non negotiable costs, and £9k in tax (because that is fair in your eyes) - then suddenly they only have £31k to pay you.

Oops - you have just done yourself out of £9k a year. Would you be happy with that?

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


For our second version we are linking it with MyVibe!

Ashley Madison lawsuit drops GoDaddy and Amazon as defendants


Re: irreparable injury?

So it isn't about people trying to earn a quick buck and suing everyone?

I am not condoning the way that AM conducted their business but go after them - not the people hosting the data.


irreparable injury?

Is that the irreparable injury that will be caused by their spouses taking them to the cleaners for signing up and trying to cheat?

I know this is a stupid thought but if you are going to do something like this then you have to be ready for the consequences.

What would have happened had they been with their partners and an email alert popped up on their screen saying they had a match (if that's how it works?). Would they then have wanted to sue Apple/Android for having notifications pop up on the lock screen.

Why can't people take responsibility for their actions?

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


When someone was bringing back the retro games, this wasn't the type of Snake I was envisioning!

Copyright troll wants to ban 'copyright troll' from its copyright troll lawsuit


Re: This is an old scam.

So, did Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels steal the story for their plot or did the scam happen after someone saw Lock Stock?

Contractors who used Employee Beneficiary Trusts are in HMRC's sights


Re: Reading some of the comments

In the UK this quote is very apt

“No man in this country is under the least obligation, moral or otherwise, so as to arrange his legal relations to his business or to his property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel into his store.”

Lord Clyde, quote from a judgment given in 1929.

If at the time the "scheme" wasn't illegal then I have no issue with people doing this. I personally wouldn't touch it with a bargepole because I feel uncomfortable about the shifting of money around etc.

Most contractors - even those paying minimum wages via a Ltd company - will still be paying corporation tax (20%).

Based on a company billing £100000 a year and the contractor taking the minimum amount of £8000 a year. Even if they took expenses of £20k a year they are still left paying 20% tax on £70000 before they take dividends.

That means their company is still paying £14k in tax a year.

also by billing £100k a year they will have to VAT registered so there is another 20% they charge that goes straight to the government. They have to declare £120,000 to the government even though they have only seen £100,000 of it.

so the government is still getting at least £34000 a year in "taxes" from that contractor's limited company. If the contractor then takes dividends that take total remuneration to over circa £42000 he will be charged another 25% tax on the money over £42000.

so - if the contractor only takes £40,000 a year "remuneration" (not forgetting his £20k to pay expenses - such as train fares/lunches/pc's etc) he is then paying £34000 in tax, the company then retains £26000 in profits which can be used to pay the contractors wages when they are out of work.

A permanent person earning £60k a year only pays £17,870.12.

so a contractor taking home minimum pay through a ltd company will still contribute twice as much in taxes as a permanent employee on £60k.

Before any of you take issue with my maths and the VAT portion - it is still £20000 that the government has done nothing for to support the limited company so yes it is still a tax that the limited company has paid to the government.

Blackhat hack trick wallops popular routers


Re: Maybe

How stable has that box been? Is there a problem with it being realtek NIC instead of Intel?

Looking into pfsense, a box that size would be great idea

Blocking pirate sites doesn't weaken pirates say Euroboffins


Am I the only one

Who only ever finds out about these sites once they are closed down and announced in the news?

Are you an infosec bod? You must be STINKING RICH, says study


security installation technicians?

"security installation technicians get still less, pulling in only $31,680"

Is this the person who puts up the burglar alarm?

Vodafone didn't have a £6bn tax bill. Sort yourselves out, Lefties


Re: Tim, get real.

Why is it morally reprehensible?

Surely the company's legal and moral obligation is to its shareholders not the average person???

Why should hard working companies/people be penalised for following the law? If the law is wrong (and lets be honest a lot of the times it is an 'ass') - change the law.

Of course changing the law would require the politicians to do real work as opposed to launching smear campaigns to get people to "morally" pay what is right regardless of what is legally right.

Insert 'Skeleton Key', unlock Microsoft Active Directory. Simples – hackers


Re: domain controller is restarted

Sorry FSMO roles dont HAVE to only sit on one DC. In fact in most large organisations I have worked they have had an empty root domain which will have DC's hosting some of the FSMO roles and then the child domains hosting the others.

Also if it was that important that the FSMO roles were available during a reboot (and I really can't think of any reason off the top of my head) - surely you would just transfer the role to another DC first before reboot.

Eye laser surgery campaigner burned by Facebook takedown


I had it done and dont regret it

I had corrective surgery about 12 years ago. The first company told me they couldn't do the surgery I required (so some do have your interests at heart).

the second company used the new (at the time!) waveform technique and it has, touch wood, been fine over the last 12 years.

The missus who was watching said the worst part was the smell of them burning my eyeball with the laser.

Afterwards I started hearing horror stories of others - would I have it done again. NO

am i glad I had it done and it worked out great. YES

Not a loyal follower of @BritishMonarchy? You missed The QUEEN*'s first Tweet


Re: Basic mistake

Surely the point is that there was some confusion as to whether she sent the Tweet?

-the tweet came from an iphone

-The Queen pressed send on an ipad

was it just me who thought that was clear?

Facebook pays INFINITELY MORE UK corp tax than in 2012


Guess you need to get better accountants!!!

Or at least claim that all the money you have earned has to go to pay the "licence" cost that you owe the parent company (that you of course own) in somewhere like the Cayman Isles!!!

Hacker publishes tech support phone scammer slammer


Re: Hmmm,

If you read his web page all the testing was done on VM

Ransomware attack hits Synology's NAS boxen


Re: surely ...

think they will ask for it in bitcoins - will be harder to track down


Re: Ok, shutdown... then what?

The inferring "you may not like facebook/twitter" was because I don't know you so I don't want to presume that you use either/both.


Re: Ok, shutdown... then what?

Synology actually announced it on Facebook last night - I saw it at about 5pm UK time yesterday.

You may not like facebook/twitter but it is usually the fastest medium for these companies to get the info out.

Amazon floats 'Prime Air' drone delivery plan


Re: all they need to do

In fact Domino's got there first!



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