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Here's something communism is good at: Making smartphones less annoying


The phone I want doesn't exist

I want high end hardware but nothing preinstalled besides the basic phone and text apps.

Amazon puts 'creepy' AI cameras in UK delivery vans


This is the same company that thinks a 27 second checkout is far too long.

They're creepy as in that advert as well.

Smartphones are becoming like white goods, says analyst, with users only upgrading when their handsets break


Yep. Paid off my device plan on my oneplus 6t, down to a cheap sim only.

No need or desire to change it until it breaks.

CentOS project changes focus, no more rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux – you'll have to flow with the Stream


IBM storage is shit

Component failure is expected. Every software issue is a known bug that will be fixed in the "next release".

So that's nice.

... Aaaand that's a fifth Brit Army Watchkeeper drone to crash in Wales



A use for Wales.

Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android



I'm in.

I loved my Swift when it had Cyanogen, until they went bust.

Now I have a Swift 2 which is an epic phone for the cash but is just another google clone.

EmDrive? More like BS drive: Physics-defying space engine flunks out


I want to believe.


Trio indicted after police SWAT prank call leads to cops killing bloke


Real world lessons

3 kids find out the hard way that actions have consequences.

Uber robo-ride's deadly crash: Self-driving car had emergency braking switched off by design


Who Made Who?

Maximum Overdrive is here, I tell you.

It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever ride in one of these things.

ServiceNow goes for more Now, a bit less Service


We use it

It is overly-featured and cluttered with shite that you have to cut through.

Super Cali's futuristic robo-cars in focus – even though watchdogs say they're something quite atrocious


I'd love to see one of these autonomous cars negotiating some sink-hole estate somewhere up North. It would be a flaming ball in about 5 seconds.

Apple's iPhone X won't experience the joy of 6...


It's a funny old world

If you gave someone a grand in money, 100 tenners, they'd guard it with their life.

Yet people treat phones worth the same in an amazingly cavalier fashion.

World's first dedicated computer centre declared 'irreplaceable' by Historic England


We visited Bletchley last autumn and we were priviliged to meet a fine old gentleman named Neville, who is one of the few surviving people who can directly remember Bletchley in the war. He lived there as a child when his parents worked there.

He was awesome, told us some fascinating glimpses into life there, and let my daughter into some normally off-limits places to take some pics.

From landslide to buried alive: Why 2017 election forecasts weren't wrong


Re: "'This election was won by the younger generation.'" "Well not really, Labour still lost, i"

I sometimes wonder if more young came out to vote because for the last 2 years us old folk have been calling them lazy bastards for not bothering in 2015.


Re: First Past the Post

I have predominately been a conservative voter. But in this election I voted Labour, not for Corbyn but because I believed our local labour candidate would be a better MP than the conservative one.

WileyFox disentangles itself from Cyanogen


I stuck Nova Launcher on and disabled Foxhole, that seems to have done the trick.


Killing ZEN

Does anyone know how, without rooting the phone?

I despise it.

Or know the name of the com. app it is?

I loved my Swift 2 with cyanogen, was forced to put fucking Nougat on and now everything that made it good has gone.

Fucks sake.

Manufacturers reject ‘no deal’ Brexit approach


Re: @ Hans 1

And of course, NO ONE ON HERE picks you up for your insults do they? I use the word "idiot" and am told this:

"Please remain civil. If you cannot accept a diversity of views and criticism, public debate may not be your thing."

Whereas you can call me a racist bastard, oh and an idiot as well, and no one bats an eyelid.

Where's the censure for this AC?

Utter hypocrites.


Re: Welcome to Trump.UK

Civil? That's hilarious. Being labelled as racist, xenophibic and stupid is not hugely civil, and yet that is all that happens. That's what all us Leavers are, isn't it? Daily Mail-reading working-class? None of us could possibly be intelligent, well-educated professionals, that doesn't fit the easy profile does it?

I am happy to be accused of being wrong. I am not happy at being accused of not thinking very carefully which way to vote.


Re: Welcome to Trump.UK

" I think I did it from a better understanding of the practicalities of what a Brexit vote would lead to"

How exactly have you any idea what level of understanding I have?

Your comment is typical of those who voted Remain and congratulated themselves on their intellectual superiority.


Re: Welcome to Trump.UK

It was not ill-considered.

I have an 11 year old child. Do you think I am not concerned about her future?



Re: Welcome to Trump.UK

It was not about borders for me, and I am not stupid. It was about creeping federalism.

Common trading block, yes please. A US of E? NO THANKS.

I know I'll get voted down to buggery because it doesn't fit the view of all Leavers as 60 year old racists, but there were a lot more of us than you think who, although we like European people and European cultures, could see no choice but to vote Leave as these because it was the only way we could see of stopping this federalism.

London councils seek assurance over Capita's India offshoring plans


"Hello, my name is Dave."

No, no it isn't.

Why is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ project so delayed?


What a pack of twats

they are.

Dark matter drought hits older galaxies: Boffins are, rightly, baffled


Re: But what if?

It was nothing of this earth, but a piece of the great outside; and as such dowered with outside properties and obedient to outside laws.


Re: Dark is Imaginary. Big Bang incorrect. WhiteHoleTheory.com

1995 called, it wants its website back.

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a drone? Is it a car? It's both, crossed with Uber



The last time I heard the word ital in a car context it belonged to a tarted-up Morris Marina.

Connected car in the second-hand lot? Don't buy it if you're not hack-savvy


Re: Now ask me why ...

"You don't want to be allowed in Central London anymore when the new pollution measures come in?"

I'm fine with that.

Beeps, roots and leaves: Car-controlling Android apps create theft risk


Yet again the issue is CHOICE

Like so much of the shiny of today, it is foisted upon us without an option to choose wether we want it or not.

It's new so it must automatically be better, right?

What does a complex AI model look like? Here's some Friday eye candy from UK biz Graphcore


It looks like bacteria blooms

What does it actually signify? Probabilities of outcomes?

2009 IBM: Teleworking will save the WORLD! 2017 IBM: Get back to the office or else


"place where we're excited about the path forward".

Ah, that wonderful management refrain "we're on a journey together".

Stealth redundancy.

Kids these days will never understand the value of money


Exception proves the rule?

"And if you give them a chance to hold cash in their hand, they instinctively reject it. It just feels wrong"

My 11 year old has a debit card but spurns it in favour of cold hard cash.

Cattle that fail, not pets that purr – the future of servers


Re: Say goodbye to your jobs

I know son, I've worked in IT for 25 years.

I don't want to be a programmer thank you.


Say goodbye to your jobs

It's only one step from the cloud provider hosting your servers to them also doing what you do, but cheaper.

Fucking cloud.

Brexit could further harm woeful rural payments system


The Reg really is a remain mouthpiece

How many of these "Brexit COULD cause the sky to fall in" articles will you do, segueing in some distantly connected IT angle?

Eee by gum! Aye up, Microsoft, what's tha y' got? Cloud for accents?


Good luck with this one Microsoft.

SING on, there's nobbut thee an' me;

We'll mack th' heawse ring, or else we'll see.

Thee sing thoose little songs o' thine,

As weel as t' con, an' aw'll sing mine.

We'll have a concert here to-neet,

Soa pipe thi notes eawt clear an' sweet:

Thee sing a stave or two for me,

An' then aw'll sing a bit for thee.

That's reet, goa on, mi little guest,

Theaw tries to do thi very best,

An' aw'll do th' same, then thee an' me

May get eawr names up yet tha'll see.

Why, th' childer's listenin' neaw at th' door;

There's creawds abeawt! there is, forshure.

Heaw pleosed they seem—dear little things!

Aw'd sooner sing for them than kings.

Would you like to know why I get a lot of action at night?



That is all.

CBI: Brexit Britain needs a 'sensible and flexible' immigration programme


Re: Employers have called for a "sensible" immigration programme

You need to get out more then.

I voted for control, not for closure.

I have no desire, or need, to send anyone "home".


Re: Sensible? That's new.

Most sensible comment I've read.

Do you Reggers REALLY think that once A50 is triggered we will "send them all home"?

Maybe, just possibly, given that everyone wants to keep on trading, we will work things out and people will still be able to come and work here?

TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next


Re: You realize that you've got to enable voice ordering?

Son, why the hell would I want a computer to choose something for me?

Meet the Tesla of the backup world – Datos IO (no, it doesn't make boxes that catch fire)


Re: Forget something?

Yep, definitely.

Good, but not quite as good as it thinks it is.

My fortnight eating Blighty's own human fart-powder


Re: Feck me, laziness abounds.

"And an illness is exactly what the article author has."

Apologies, I missed that completely.

Trouble is cooking is a lost art. Cheffing is all the rage and there are many cheffing programmes on TV and books on shelves but where is the teaching of easy, basic, tasty stuff?


Feck me, laziness abounds.

Unless you have some form of illness or disability you CAN cook decent meals cheaply, easily and well. And to claim you can't is just laziness.

Spent an hour this weekend making some fantastic home made soups, which were basically water, seasoning, herbs, chicken stock (cubes) and a lot of chopped veg. Froze it in lunch-sized batches.

Add a bit of bread and some meat/cheese/vegan protein and you have a tasty lunch.

When we make mash we always make double or triple as the effort is basicaly the same.. Then freeze the rest in portions. Previously-frozen mash makes the creamiest mash as the freezing destroys lumps. Next time you need mash you do not need to cook it.

I make a pasta sauce from herbs, garlic, onion and canned tomatoes, fry off the onions, garlic, add herbs and seasoning, then the tomatos. Whizz it if you like it smooth. Freeze in batches. Defrost it, heat it up, add pasta and some grated cheese. YUM.

Speeding jet of Siberian liquid hot Magma getting speedier, satellites find



We needs it!

A vintage year for snoopers and big state-ists


Re: IBM and the Muslim DB

"IBM and the Muslim DB"

That is one shit name for a band.

Why does Skype only show me from the chin down?


Re: Ethernet fan out

Why have you got 7 downvotes? Is this a taboo subject.

Men! If you want to win at board games this Christmas, turn off the rock music – scientists


Re: Wow...

they did it in their spare time...

HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'


Re: Winter is Coming


Privacy is theft! Dave Eggers' big-screen takedown of Google and Facebook emerges


Headlong? Not me

What a lot of these stories have in common is the basic assumption that everyone in the world will accept these technologies without thinking.

A great percentage of us do not however.

Yeah, that '50bn IoT devices by 2020' claim is a load of dog toffee


Re: Who's buying all this IoT stuff?

Ah. I did not know that.