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MPs back call to boycott low-taxed tat from Amazon over Xmas


Its not just about the MPs but about public services that are being undermined by unscrupulous companies (and yes often unscrupulous MPs).

I think saying all MPs are useless/crooks isn't that helpful in any debate. Its like any profession some are useless/ crooks many are hard working and committed.

We share your concerns re tax rules and hope they will be sorted as soon as possible but with numerous international tax treaties in place this will be a long and difficult battle.

In the meantime we can all help make a difference.

Ethical Consumer would urge people to shop around and use UK websites and retailers that pay a fairer rate of tax.

It is possible to find good alternatives to Amazon check out our site for some of them - http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/boycotts/boycottamazon/amazonshoppingalternatives.aspx


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