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TPP partners plot milder copyright takedown rules



countries with more generous healthcare systems than America. countries with healthcare systems.

VirusTotal wants YOU (but not you) to join its epic AV whitelist


So tell me... do known virus vectors like JRE or Flash get to be on the whitelist? At least one of them also has the joy of trying to foist crap onto you as part of the standard installer.

I'll build a Hyperloop railgun tube-way in Texas, Elon Musk vows


I can't work out of I want the guys from Waynes World or Jay and Silent Bob to be making the obvious comment.....


Ross Ulbricht trial Day One: 'I DID invent Silk Road ... but I'm innocent'


"Dread Pirate Roberts" set up by "Inigo"?

So where is Vizzini, Fezzik and Prince Humperdink?

SURPRISE: Oz gov gives itself room to NEVER finish the NBN


Fsckwits of a government.

That is all.

Anonymous ‪hacks the Ku Klux Klan after Ferguson‬ threats


Re: Do any of you realize...

Please don't feed the trolls. They have a nasty bite.

YIKES: Combination of LIVING WOMAN and MACHINE sighted in NYC


Charging via microusb?

Is it just me finding the charging mechanism poor? What about cordless charging methods (Qi or PMA)?

‘For the love of Pete, America, learn about decent chocolate’


Re: Not chocolate.

If you are after peanut butter, you need to try Pics peanut butter. Even an aussie has to admit this kiwi company is making some fantastic stuff.


Verizon bankrolls tech news site, bans tech's biggest stories


Re: Interesting disclaimer on the site.

I'm betting all the views expressed WILL reflect those of Verizon.

Not necessarily. It also gives them a good place to air out a potential new thing to try (see: taxing downloads like Hungary proposes) and gives them enough deniability to say "Oooh no, we didn't write that. That was written by our contracted author. My, weren't they naughty for saying that."

Cynical? Not sure what you are talking about.


If you build it, they will...um....

I'm not sure I follow here.... Verizon build it, so it gets ignored.....?

With a number of sites already catering to the market (including this one) what is the logic I am missing about why IT people (who generally happen to care about the two verboten subjects) would choose to use the site over something else? What makes this site unique or desirable to visit?

Can't wait to see what the trolls gets up to on there though. That could get fun. Wait, maybe that's the selling point - seeing what the trolls can say to hurt Verizons feelings.

Oz trade minister RUBBISHES TPP fears


Most of the additional words required are for emphasis anyways.

Australia to 'relieve' telcos of need to disclose intercepts


I needed a few rewrites of my above comment to avoid saying anything about what happened in Canada recently.

But some days and some people......


It appears that our benign overlords are worried that the statistics might show they are not so benign. Solution? Stop the statistics.

And people wonder why talking politics with me gets me fired up.

Space exploration is just so lame. New apps are mankind's future


Yay to two badges - twig and dropping.

Gotham gets the Smallville treatment with Jim Gordon in lead role


On the broadcast timing....

Ignoring the show itself and focusing on the release - I see that its another case of a show that is showed on US networks first, torrents second and broadcast in other countries later. How does that story go? I think I have heard it before.....

Australia's Digital Tech curriculum looks to be shelved for another year


A shame that El Reg hasn't got out the Orbital FOI Request Cannon and pointed it at the appropriate department/s. It may help fill things out beyond speculation.

DARPA seeks game players to join bug-hunt


Wouldn't you prefer a good game of chess?

Recommendations for private cloud software...



I like OwnCloud - you can host it yourself and that takes away all the hassles of where the data is stored. Assuming you are happy enough with the current web services you have.