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Tesla bumps up Model S P85D acceleration – with software update


We have now entered the SDC (software defined car) era, prepare for the barrage of marketing...

Microsoft tests waters for cloudy System Center heir


Operational Insights

They already have operational insights in preview and intune is doing more and more of SCCM related tasks. Its not hard to see what direction their taking it.

The Shock of the New: The Register redesign update 4


Update 3

Is it just me or is update 3 missing? What happened to it?

While the site change was a bit of a shock kudos for the way your listening, I'm definitely coming around to it now

The Register to boldly go where no Vulture has gone before: The Weekend



Chrome browser has been DRAINING PC batteries for YEARS


Re: We should fix the underlying problem

How about creating a native way for applications to communicate with the operating system, this would make them much faster! We could then store documents on the operating system and allow the applications to access them.

wait a minute...

I think someone might have tried this before

Don't panic! Mega cloud biz group says NSA just one among many threats


Shock horror! A lobbying company telling people that the thing they are lobbying about is good and the the drawbacks aren't a problem! Next Microsoft will start telling you that Windows 8 is a good idea.

NOT APPY: Black cab drivers enraged by Hailo as taxi tech wars rage on


Re: Monopoly

Having some local knowledge is essential, the number of times I have turned up in an unknown city with simply an address and been asked for detailed instructions by the taxi driver far outweighs the times they've done it correctly. I've even had to get my phone out, bring up Google maps and then had that to the driver because he couldn't even use his phone well enough to do the same thing. I was also charged for the time it took to get lost.

Hey, marketing drone, what's with the FUD - nothing GOOD to say about your own kit?


Re: Platinum Crystal Storage

I'm going to track you down and give you all of my money!

Look out, bankers! It's Lily Cole and her (Brit taxpayer-funded) WISH-PRINTING ATM


I thought I'd make a wish and see if it gets answered http://www.impossible.com/WJyqPflPt4ReGVJzIQndXpYT84kkcRk73

Mail Migration


Re: Don't do this.....

its better than telling your users that their emails will be migrated and then when it happens there is nothing there...

IBM's Watson-as-a-cloud: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's another mainframe


Or in lotus notes it could ask, It looks like your writing a letter, would you like some help with that?

Gay hero super-boffin Turing 'may have been murdered by MI5'


Re: New Inquiry.

There is no evidence that he was killed by a brick wall falling on his head, or by a rabid dog but neither of these where investigated. I demand someone listen to me!

No anon pr0n for you: BT's network-level 'smut' filters will catch proxy servers too


this will end in disaster

I remember being at school and getting round the blocks with a proxy, every day they would block the one from the previous day but someone someone would find another one, let others know about it and before long the whole exercise was useless again. You can't block every proxy and you can't control communication well enough to stop the information about available ones

Recommendations for private cloud software...


Skydrive Pro?

As far as I know its basically a front end for SharePoint that makes it act like Dropbox/Skydrive. Might be worth looking into


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