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Why Comrade Cameron went all Russell Brand on the UK’s mobile networks

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Change the Panning permission rules first!

Surely half the problem is getting planning permission for the masts because the public don't want these eyesores 'in their back yard'? This certainly applies to the road I live in, the old folk just don't like 'em. I know its a royal pain in the ass in some areas, a change in law should be looked at by Mr C before pushing operators into looking at making drastic changes to their infrastructure. If one operator has a mast and coverage in one rural area then relaxing planning permissions so that masts that are approved can be shared by multiple service providers is worth looking at first?

I don't know much about the way it all works but I know for a fact that we had a mast up in my road for one operator which annoyed the hell out of the 'residence association', it went though but then a subsequent mast was applied for by another Telco and that one was rejected,, a pain in the ass because that was for the operator I was using at the time.

Despite your fancy-schmancy security tech, passwords still weakest link in IT defences

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Re: What's the alternative?

2 factor is the way to go IMO. I juggle 50 or user/pass combinations and it a ballache, expecting users to do the same is just inviting them to post-note them .

Got 2 factor on my main Gmail account and its awesome, feel a lot more secure checking my emails from hotel PC's knowing that my account credentials cant be scraped and reused via a dodgy admin with a keylogger :)

IT MELTDOWN ruins Cyber Monday for RBS, Natwest customers

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Another offshored error?

Id be very curious to know if this 'temporary issue' was caused by an outsourced team like last time?

If there are any in-house IT guys left with this bank maybe they can spill the beans?

Sceptic-bait E-Cat COLD FUSION generator goes on sale for $US1.5m

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Re: Hmmm.

'The inventor is clearly suffering from con fusion.'

Best comment so far! +100


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