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EMC: Backup is broken, do you hear me? Now buy this other thing


Whoa, EMC has suddenly seen the light! Static backup copies are baaaaad!

Christ, ask any Netapp customer about using backup or DR copies for test and dev. They've been doing this for ages with snapmirror and snapvault, combined with flexclones. Clone the mirror or the backup, work on the clone. When done testing, discard the clone. If you want to keep the clone, split it off if needed. No big deal, basic array functionality. Of all people, Manley should know this. And now he comes along and starts preaching this stuff as if it's some kind of revolutionary idea? Come on...

@anon: Man, you're absolutely right. They really need to get some consistency in their messaging. When are they going to ditch networker and data domain? They just said that the concept behind those products is fundamentally broken. The article's title sums it up nicely, really...

PS: yes, I created my account today, and explicitly to react to this article. I've been an avid Reg reader for years, but only until now have I felt the need to respond. I have experience with both EMC and Netapp arrays, but I'm not affiliated with either one.