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Yay for Nvidia, GPU giant report decent first quarter results despite recent setbacks

Mark Harris

Re: Ignoring market segment

"A 1060 6Gb or a 1070 costs about 30 euro more than a year ago."

I went looking for a 1070 at the beginning of March 2018. All the instock cards were priced between £650-700. However the prices started to drop soon after and I picked up a Palit card for £440 Easter weekend. The same card is now £375, so in the UK at least the article is correct.

Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger

Mark Harris

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3672815/World-queues-win-trade-deals-Britain-Brexit.html Apparently the Republicans do want a start to trade negotiations..;

Wangling my way into the 4K gaming club with a water-cooled whopper

Mark Harris

Erm aren't the GTX970's HDMI 2.0 equipped? The article says so and the specs for my Asus GTX970 says its HDMI 2.0...

Android, Chromebooks storm channel as Windows PC sales go flat

Mark Harris

Re: Not only 'less experienced users'

Nope, defrag doesn't run on SSD's, you'll find that most SSD management software disables it as it can shorten the life of the drive.

PS4 with Black Friday underway: TOUGH, you CAN'T HAVE ONE!

Mark Harris

Re: Black Friday?

Haven't been to Amazon UK at all this week have you? They run Black Friday deals all week on the UK site.


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