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Decades ago, computing was saved by CMOS. Today, no hero is in sight


Neilsen's Law of Bandwidth

We have been looking at the death of Moore's Law for some time, it was just a matter of time. Something my company came across that has been interesting to look at, though not widely recognized, is Neilsen's Law of Bandwidth. http://redstone.us.com/2013/05/31/subject-nielsens-law/

Not a lot of engineer's have focused on Layer 1 because it seemed tapped out... like there was nothing else to do. But there is still some amazing work in the physical layer to improve upon the fundamental physics of how 1's and 0's are transmitted, increase efficiencies in power consumption, signaling, etc... It is work there, drastically reducing the footprint of the network, coupled with a software, that enables growing bandwidth needed for the network.


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