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Microsoft pockets a HUGE '$28' on an Xbox One: But NOT REALLY


Re: Both Sony and MSFT lose money on the hardware

Unless you have concrete information about margins and hardware costs, his info is as good as yours.

Malfunctioning devices, inventory shrink (theft, misplacement) are always factored into the release, as 10-15% (due to the high profile of this item, closer to 20%) of the stock is expected to be lost or returned (with credit issued to retailers who beat those odds in a significant amount). Any retail manufacturer knows this before contracting out for retail stores to push their product.

PS-PHWOARRR: We review Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4


Love the title of this article...

It's almost as if I can hear Jeremy Clarkson intro this on an episode of Top Gear.

Sysadmin job ad: 'If you don’t mind really bad work-life balance, this is for you'


Truth In Advertising as Deterrent

And even with that job listing, they are going to receive 100,000's of replies from unqualified applicants (someone who can do 2 of the 4 roles, someone who's a fan who is confusing fixing cash registers in retail as IT experience, etc.) hoping for a bite.

NSA spied on 'radicalisers' porn surfing so as to discredit them, reveals Snowden


You Better Watch Out...

They know when you are fapping, they know when you're awake...

Seriously: the revelations get worse and worse as it goes. Next they'll say they track women's credit card usage to tell when their menstrual cycles are when certain stores are visited. (Because you never know when new terrorists are being made in the bedroom.)


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