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Apple MacBook Pro 15in June 2009 release

Barry Critchell
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Nice hardware....

...shame about the price, OS and fanatical mouth foaming devotees.

I needed to buy a Mac as around half of my work is native Mac based. The new Macbook Pro IS a lovely laptop with plenty of power and great hardware, it runs Windows beautifully.

Now the people that sneered "Uh, WIN DOOOOZE....." and rolled thier eyes at me when I pulled out my trusty Toshiba now greet me warmly as if I've all of a sudden achieved enlightenment.

I'm full of praise for the hardware, can't stand the unintuitive OS though.

If I put a USB stick with some music on it into a PC, Windows asks me if I want to play it (using whichever apps will play it) or open the folder to view the files. In MacOSX, it asks me if I want to import them into iTunes and when I click "No" it assumes I'd rather do nothing at all with it....

Same with pictures. Import to iPhoto? No? Ok, I'll do NOTHING!!!

So much for "It just works".

EU battery rule may zap iPhone, blow away MacBook Air

Barry Critchell
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but but but...

Steve told me I don't NEED to replace my battery.....

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut

Barry Critchell

Rip off?

Of course we as Britains should PAY for the priviledge of endorsing Sony's proprietary next-gen HD format, I mean what's an extra £200 for all that Sony love?

'You're a f**king moron'

Barry Critchell

Right wing nutjob?

Surely this must be a Bush lovin' - Al Qaeda fearin - Jeebus lovin republican venting his anger anonymously from his nice, safe concrete bunker.

Actually, I take that back....it was too well spelled.


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