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Splunk prototyping DevOps efficiency measurement tool


Re: Happy/sad buttons

There are tools out there that big companies use weekly to measure the mood of their developers to make sure they accommodate the ever changing needs of highly stressed people. This is a good thing, it helps with retention as most of the time employees either get bored or frustrated and they leave because they see management doing nothing about it.


correction pls Simon

@Simon: hithub and kenkins? I know g is just by h and k is by j on the keyboard but still ....

Not big friends with the keyboard on the new macbook then?

VMware wants security industry to shrink so its ambitions fit into market


quite a narrow view of the world if he thinks security is just what runs in some VM's

Google, VMware and Pivotal team for on-premises Kubernetes


Re: Could be useful.

That is the whole idea around the automation with devops - to get away from that very thing that blocks you from fast iteration and, ultimately, better software out quicker. People rarely move to the cloud to cut cost - it is actually proven to be the opposite for most things and testing is usually one of the first areas to move

MongoDB quits Solaris, wants to work on an OS people actually use


Re: Welcome to commercially driven open source...

Well, you clearly never ran a business then. MongoDB is a business with salaries that have to be paid and a business model they have to show, prove and deliver on otherwise the funds dry up. Try inserting a <it is cool to work at Mongo> instead of the paycheck one month, let's see how many dev's turn up to do the cool stuff. The Opensource part of it is another discussion!

Apple celebrates soaring iPad sales: Put it on my tab, says CEO Tim Cook


I love it how the breaking and iPad when dropped is still an argument with people. It's not a freaking orange, why can't you hold onto it? If you and/or kid are sloppy just buy one of those drop safe cases that makes the iPad look like the michelin man and you are good!

Honestly, what do people even want now days? An assistant to come with the iPad to also use it for you? :) It's just a damn tablet and there are ways to protect it or buy insurance if, again, you are that bad at holding things in your hand.

Flash array startup E8 whips out benchmarks, everyone will complain



why?! because its suits their agenda and for the non-techie it has become too cumbersome to keep up with the world of acronyms.

when I left emc some years ago I thought I was making a mistake and now I know I did well that I did so.

this has become the most boring segment of IT

Partners tearing their hair out over Dell EMC invoice system borkage


Re: Tandem?

that part of the org does not exist any longer mate

you mean get help from the dicks? (DXC)

SimpliVity results scream 'I'm perfect for you, HPE!'


Re: CSC?

no, they offloaded the old HP ES to CSC and they sold most of their software division.

Linux in 2016 catches up to Solaris from 2004


it is fun to see how people say solaris and openvms are so much better and had this and that 10 years ago, yet the reality is that openvms is basically dead and solaris is on its way out even with oracle at helm

in terms of adoption, net new servers sold with it etc, linux is way over all the rest combined. don't even get me started with aix, hp ux, etc I have never in a year since I work in IT have heard so many customers they want to move off unix and your typical oracle/sql db's over to better alternatives

Everything you need to know about HP's three-in-one x3 deals


This will be another phone (sorry, meant to say flop!) from hp?

I was a user of two of their phones in the past and I honestly think this will be a flop as well. There is no space for them in the market although they are trying hard as they do not come with anything compelling.

I will give them 6-12 months if this will even start to fly before they close it down.

Bunch of old guys in their R&D department who need to retire and let young enthusiasts run it with a simple but effective strategy.

Sad to see them try and fail constantly as I used to work for them long time ago and kind of drank the cool-aid back then.

EMC moves into Dell house: Where'd I put the spoons?


Re: Saying goodbye

we will know when the acquisition actually completes and everything is assimilated into the borg.

that's when u get the new management and the heads will roll.

British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda


taking something that is cheaper to keep costs low has always been the case. see slaves, see why emperors and kings conquered other worlds - for resources and cheap/free labour.

The way we pay people today is nothing but that. just modern slavery

we depend for our cheap coffee to cheap coders on other places where we didn't have to invest our time and money to get them over quick and get them working (bringing us money)

I came to London some years ago when Romania still needed working permits. it took 6 months to get one and the company had to sponsor me. it was such a pain in the arse even for a multinational with 60.000 employees that they said they will never do it again. we now are looking at exactly that.

yes, there will be more opportunities for poorer performers to earn more money purely because of process of hiring, but that money will be worth less than your salary is today because of inflation, import taxes, etc

You have to be really daft to believe a hard Brexit will bring anything good.

I hope I am wrong


disclaimer - romanian here :)

if by tech you think of pure programming (of which romania tends to have tons abroad and locally) I can reassure you that wages in bucharest/cluj - one of the biggest cities are on par with london slalaries. Yes! you heard right, on par although a typical salary in romania doesn't really go above 300 EUR a month net, a coder earns easy 1-2-3-4k / month net depending on experience. I will let you calculate how much that is in pounds/year before tax so you can compare. also, the cost of living is much much lower there. its a coder's paradise right now there. they can buy an apartment within 2-3 years without any mortgage.

so no reason for them to come to GB

the point is - we don't always just pick strawberries or wash cars, there are a lot of us who also code and even earn better there than here

IO, IO, it's profiling we do: Nimble architect talks flash storage tests


Honestly, who the hell cares about storage and IOPS and IO sizes anymore?

Irritable Cisco kicks Nutanix out of partner program


Losing the dell OEM and now this

So they lost the OEM with Dell basically although it is still available now, EMC will push vxrack, Chad was soft but quite serious about the future of how that will work.

Now this...which makes sense strategically for Cisco - I know it is not the same thing as the OEM stuff, but still, it hits Nutanix hard.

That IPO is not looking so great for this year I think now ...

EMC now spruiking PCs and thin clients, not Compellent


yet, 3PAR it is good enough for most customers! I have spent 5 years in EMC so I know what a VNX can and cannot do.

Flash Compellent? show we someone who uses it ...I fail to find any customers with compellent storage and I talk to quite a few nowdays: everyone seems to have a either emc or hp/3par, nimble and pure.

You have listed a a few technical speed/feeds which people stopped caring about long time ago, all they want is cheap price when they buy storage hence nimble is doing so great.

Then, if you look at the storage numbers in the past say 3 Q's, hp was doing quite well where EMC and Dell were both struggling, nobody really knows how well Pure is doing. HP did quite well tho' ! EMC was helped by the XtremIO numbers as VNX and VMAX were sht!

I speak now from a non-storage point of view as I don't work for EMC anymore - just what I observe with the customers I talked to and the feedback on certain storage array's I get from them. Having said all this, EMC will know how to sell even a shit storage array, s (like the vnx 1 was for example or the first vnxe)


Compellent is not a great product. 3PAR is! Not sure VNX is either but EMC know how to sell stuff.

The one with the bigger market share will win, there is no doubt about that.

Since Dell bought Compellent there has been no innovation, no flash, no NAS, no object store... no proper investment, to roadmaps - customers are pissed off and the small number of those who bought it would never buy it again, especially with Dell's Nutanix offering and other more up to date.

So yeah, of course EMC will probably take over and kill EL, Compellent, fade out OEM partnerships like Nutanix, etc Chad was clear about how "they will support existing customers" but also how they would not necessarily have plans to runs both products long term in parallel. (I just reduce Chad loooong post into a sentence but basically that's what I've got out of it.) Time will tell, as always, but to the massive EMC portfolio of over probably now 6000 products another few products lines that compete even more internally is not really what EMC needs right now.

EMC Unity or VNX3? You tell me


must just love the ignorance on some people who say they haven't seen or used something but know that stuff is sht. funnny

HDS guarantees VSP will double flash capacity


Storage and guarantee in the same sentence? Am I the only one sensing some desperation here?

EMC results: It'll all come out in the post-Dell deal wash


Where do I start? the fact that you repeat that XtremIO has 40$ and then in the next line you say you have never come across a customer with IBM Flashsystem says it all. Its hard to keep up, right?

EMC install base was, is and will stay big because they do a number of things right. You must be really blind if you can't see this.

Disclaimer: I don't work for EMC.

What's wrong with the Daily Mail Group buying Yahoo?


Re: The Daily Mail & Yahoo!

well, you clearly don't understand their business model and yet come here to comment.

epic ...fail :D

It looks good on paper, Pure. Will FlashBlade cut the mustard?


somehow ...this smells of a paid article. and believe me, this is the first time I am saying this in years of reading the reg.

Pure as the driven CEO: El Reg chats to Scott Dietzen on taking the flash array high road


Re: clueless

*there* didn't blow up anything so far, ...well - except the deep pockets of their VC's that is.

They managed to report numbers 3 times for a quarter and make a mess of it every time.

Not to sure about your number 2) - half baked or not, these companies might have more power than you think [little bird told me that partners love Tintri - makes them a ton of money]

And on 1) > anyone with no strategy looks bad on the market now, that includes emc, pure and co.



Dietzen puts a lot of money lately into PR/marketing and all websites are full of the same old thing: "look how awesome flash is". Dude, the world has moved on! Everyone has got some flash stuff now with their own twist, prepare to sell cheap or die.

There aren't many deduplication or compression algorithms, nor can Dietzen re-invent physics. He can go on about how good his 32k block IOPS is vs. whatever else, reality is that one trick ponies like him (see Netapp) are struggling to stay afloat in the market of today.

Shares don't lie - they are a reflection of what you do. You are not profitable nor showing improvement from last quarter, you will be punished. It is his fault for wanting to IPO.

I can see Pure having the same issues as Violin with their shares. Or Nimble ...

IBM Global Tech Services staff at risk of redundo in Blighty



....In other news:

Ginni Rometty to pocket $4.5m bonus for IBM leadership - Company rewards three years of failure


Two big risks could torpedo Dell-EMC deal


Re: Dell and EMC had better hold fire on the reorganisations then...

The deal is just a good reason for them to do something they needed to do for long time!

They are probably organising as we speak a second wave of massive layoffs.

I wasn't for the federation to be hit by the dell garbage truck, but now I actually wish - for EMC's sake - for the deal to happen. If it doesn't for various reasons, IBM, Cisco or <insert big behemoth company name here> will pick up the pieces of what's left when the shares dropped even more and bye bye EMC Federation.

Pure Storage flashes post-IPO results: Get a load of our... revenues


Re: I'm confused

well, this is where the problem lies with them IPO-ing. If they were so focused on growth without having to focus on how they do it and targets, why have they IPO'ed? I don't get it ...



This: "He said Pure will “invest aggressively in sales, marketing, support and our channel to maximise growth going forward". Pure said it ranks amongst the highest in customer satisfaction across the tech industry: its Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 79, higher than any other Enterprise Technology brand. The average NPS for B2B tech is 16."

I can find this in every article I read: Chris- do they make you copy/paste this in your articles about them every time or is that something you enjoy?

Our storage reporter has breaking news about Data Fabrics. Chris?


Re: You don't NEED to move your data

The market or customers must be stupid then? right? the last year of no growth for netapp or many of the big storage vendors, the customers who are moving to any of the storage/converged startups out there just away from emc or netapp & co, the market who clearly says sell netapp shares. Are they all stupid?

IBM stopped the N series and so did other partners oem-ing netapp, dell will stop it too with the EMC aquisition for sure ...

If you want to survive, create a FAS software appliance and stick it in all possible clouds or face the inevitable


Re: Document link

3 things:

1. if you have to twice call yourself who you are, name+title and blog, ...chances are people don't know you or you are not important

2. if you think big and feel the need to call it out ...its not a thing anymore! just let us decide if what you think about is big or not

3. anyone who tries really hard to sell a new story, end up saying the same thing in the end: mr customer,p lease buy these arrays :-)

Deutsche Bank's creaking IT systems nervously eyeing bins



do u even private cloud vs public cloud bro?

nobody will move db with customer data soon tot the cloud

Solidfire enters ninth circle of Dell, emerges clutching new blueprints


You must have missed the news that dell bought EMC then?

You can imagine this is all stuff that has been in the works and now come out, just a bit too late cause there is something big on the table with EMC now.The likes of Solidfire and others are probably now in discussion with Lenovo (who is the only one left out there without storage, imagine ...how important they have become) to replace Dell as their supplier. :-)

EMC+Dell: Firm made a $2bn bed-hopping proposal


after you wiped off a few beeleonz off your shareprice, I doubt that these figures will matter.

I think anybody can still bid, if anything, it is a way for Dell to check if they are doing the right thing.

Thinking of the DD aquisition back, if it will be anything like that, Cisco might come and actually offer much better than Dell offered. We will see :)

Dell hooking up with EMC and going public again? Come off it


This is very strange. If anything, EMC could have better chances at raising the money to buy Dell, not the other way around. I think this might be indeed some tactic to get back HP interested in EMC?

Very good observation by CM about the start-ups taking advantage of whatever happens.

NetApp slims down latest controller, beefs up channel efforts


uuuu, desperation has kicked in?

We want flying space cars and robo-butlers, and Pure Storage wants $450m in IPO cash


Violin v.2 type IPO coming soon

HP to buy EMC? We think so, say Wall St money men


Re: clotyou So what does hp gain?

oh man, are you still at hp or part of one of those 50k+ layoffs because of the awesome revenues and strategy/direction hp has ? :-)

as you are so great with numbers, do you know the difference between revenues and profit?

good luck with the job-hunt!


Re: So what does hp gain?

vmware, pivotal, isilon? data domain? should I continue? :-) - each of these make more money than any other BU in HP right now. you drank ALL the cool aid, right?

you sir, have no idea what you are talking about

HP Enterprise will axe 25,000 to 30,000 staff


Re: Still recruiting,

So much BS in that as well! they basically desire people with a ton of skills for half the money that the market is paying. I know people who applied for jobs that were on their skill level and they got not even an answer back. They were even told the job adverts were for only for external people ...but if you looked later they would just not hire anyone and maybe repost the job after months again.

This company is so going down and part of me is sad, but at the same time, a company is what the people make it and every time they got rid of people the good ones left and the bad apples remained. So no wonder there is no innovation, no drive and direction...


Re: Not again!

sorry, but it is your fault. you should have looked for a job long time ago!

do you ever follow the numbers of the company you work for? when I used to work for hp a lot used to drink the cool-aid and believe the BS and don't actually check the numbers/facts and position in the market

stop believing the BS and look out in the market, see who is doing well and just move (that is if you don't have -like 50% of the hp-ers- very watered down skills by the segregation in jobs/skills, making you unemployable)

good luck!

Michigan sues HP after 'botched' $49m upgrade leaves US state in 1960s mainframe hell


Re: Simple - port to a modern mainframe

yeah, sink in even more money into the mainframes. what a great idea!

/sarcasm end

Are Seagate and NetApp in denial or in de hot seat?



living in denial like emc and hds.

soon .....

Android 5 lock-screens can be bypassed by typing in a reeeeally long password. In 2015


Re: And nobody considered...

security issues happen, it's about how you handle it, not about its excistence

the only difference being, apple fixed it in 1-2 days with an update, where as android needs months to bring all their users to that update via the carriers who hold back on them.

isn't it fun to own an android device :D

Amazon UK conditions 'exhausting', claims union


maybe its me ...

ok, maybe its just me, but could these people not find a better job, u know ..where a union maybe does a strike or two a month to prove a point?

its not like its mandatory to work for amazon...there are a ton of other companies out there where u can go. I hate it when people complain and do nothing about it to change then situation or the whole job/company if its that bad.

NetApp's customers resisting Clustered ONTAP transition


Re: The storage market is very tough for everyone

that is not the point. yes, the tech is great, but many companies with great products died or are on their way out because they could not look into the future a bit, or even worse, look around in the present!

take blockbuster, blackberry, nokia and the list can continue. they ALL had great products, remember ?:)


epic fail

from what ex netapp-ers are telling me, the values there have faded long ago and people went to all kind of different startups. once you lose you good people, its AMIN.

we will remember netapp filers like we remember compact discs nowdays (and use them: the same, whenever when the cloud it's down)

IBM trades cold comfort for hot air in Microsoft-AWS slugfest


Re: Nonsense is Goodsense, I Guess...

that is wrong. you don't know that as you don't have access to the numbers.

in my past job almost every customer I have seen has admitted to having workload in either aws or azure and planning to put more in. it's just a question of time ...

this is the biggest marketing scam ibm ever tried to pull

also, somebody mentioned mainframe: there is a correction I would like to make > IBM doesn't make any money from the actual mainframe or storage (they are both actually making a loss on hardware). the money is made on the MIPS contracts and services. get your facts right before you open your "keyboard"

Hypervisor indecisive? Today's contenders from yesterday's Hipsters


you two

the two of you still live somewhere 10 years back in time.

normal people are either 100% virtualised or have 100% as a target for the next year

An EMC-HP Borg cube will totally ANNIHILATE its storage worlds


just back here to talk about those lovely hp numbers again ...forgot about this thread :-)

how is everybody at hp doing? i assume the split that is underway now is because of all those great Q hp has had :D (hp1 or hp2, whichever part of it you will be after the massive split with the thousands of jobs going :-) )

with the exceptions of storage (funny enough!) every other business unit was on a big fat minus

the split is a testament to how well the business is run and how "great" the products lately are.

don't get me wrong, I still think 3par is a cheap and good storage and ...good enough, for some cases. just nowhere near what the AFA's are doing.

(btw, meanwhile I am not a emc-er anymore, so you cannot hold that against me now :D )