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Infosec geniuses hack a Canon PRINTER and install DOOM

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Almost as cool as the HP printer hack

Playing Doom is cool, making stuff catch fire and possibly explode is just cooler :)

Beta tasting: The Elder Scrolls Online preview

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Why cant they just make an

MMO for Fallout. Its like the perfect game for such a thing.

Self-forming liquid metal just like a TERMINATOR emerges from China lab

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Re: Chick

The problem is if its a hot chick, all the impurities start to show and she turns into a bit of a slag

Sony set to axe 5,000 workers worldwide as it flings PC biz overboard

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Still have my Vaio ....

and its some 9 years old. Was the first laptop I ever purchased, admittiedly it lasts about 5mins on battery only, but works perfectly fine with Mint to rip and encode MKV's. Cant say the same for my Tosh, which imploded when the DC port stopped working completly to power or charge that was 3 years old.

BSkyB sees first half pre-tax profit tumble as sales climb

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if only they would offer

all their sport channels for £10 a month. Instead you have to pay for all that other crap.

The one with no Sky sub

Apple: That 'white screen of death' nightmare? We'll fix it... AT SOME POINT

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Re: Typical of Apple.

Yep and MS seem to just hate Smurf's

Boffins find ALIEN WORLD orbiting the Sun's LONG LOST TWIN

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So so far away

why not look at stars much closer?

Tech titan Bill Gates: Polio-free India one of the 'most impressive accomplishments' ever

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Nice to see

the super rich spending some substantial money on worthy causes.

Banking apps: insecure and badly written, say researchers

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quelle surprise

banks rush apps to monetize acknowledge trend change

Panasonic will go Firefox OS for TVs

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Why cant I buy

.....a 60" monitor.

It's not gold in the frozen hills of Antarctica, my boy, it's DIAMONDS

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Well you know,

jewelers Love to Craft....

Security guru Bruce Schneier to leave employer BT

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Bet he never seen this coming !!

ESA readies Rosetta for next year's comet touchdown

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If it works

and they find oil - Will they send Bruce willis next?

Twitter mobs attack wrong celebrity Ian Watkins after child abuse case

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Mob mentality

And not the money making kind

What's wrong with Britain's computer scientists?

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"We must attract talented computer scientists into teaching"

As Jerry Maguire so aptly put it "Show me the monnnnnnnnneeeeeyyy"