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Reg man inhales the smooth, non-cancerous, taste of USB nicotine


Tolerance for all

I am vaping for the last two years and like someone else I am also back running and also cycling.

A few points to make in regard to others comments.

Firstly even if someone is suffering from a placebo effect then they are still affected so I would be tolerant.

However I object to being sent to the smoking area as I view myself now as a non-smoker and I don't want to be next to someone smoking a cigarette. So we might have to compromise somehow on that one.

My local cinema has banned e-cigs and I can understand the logic and accept it. For instance if there is a smoker sitting next to you then you may make them feel uncomfortable because they want to smoke. Likewise we would also have the placebo effect for other non-smokers. I say placebo but it is entirely possible that people are affected so I am not having a pop at anyone.

Similarly I have used them on aircraft but as a courtesy I would only use in the loo for similar reasons to the cinema.

For me I found out one thing that I need. I had a unit that delivered a good hit of nicotine but failed to produce much vapour. I need the visual stimulus of a heavy vapour.

The bottom line for me is I am not going to be dogmatic about my right to vape. I will be courteous to others and respect their views.

But I will have a sneaky puff now and again where I shouldn't.