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ISPs' pirate-choking blocking measures ARE effective – music body


Lies, damn lies and statistics

The Pirate Bay is no longer blocked in Holland after a court found that blocking the site made no difference to piracy levels. If you pull the IFPI stats apart and find how they came about their results there will likely be many holes to their logic. The IFPI has to justify it's existence and keep donations coming in just like many of the other media lobby organisations.

Apply to the statistics the increasing availability of cheap legal alternatives, increased newsgroup signups, increased use of VPN's as well as flash based streaming sites and the numbers will likely show that the IFPI has their figures wrong as well as the amount they attribute to website blocking.

Although I have subscriptions for TV and Amazon Prime streaming, I pirate the same content I legally have access too. Artificial blocking of the services on rooted android devices as well as the lack of Linux support due to Silverlight DRM means it's too fiddly to use. Pipelight is an option but Sky only works with one version while Amazon another. Why go through all the hassle every time when you can click a few options in Sickbeard/Couchpotato and then fire up XBMC to watch the content in any room at a better quality than the alternatives.

Xenon: Bitmap Brothers' (mega)blast from the past


Re: Bitmap Bros...

The OctaMED tracker was perfect for someone just starting out in music and having a fiddle. Not as good as the professional tools obviously but clever in the way they merged channels to bypass restrictions of the hardware.

Loved Xenon and and Xenon 2. I don't remember any other games before that including music in the same way they did it.

Still fire up an Amiga emulator every so often to look back at all the coding demo's, 4k boot sector intro's and such like. Talk about squeezing the most out of hardware using as little code as possible, something a lot of coders do not bother with these days.




Any server than runs services such as web servers is opening up more attack vectors. This is a software issue rather than operating system.

Using Linux as your home desktop is still much more secure by design. Antivirus for home users will become useful at some point in the future no doubt but for now only servers really need it still.

Roku flashes $50 HDMI TV web dongle at anyone sick of Google's stick

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Android Sticks

A good few of the android sticks have built in wifi and are not many more pennies in some cases. Many have bluetooth built in for wireless keyboard/mouse. They have the obvious bonus of having the Play store goodies available, which means most of the streaming apps.

XBMC for android can handle most of the streaming needs although it's worth researching properly if you want the full 1080p goodness using hardware acceleration. You can use your mobile as a remote.

Hot, fit, SWEATY users stroke Backbeats model, beg: DON'T CALL US


Got myself a pair of bluetooth stereo headphones (Nokia BH-505) to avoid all the wires while listening to music and found them to be superb. Tend to use them whenever I go somewhere by foot or public transport and the benefit of having music in both ears is you shut out the traffic noise as well as all the crazies. The flip side of the coin is everyone thinks i'm the crazy one with a weird contraption stuck to my head.

Only gets used for calls if someone calls me while it is in use. Strange having the callers voice 'inside your head' but it's clear. The issue is others hearing you if it's windy.

Not getting tangled in wires and being able to poke your ear to pause music (or answer a call) as well as a little ear scratch to turn volume up and down go a long way. Not having fiddly cables in the way to pull out by accident, thus thrusting potentially embarrassing music out the phone speakers so the rest of the train can hear, is a clear bonus.

Using the phone for music you are not just limited to your own mp3's, you can use various streaming services such as Googles instant radio and such like. An advantage for those who like some variety from their usual mp3 collection.

As you can tell, I would highly recommend the concept of stereo bluetooth headsets.

Crack Euro banker team to probe whether virtual currencies should be regulated


Personally I think it should stay unregulated, even if it means uncertainty to the value of a bitcoin. Those choosing to use or invest in it should be aware of the volatile nature of the currency by now and understand the risks involved, it's their own choice if they want to gamble with their money. Having something that the government can't touch or control has a certain appeal to it in this day and age.

It will become regulated at some point, probably because the bankers are getting involved with it now and will try to use it to avoid paying large amount of tax.

UK man Lauri Love accused of hacking US Federal Reserve


Stuck Between two worlds

Apparently in the US he wouldn't be forced to give the encryption keys due to laws on self incrimination. He is not accused of committing any crime in the UK yet could spend 2 years in jail for not handing over the keys anyway. If the UK get the keys for the US, then they can ignore the self incrimination rule.

With GCHQ and the NSA hacking non-terrorist entities and peeking in to the webcams of millions of people, how can they even think about bringing charges and extraditing someone for releasing a few entries from a database?

'Polar vortex' or not, last month among the warmest Januaries recorded


Climate Change

Not so long scientists said things will get cooler and there will be a global chiiling that could head us towards an ice age. Then came the lot that sais the polar ice caps are melting and we will have a global warming.

Now it is obvious none of them have a clue, they just use the words Climate Change as a coverall for any weather that goes in either direction.

The worlds weather was changing well before we were here and if we are affecting It in any way, it's marginal

Official: British music punter still loves plastic



The reason they don't make more money from streaming is....the BPI.

UK listeners still can not get access to Pandora streaming radio simply because the BPI have demanded in excess of what is asked for elsewhere. The BPI and it's licencing are a major problem and they need a good slapping.

Google slurps sound-powered security upstart SlickLogin



Airgapped devices communicating is an extension of this technology which government spies appear to be using already. Being an IsraelI startup by ex-military personnel, one has to wonder if logins is the only feature they have been working on.

Google promises 10Gps fiber network to blast 4K into living rooms


How many home users will have the hardware to actually make use of 1Gps let alone 10? Beside having a fast enough network card there are other bottlenecks such as hard disk write speeds. 20 machines at full throttle may be able to make use of such speed or specialised hardware which all point to this only being of use to business properties at this moment in time.

Getting homes fibre connected so that any speed can be offered to them in the future is not to be sniffed at though. Personally I think most home users do not need faster than a 30Mbit connection at the moment but I would jump all over a 1Gb/s connection if it became available. A want, rather than a need.

WD My Cloud EX4 four-bay NAS


Re: Strange

It's not the drives that make the noise, it is the actual WD device (internal speaker if you can call it that) the article is talking about, the EX4.

My Synology made a nasty loud beep when rebooting so disabled that in settings straight away. Seems I needn't have bothered as it never needs power cycling.

WD could do well in the home NAS market simply due to it's name but if anyone does any digging they will come across the Synology range which are much cheaper, easy to setup and has great software and features in comparison to the WD NAS.

GPs slam NHS England for poor publicity of data grab plan


Re: What leaflet?

The problem is that I (and anyone else I know) have had no information at all from the NHS, my GP or anyone else about this. We have had to hear it from other places. Then try and work out what it all means when different NHS pages have had conflicting information. Do we go and tell every individual in the country to go and do a few hours research on something most had not even heard about until a few days ago thanks to their friends or newspapers.

Do we trust the NHS pages that are using a bit of 'nudge' theory to convince us that everything is ok and there is nothing to worry about? Naming PDF's "Better information means better care" and such like is only to convince us to accept our privacy is being destroyed. Yes there can be some good done from sharing some anonymised data but we are at a point where we no longer trust external parties with that data. Not only will the information be abused, we won't have to worry about the data being hacked as too much access will be given from the start anyway.

Think of those in the mental health system who have confided in confidence subjects to their doctor but now that information will be available to the Police at least and possibly others. People will start shunning mental health services if they do not believe there is any confidence.

Having visited my GP recently the receptionist advised that they had seen a lot of opt-out letters in the last week, which surprised me for this quiet leafy suburb. GP's, politicians and generally everyone is concerned about this. Everyone except the NHS and those who want to get their hands on the data at some point. Obviously everyone is concerned for no reason...


Re: What leaflet?

There has been an update on that site since I last looked which throws the initial understanding out the window. When you opt-out all it does is remove your name and a few other identifying entries but the data still gets uploaded in the anonymised form. Not really an opt-out in that case.

Also shows that ALL your details are shared if you don't opt-out. Previously it was thought the data was anonymised for all. One suspects the complete lack of information has been intentional.


Re: What leaflet?

No leaflet here either.

Luckily the internetz informed me about this scandal and I have downloaded opt out forms from http://medconfidential.org

Another aspect that has not been publicised is that the police will have complete access to your medical records now, even if you opt out.

Any company can buy the medical records for around £3k (or something like that) and while your name is supposed to be changed for a number to keep your identity secret, it is trivial to work out who someone is as the data will contain your date of birth and postcode. The chances of someone else in your postcode having the same date of birth are very slim.

Gmail falls offline, rest of Google struggles on: NO! Not error code 93!



Yahoo is in no position to take the piss out of Gmail considering the state their own service has been in for some time now.

The sooner encrypted email services become common with encrypted connections between servers, the quicker people will move away from Yahoo and Gmail, who won't want to do it due to their business model. A win for all!

Faster, more private, easier to read: My 2014 browser wishlist



Maxthon is a great browser for android. Fast and lightweight compared to the usual suspects.

They also have a Mac, iPhone and windows version. The Windows version is based on Chromium and worked pretty well if you didn't run too many plugins. It has a sync option which sends bookmarks and pages between all your devices that run Maxthon and also has a download to cloud option.

Had the option to use these for some time yet never do. It's a privacy vs convenience thing, prefer not sending all my favourite sites and data to a company to use in any way they want.

Yes, the BBC still uses FTP. And yes, a Russian crook hacked the server


The 1337day site has an exploit for sale which claims to be for ProFTPD 3.3.3g and quotes the BBC FTP site. Some of their exploits for sale have been a bit dubious in the past so rather than it being a new ProFTPD vulnerability it may just be instructions on a misconfiguration of that particular server.

Always have loved the simplicity and stability of FTP personally and added secure SSL functionality has been available for years on many clients/servers. FxP'ing between servers still happens!

Cyanogen grabs $23m, will ship mod-installed N1 smartmobe on Xmas Eve


Re: Embrace and extend?

The root removal also has a cascade affect on some of the other features, some of which are included in this article , such as CPU overclocking. Hardware manufacturers won' want users to have access to a feature that could cost them more in repairs over time.

Tried Cyanogenmod on an S3 and it was ok except for problems with wifi, which was enough for me to dump it. Went back to stock 4.3, rooted, installed Xposed framework and then Wanam Xposed ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ma.wanam.xposed&hl=en_GB ) and have a lot of the customisable features and look that Cyanogenmod gave.

Buying a phone with the choice of not having all the bloatware, memory hogging and battery draining crap is always a bonus.

Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block



All we need is for younger gay and transgender individuals to come along and say the blocks are against their human rights as it stops them identifying and communicating with like minded individuals if they are not the internet account holder.

Enraged by lengthy Sky broadband outage? Blame BT Openreach cable thieves


Oh dear...

Sky are now saying it could take ANOTHER 48 hours to fix.

Google embiggens its fat vid pipe Chromecast with TEN new supported apps


Re: And what about...

The google play music player allows you to stream to chromecast but not to dlna receivers such as xbmc which is annoying. There is an app to fool the player that xbmc is a chromecast so it is perfectly possible to do but google are locking it down for their own benefit.

A good percentage of new tv's have dlna support, AV receivers have dlna support, xbmc based boxes have dlna support and future products are likely to have it so why is chromecast actually needed over the dlna standard?

Malware+pr0n surge follows police op to kill illicit streaming sites



The City of London Police appear to be writing nasty letters to sites as well as domain registry providers even though they are out of their jurisdiction. No legal basis to shut the sites down so attempting to scare them in to submission on behalf of the media monsters.

Obviously the sites are dodgy but I doubt they are hurting UK IP holders one bit, yet alone needing a department in the City of London Police to harass them and their business partners with non-legal letters.

DVLA declares J14 HAD on BU14 SHT and SL14 AGS


Airstrip One

In other news, calculators are being re-designed without the numbers 3, 5, 7, 8 and 0 so that children are not exposed to upside down words such as BOOBLESS as this is insensitive to cancer victims.

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No senses of humour allowed

Shirley only a disabled motorist would choose to have the number plate CR14 PLE and thus is not offended bye it.

Red tape bureaucrats with sense of humour surgically removed.

THOUSANDS of Ruby on Rails sites leave logins lying around

Black Helicopters

Re: I hate to say it, but

The problem these days is that most new vulnerabilities are sold to world spy agencies instead of the full public disclosure we had in the past. So some holes stay open as the vendor is not aware a security fix patch is needed.

Money has replaced kudos and fame for most of those researching bugs. Very rare to see mega exploits for popular web services these days on sites like exploit-db.com .

It is possible to raise your profile in the security industry with tid-bits of disclosure as this Ruby Rails session issue has shown, Mis-configuration can happen to all of us but at least we have control over that area.

My name is NOT Dread Pirate Roberts: Silk Road accused's fam'n'friends stump up $1m bail

Big Brother

Re: Solitary Confinement?

I vaguely recall something about the silk road website being on the same physical server as a TOR exit node.