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NOBODY PRINT! Selfless hero saves typing pool from carbon catastrophe

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Except that some printers will preferentially take a sheet from the manual feed, if it detects one.

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Re: With carbon copy mentioned right at the start...

Who got the Goldenrod and the Puce?

Everyone back to the office! Why? Because the decision has been made

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Re: Deliver us from office keyboards

If those are UK ones, they are now worth a fortune. I mean, hundreds!

PowerShell pusher to log off from Microsoft: Write-Host "Bye bye, Jeffrey Snover"

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But... it's so random

My experience has been with the Azure Service Bus cli, which i presume is very PowerShell-y. Oh and the ADFS stuff. I always get floored by the way the target is specified - -name to create, -target to ref. ASB then requires -queuename. Designed by committee, it seems.

Not much of this actually from 'China anymore,' says Northern Light Motors boss

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Re: Sourcing everything from the UK

And the environmental rules non-existent.

Cloudflare's outage was human error. There's a way to make tech divinely forgive

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Re: "a hangover from the days when storage and CPU were too expensive"

They still are expensive.

If you look at standing up internet-scale systems, with clustering and orchestration and such, even moderate-sized stuff runs to thousands a month.

Why to you think AWS is so rich?

You need to RTFM, but feel free to use your brain too

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Re: Some even start with "remove equipment from box"

From history, but UF

Amazon fears it could run out of US warehouse workers by 2024

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The margin isn't on the gift shop, it's on the bit barns.

Intel demands $625m in interest from Europe on overturned antitrust fine

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That's how these megacorps work. When called out for bad behaviour, they will appeal, and argue, and sue, and spend way more than they might save on lawyers. They have two aims. 1) no precedents, and 2) "nobody f*****s with us and wins. Just don't start".

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Re: Manglement

Someone from Germany said "we want this chip factory. Make this go away" and the "independent, apolitical" European Court complied. The justification that the court has given is simply nonsense.

End of the road for biz living off free G Suite legacy edition

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"In the thousands"

I'd say many thousands. Maybe even the thousands of thousands! I can't be in that select a group of nerds that thought it was rather nifty to have a family Google account. "Dad, I lost my password!" "I'll reset it for you".

Interpol anti-fraud operation busts call centers behind business email scams

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"Some of the fakes are getting very good."

And a lot of the real ones look fake. Many companies are not prepared to pony up for proper servers so that the entire email chain and content is identifiably from the company.

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Re: Now for the fake Indian call centers

BT will never do this. They simply have no incentive to track the legal entity for caller ID, so they don't.

Only when they are made legally responsible for losses due to the caller not being identifyable will this change. I've heard of at least one scam where the scammers faked a real bank telephone number

Former chip research professor jailed for not disclosing Chinese patents

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Re: Honestly, guys

At some point, training potential enemies in your latest technology has to seem somewhat ill-advised.

There are 24.6 billion pairs of credentials for sale on dark web

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6.7 billion

That's more than one per connected human, isn't it?

AI's most convincing conversations are not what they seem

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Re: The real issue

It is entirely possible that in amongst the source training data is discussion of the rights of a sentient API. It may also have SF stories about sentience. Isaac Asimov's Robots, for example, would produce some very convincing sentences.

RSAC branded a 'super spreader event' as attendees share COVID-19 test results

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N95 masks

If everybody wore a medical-grade mask, you could put a dent in these numbers.

But most don't - they are expensive.

So the bits of blown plastic fibre and nattily-printed cloth people wear instead are merely a performance.

Airbus flies new passenger airplane aimed at 'long, thin' routes

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Re: No space for the crew rest area

Because, they don't really believe it either.

Open source 'Office' options keep Microsoft running faster than ever

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Nobody loves it, so there isn't a simple seamless link from a document to a local spreadsheet.

Eaton, Microsoft to outfit datacenters with 'grid-interactive' UPS tech

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Re: Caveat energiser

Yep. On windless days (so the grid's been topping up from your datacentre), when your feeder is "demand-managed", the servers will go off with a big THUNK as the UPS batteries are now flat.

Better have good rolling backups!

Threat of cross-border data tariffs looms over WTO

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local clouds

It would also encourage local cloud companies, instead of all of everybody's data being in AWSs bit barns.

Does this increase prices? Well of course, that's the point - it gives local providers some headroom to make a profit.

Atos CEO resigns after board proposes splitting the company

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So, they watch IBM circle the drain

... and follow the same policies (fire the old folks, outsource) and expect a different outcome.

TSMC and China: Mutually assured destruction now measured in nanometers, not megatons

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Hcak the hackable.

No need to coerce the workforce. Just invade the residential districts where their families live.

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Will be well down the list.

What if you could make a car work with little more than a capacitor, and a few diodes? You'd have to use combustible fuel, of course, (no power semiconductors) so you would have to have a fully mechanical fuel-air vapouriser.....

No more fossil fuel or nukes? In the future we will generate power with magic dust

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Re: re Fukushima

The FUD around Nuclear power is mostly from the Hard Greens, for whom only wind and Unicorn farts are fit to be used for making power.

EU lawmakers vote to ban sales of combustion engine cars from 2035

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Re: Planned car ownership decline

Only the very fit can maintain 15mph on the flat for any distance. Normally its 10-12mph, less up hills. Out of town the queue gets quite long now.

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Re: The charger numbers seem a bit low.

The wailing isn't reported. Just look at gridwatch over winter, when there's no wind (again). Every interconnector, every coal station, even the open-cycle gas turbines, are all running full blast. It gets seriously squeaky on many evenings. Add EVs to the mix, lose the remaining coal stations, a nuclear station stops (which we're due for) and there are going to be power cuts - sorry "demand management".

Warning: Colleagues are unusually likely to 'break' their monitors soon

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On your home network all the time?

Read the stories of developing for it, and you will realise that security is not really possible. Avoid.

Chinese 'Aoqin Dragon' gang runs undetected ten-year espionage spree

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Black Helicopters

Re: Once again

How the heck did the scammers get to know what sort of emails you were getting? Your friends PC may already be compromised, or the email service that you or they are using has been cracked.

Farewell to two pivotal figures: The founder of Inmos, and the co-creator of MIME

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Ah, more prior art.

More inventors are not here to point out prior art on stupid patents. Bosch tried to assert a patent on multi part media containers for the WAP protocol, despite it just being binary MIME.

Cable cut blamed for global four-hour internet disruption

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Two unconnected cables, communicating international data, both suffer an outage at the same time. Well, they might as well connect the packet sniffer to both cables on the dame day.

MongoDB announces columnstore indexing for its document database

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"The licensing aspects of it are, frankly, something that have not really been a headwind to our business."

Well, yes. So, in reality it's going to be 4.4 for ever for on-prem installations.

UK opens up 'high-potential individual route' for tech worker immigration

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Keep them salaries down!

You can't have high salaries paid to those greasy coding oiks! So lets make it even easier to undercut the local talent, and ensure that it is really pointless getting a tech degree in the UK, which will maintain the "talent shortage".

This temporary pain of paying very high salaries is simply the market working as it is supposed to, just not in the interest of our corporate overlords.

Tweaks to IPv4 could free up 'hundreds of millions of addresses'

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Virgin media Business also only hand out IPv4. You can have a /29.

Fusion won't avert need for climate change 'sacrifice', says nuclear energy expert

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Re: From the cheap seats: NO SACRIFICE IS NEEDED (and you KNOW China will not do it ANYWAY)

Ad hom. You just lost the argument.

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Re: From the cheap seats: NO SACRIFICE IS NEEDED (and you KNOW China will not do it ANYWAY)

The renewables talk is just that. Whilst playing with solar, they are continuing to support their economy by using cheap, plentiful coal. They will only switch to solar when it makes economic sense. In the meantime, we kill our heavy industry with comical energy costs.

IBM ordered to pay $1.6b to BMC

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Re: IBM rejected the decision and said it intends to appeal the ruling.

They would spend more. it's about establishing the principle that you don't sue IBM, you will lose. That's going to save more than $1.6B

Revealed: The semi-secret list of techs Beijing really really wishes it didn't have to import

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Re: Patents

They already have ARM.

Ex-spymaster and fellow Brexiteers' emails leaked by suspected Russian op

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Re: some dodgy plotting

Those convenient Russian hackers again? This would have nothing to do with the desire to declare the whole thing invalid and start again would it?

Meta to squeeze money from WhatsApp with Cloud API for businesses

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Re: Apprehensive to use the business api

Burner phone. Pick up a cheap android on ebay,prepay SIM. Sign in with fresh, vanilla Google account.

Microsoft sounds the alarm on – wait for it – a Linux botnet

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Re: knock, knock.

The bad guys know about these.

My VPS uses fail2ban to cut the attempt rate. I now seem to be the target of a large rotating list of machines, all trying to hack my dovecot/postfix installation, with the round-robin time just longer than my ban duration.

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images

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Re: I'm in two minds about this, because it ignores the elephant in the room

Rubbish. Otherwise you could create a news site by just scraping and collating other news sites, for example.

The principle that content on the web can only be consumed in accordance with the license, and not freely copied and republished is well established.

See for example here.

FreeBSD 13.1 is out for everything from PowerPC to x86-64

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The woeful wifi support for more than a select few cards is a pity. As is the poor support for non-intel LAN adaptors.

What's infuriating is the folks on the forums, who, when asked about network hardware not on the golden list, instruct the asker to "stop using poor-quality hardware, and get a proper Intel Lan adaptor/weird-but-supported wifi card"

The LAN thing is particularly grating, as BSD (in pfSense form) utterly fails at gigabit internet with non-Intel cards, yet these "low-quality" cards work fine under Linux.

Mysterious firm seeks to buy majority stake in Arm China

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Arm China is an independent company

Didn't Arm realise they had simply given away the ARM IP to the local company? Even though this is a massive warning to any company with one of these "local JVs", i don't expect anything to change much.

Google keeps legacy G Suite alive and free for personal use

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Re: Free lunch?

Because google services aren't free. You just don't pay with money.

You pay with lovely information instead.

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Re: I've already migrated

How do you manage the spam? I would migrate away, but Gmail's spam filtering is really good.

Corporate investments are a massive hidden source of carbon emissions

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"Companies not responding to our pressure!"

Says pressure group.

The sad state of Linux desktop diversity: 21 environments, just 2 designs

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Re: Why are they all the same?

Yep, +1.

All of the UIs that mess about trying not to be CUA (Win11, recent Gnome, etc) are just more awkward to use, failing to satisfy the requirement to be simple, clean and functional.

Microsoft adds unscheduled breaks to most certification exams

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Exam technique ruined?

So, if you read all the questions at the start (as you do if you want to plan your exam time) and you need a break, the exam is effectively over?


Appeals court unleashes Texas's anti-Big-Tech content-no-moderation law

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Re: Republicans are the perps not the victims

Thos is your opinion. There are others. That's how it works.



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