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Right to repair shouldn't exist – not because it's wrong but because it's so obviously right

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Unfair dig at Dyson

The efficiency rules for vacuum cleaners are rubbish. The result is cleaners that don't work properly. His particular beef was with the tests where cleaners under test could go into "eco mode" that met the power requirements, but didn't actually clean anything. He refuses to sell a product designed not to work.

You need 1500W or more to really shift embedded crumbs and fluff.

SSD belonging to Euro-cloud Scaleway was stolen from back of a truck, then turned up on YouTube

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Hermes "lost" a Beer52 box sent to a relation as a gift. Claimed the business address (of an office with a massive sign outside on an industrial park) "could not be found".

Hermes = theives.

Beer52 = yum.

What is your greatest weakness? The definitive list of the many kinds of interviewer you will meet in Hell

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Re: Dignity

I'm sure being in France helps! Now imagine doing that job in Slough.

Is it broken yet? Is it? Is it? Ooh that means I can buy a sparkly, new but otherwise hard-to-justify replacement!

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Re: Don't recycle that display yet

You only have one????

In a complete non-surprise, Mozilla hammers final nail in FTP's coffin by removing it from Firefox

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HTTPS all the time

Is a real pain on local networks. Type (say) http://inkjet into the browser address bar, and if the HP inkjet to which I have assigned that name is having a sulk, instead of just producing an error, it a) Tries https://inkjet and then b) tries searching on google.

I now can't retry, as the original http://inkjet URL is gone. I must retype the damned thing.

Dog eats UK government's Hydrogen Strategy homework just as summer recess arrives

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Re: Yet again, what about tidal power?

We don't do tidal power as - so far- those who would prefer we didn't trash the natural environment have won. It won't last though, unfortunately.

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Re: Where does the hydrogen come from?

That's because we now only have one coal-fired power station. Fiddler's Ferry was shut down last year.

We effectively now have no coal generation - Thanks, Coal Action!. Welcome to your power cuts.

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Re: diesel was the future....of course, 20 years on, that was a mistake

The silly thing is, of course, that even with VAG cheating on their emissions, the total amount of NOx and particulates has not gone up, it's just not gone down as much as we expected.

If you check out graphs based in the 70's you'll see that the air in our cities has never been cleaner. I suspect due to a large degree on the replacement of ageing HGV and bus engines with Euro-6 compliant ones. (Stood round the back of a new bus recently? It doesn't stink nearly as bad as it used to).

The recent alarms on air quality is because the limits have been going down faster than engines can improve.

Northern Train's ticketing system out to lunch as ransomware attack shuts down servers

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Re: Shockingly bad design

You say that, but across the various massive SNAFUs reported in this august publication, failing to do the bloomin' obvious seems to feature highly. Doing things badly/cheaply/dangerously is often caused by management pressure to get stuff out the door. Sometimes it's inexperience of the developers. Only occasionally is it "advanced nation-state actors deploying highly specialised tools".

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Shockingly bad design

Any one of the usual commentards here would have come up with an arrangement that involved the ticket machines being on a VPN connecting them to the central server, with a separate link to the web front-end and the account management. So the actual ticket machine network would have been nowhere near the internet (even though the data is carried over it). So that means that either this isn't the case - they were relying on secure authentication of machines to server over the open internet, or the web front-end in is on the same network as the machines. Ouch.

However, it could be worse. The network could be secure, but Network Railway's network has been compromised, and the ticket machines are the visible part of a wider infection.

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Suprisingly cheap.

621 machines, £17m. That's about £30k each (which includes a share of the back-end, and comms infrastructure). Actually not bad.

You can bet that had Northern Railway commissioned this, it would have been about 10 times as much.

Tomorrow's wireless world will be fatter, faster, and creepier

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Round corners

How the heck does 3mm wavelength signals get round corners, through windows into rooms, and further inside buildings?

Surely, it's pretty-well line of sight?

The positioning is very funny, as the propagation characteristics in real-world buildings are chaotic.

Zoom! That's the sounds of comms firm chomping down on loss-making Five9 in transaction valued at $14.7bn

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Re: Zoom bought a boat anchor

Yep. I detect the sound of "We're real CEOs now, doing the big deals!" You can do that when you are playing with somebody else's Monopoly money.

AWS gave Parler a chance, won't say if it talked to NSO before axing spyware biz's backend systems

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"International Law"

Yeah. One of those. Inform the World Police when it's broken

A beefy Linux 5.14-rc2 and light at the end of the tunnel for Paragon's NTFS driver

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Re: I admit my ignorance

Because the current driver (at least, the way it seems to be integrated into the Ubuntu variants) trashes any NTFS volume you browse to.

The old read-only driver just ignored NTFS permissions, so you could happily browse a mounted Windows system drive with impunity. The FUSE driver gives you the same experience, but it does it by replacing the owner of every file and directory you view with some internally-generated random generated UID. With the result that a mounted Windows system volume rapidly becomes unbootable. I'm amazed more noise isn't made about it.I know you can manually mount the volume read-only, but the default desktop auto-mounter mounts it read-write, with destructive results.

Airline software super-bug: Flight loads miscalculated because women using 'Miss' were treated as children

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Re: Not necessarily.

They tried that in the uk. 500ml milk cartons were clearly "short pints", leading to a suspicion that a sneaky 10% price increase was going to happen.

The lights go off, broadband drops out, the TV freezes … and nobody knows why (spooky music)

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Re: French water meters

See BigClive on "Dubai lamps". Specially made LED lamps where the components aren't massively over-run so they last (and are more efficient)

All hands on Steam Deck: Fancy a handheld Linux PC that runs Windows apps, sports a custom AMD Zen APU and a touch screen?

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Re: My wallet is worried

Yeah... I mustn't want one. Tempted though...

How many Brits have deleted life-saving track and trace app from their phones? No idea, junior minister tells MPs

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Re: "We have always been at War with ...

But exposure is judged by Bluetooth proximity. And that might be to a phone in another room, though a wall that lets 2.4GHz through.

Or, you could have your phone in your right pocket, and be to the right of someone. The Bluetooth signal gets completely absorbed by the wet salty meatbag in the way. There's a reason 2.4GHz is unlicensed, it's the peak absorption frequency for water, and thus useless for long-distance comms. And gets jammed by a microwave oven.

LibreOffice 7.2 release candidate reveals effort to be Microsoft-compatible

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Is that still a borked hot mess of nerdly uselessness?

With an inability to simply tie a document to a spreadsheet, then merge the spreadsheet data?

The current mess requires that the data in the spreadsheet has to be bound to a database schema. And then the database is the source for data for the merge. Sort-of-ok, but if I give you the doc and the spreadsheet, you can't then do a merge, without a load of geek-level stuff to re-establish the link.

This is the data watchdog! Surrender your Matt Hancock smoochy-kiss pics right now!

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Re: madly conspirationalistic

Deffo incompetent. What sensible person would see a leak enquiry starting to point at your mates, and then go "No, it was that Dom character, blame him!" and not realise that someone as smart as him (and as angry as him) is likely to know where the bodies are buried and what their email addresses are?

Boffins find an 'actionable clock' hiding in your blood, ticking away to your death

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Re: Thoughts

The real worry is of course the pension and insurance industry. You'll find that those thieving cheaters will no doubt use a young iAge as a reason to pay a poor annuity rate, or a high iAge be justification for higher premiums for term life assurance.

We're terrified of sharing information, but the benefits of talking about IT and infosec outweigh the negatives

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Re: Rational....and misses the point entirely!

If it's about the "business as usual" at Health Trusts, you can bet that the Case Officer has a special deep in-tray, in another building, especially for those.

The big failure (I do wonder if this was deliberate) is that liability is purely corporate. perhaps there was a naive assumption that a company dinged with a GDPR fine would fire those responsible. In practice, medium-to-large companies just circle the wagons. Only with personal liability would things really change.

NEC to move its IT into Azure and give staff – all 110,000 of ’em – a cloudy Windows desktop

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Remote desktops

How do you run video calls? Doesn't that mean that the video gets re-encoded and decoded, leading to a crap picture?

Pity the poor engineers. Anyone trying to use a USB dongle to develop anything is in for a hard time.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Sub-$600 midranger makes premium phones feel frivolous

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Biometrics no loss.

Since I can change neither my face nor my fingerprints.

You'll never Guess whose data has been nicked as US fashion firm confirms systems breach

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Data breach?

Nothing to see here, carry on.

Seriously. Don't expect either companies' bottom line to be influenced by one iota.

We've not heard the usual BS-bingo yet, but it's coming.

Kaseya restores SaaS, then 'performance issues' force a do-over

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Using or exporting?

I would have thought the most sensible thing to do is export anything important then bin the lot.

As Europe hopes to double its share of global chip production, Intel comes along with $20bn, plans for fabs

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Re: "But not Brexit Britain"

Meanwhile, we allow the sale of the old Inmos fab in Newport to the Chinese.

Suck on this: El Reg forces dog hair, biscuit crumbs, and disconcertingly sticky stains down two mini vacuums

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Re: destroyed another robot vacuum cleaner

And also aren't full of nasty bacteria (Toxicara and the like).

The world is chaos but my Zoom background is control-freak perfection

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Not nearly nerdy enough!

No backdrop here, just shelves with old laptops, electronic bits, and an old Logic Analyser. Causes discussion with new meeting attendants.

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Re: I must have been lucky

Charlotte Green. Those who know, know.

Security warning deluge from 'npm audit' is driving developers to distraction

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Simple fix

Make the code not be crap, then the tsunami of warnings will disappear. When a new warning appears, we can fix it.

But "too many warnings, let's hide them!" is not a good move... IF THE CODE IS CRAP!

Kepler spots four rogue Earth-mass exoplanets floating in space, unbound to any star

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Those GSVs had better be more careful when stooging around in real space.

IBM email fiasco complicates sales deals, is worse than biz is letting on – sources

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IBM has been rudderless for years.

None of the extremely highly paid execs have ever had an idea to actually fix anything. Just like Governments, they just observe events, and call it policy.

Hardware business going badly? Fix the bad management? Noooo... declare it unfixable and sell it off.

Now we are Software and Services! But they can't do that so....

Now we are The Cloud! Only they can't do that either.

Anybody that hires IBM for anything must have been bribed.

Why won't you copper-ate? Openreach offers capped fibre line rental to wholesalers in bid to shift all that FTTP

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Is still copper. After all of the posters on the green cabinets, we still only get 13Mb/s.

Green MSP calls on Scottish government to stop spending £4.7m a year with AWS after Amazon 'dumping' allegations

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Re: "we do not send items to landfill in the UK"

The problem is, of course, that if they gave awsy the unsold stuff, it would depress the value of similar items in the store, reducing profit. Can't have that.

‘What are the odds someone will find and exploit this?’ Nice one — you just released an insecure app

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Re: Why = Money

Bang on. Why spend money on security when the cost of a breach is effectively zero? TalkTalk? Increased profits. Experian? What hack, I don't remember a hack.

Both of these companies should be smoking holes in the ground.

Android devs prepare to hand over app-signing keys to Google from August

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Re: WTactualF?

Yep, they do. Or, as there is no choice, they don't give a damn.

UK watchdog fines biz £130k for 900,000+ direct marketing calls to folk who had opted out

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Re: A well deserved ouch

Don't be daft. The low assets are because the directors will keep cash out of the company as much as possible, in order to prevent it being hoovered up in fines. Presumably the revenue from making these calls is already elsewhere.

The sole director will simply wave and smile at the receivers, as they consume the remaining assets in fees. Limited liability means just that - the Director and Sole shareholder's liability is limited to the initial investment. Mr Jones lost his £1.

Gov.UK taskforce publishes post-Brexit wish-list: 'TIGRR' pounces on GDPR, metric measures

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Re: The UK political sphere has been so overtaken by Brexit

There is no disconnect contactor in SMETS2 meters. However, the SMETS3 standards are currently in development, and the suppliers are lobbying strongly for them. I have seen the discussion doc.

Brit IT firms wound up by court order after fooling folk into paying for 'support' over fake computer errors

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Re: the director, Vikram Singh, had no real control of either company and work was outsourced

Mostly laziness, I guess.

If they really enforced all of the dire penalties on directors who do this, I'm guessing that these lowlifes might be bit less inclined to take the money for the signature on the Companies House paperwork.

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Re: Ban international calls

I bet the mysterious "legal" requirement to terminate calls for revenue would cease to be a problem if the liability for fraudulent caller ID rested with BT.

Inventor of the graphite anode – key Li-ion battery tech – says he can now charge an electric car in 10 minutes

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Re: There still remains......

There's not enough available solar energy, in the right place, to power all of this stuff.

Plus it's a bit iffy at night.

And it covers up land that you might, say, grow food one.

And PV cells aren't the cleanest things to make, either.

So it's not just a matter of W/m2

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Re: Why not use appropriate technology?

Yeah, but on a short journey, the engine never starts at all. That being the point of a plug-in hybrid.

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Why not use appropriate technology?

50 miles of batteries (not caned to death to get huge acceleration) and a small engine for long journeys, that can maintain a speed of 60-70mph. You just can't beat the energy density of hydrocarbons.

The emissions are low, as "most people do short journeys".

Google ad biz shenanigans smacked down by French competition regulators

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Re: Ain't going to happen.

I also notice that they are not switching off advertising until they've fixed the algorithm, they are continuing to use the infringing behaviour until they get around to fixing the code.

It's almost as if they think they have a basic right to whatever they have decided their business model is.

Like not manually-moderating Youtube because it's expensive, rather than admitting that in fact, fee video as a product is only viable whilst breaking content and copyright laws in most countries.

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Re: Would anyone expect less?

It's more like Heinz paying to have their beans in a prime location (aisle end, facing the door, say) and Tesco then putting a big sign in front of the display saying "Tesco Finest beans are even better, and cost less! just look here!"

So the advertiser thinks they are paying for a prime ad, only to discover that Tesco/Google products are always ahead of them, however much they've paid.

Custom HMCTS video platform bought as part of £280m digitisation project used less than Zoom, say judges

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Why didn't they just download that and create a Courts-only server?

Report commissioned by Google says Google isn't to blame for the death of print news

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Re: Echo chamber - bad

Dunno how you stand the Grauniad. I tried the same idea, but the ludicrous slant, as well as the big gaps in coverage of unsympathetic news infuriated me too much.

Wyoming powers ahead with Bill Gates-backed sodium-cooled nuclear generation plant

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The reactor is the right size

A couple of academics from UCNW Bangor proposed that building a set of medium-sized plants (around 400MW, IIRC) was actually more sensible that one or two mega-plants. I can't find the article right now...

It seems that some things don't scale infinitely larger. Aeroplanes and bridges come to mind.



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