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XtremIO in SSD brickup ballsup: 'We have seen over 150 ... so far'


Yes I also want to keep a car which needs its engine and fuel lines replaced day one

Look that is simply not true. The RAID rebuilds time is long and punishing to performance, even if XIO does not manage to lose data right off the bat. The reason why all of the big boys are lacking behind the start ups is because doing Flash or Hybrid right actually takes a lot of know how. If you cheap out and you use cMLC instead of eMLC the drive life and failure rate will be high for a very long time.

But I am sure they will get it right with time like they did with Clarion, of wait... right...that never happend.

Revealed: EMC's SECRET XtremIO briefing doc that tries to snap Violin Memory’s strings


This is pretty pathetic attempt

Most of those compete points are outright lies and will be killed on the spot with an answer sheet from Violin Memory or bake-off.


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