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Brit smut slingers shafted by UK censors' stiff new stance


BBFC Trolling statement.......

"the BBFC says that in the latter case it may not go hard on producers"

Well when you get to the age of the typical BBFC member (ooh err!) that does tend to be a problem......

Acer cranks Chromebooks with Core i3 models


It's an Acer...

...so it will break quicker than anything in the known IT Universe.

And it's not particularly cheap either.

I'd rather go with the HP equivalent, which if the hint of Google influence is correct, surely won't be too far behind.......

BOFH: You can take our lives, but you'll never take OUR MACROS


Making a convincing argument for Access (at least to the uninitiated) is a touch of genius, even if in reality, the end user would then make this my problem too.....

Thank goodness I don't have to use FoxPro anymore though

Passport PIN tech could have SAVED MH370 ID fraudsters


Re: Am I missing the point?

No, you're not. The simple fact that the FUD being put out by Malaysian authorities has conveninently allowed them (and rent-a-quote pundits) to side-step the frankly screaming failure of one (or several) immigration officers doing their job.

I've flown into Portugal, Spain and Abu Dhabi and Dubai and not encountered passport control at all - I've simply walked off the plane and straight through to collecy my bags and then out. My last transit through Dubai, the scanned my passport - initially it failed to scan, then it through up sort of flag. The Officer just scanned it gain...it flagged me again. He looked at the screen, then me, handed my passport back to me, shrugged and waved me on, like it was too much effort to check me out.

My passport photo makes me look like a boss of a columbian drug cartel, and the only country in the world that actually spent more than five seconds checking any resemblance was Singapore. And they fingerprinted me when I re-entered the country by car.

As usual, it's the 80lb bag of meat sat in the process that's the point of failure. All the tech in the world won't fix that.

Goodbye cruel world: Robot 'commits suicide' in KITCHEN FIREBALL


That's impressive, but the real question we want answered is...... does it blend?


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