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Micro Men: The story of the syntax era


Tight Swines

I'm the owner of the Science of Cambridge MK14 that they used for filming, It's currently homed at the Museum of Computing at Swindon. I agreed with the curator at the Museum the terms for them borrowing it and added on the end that they could at least make a donation to the museum. They sent a car out to collect the MK14 but guess what - the tight buggers never made a donation :(

The micro YOU used in school: The story of the Research Machines 380Z


Brilliant article

480Z's - who could forget the joys of BASIC6G2, Put 27, "=0J" and Call "Resolution", 0, 2. I went to quite a forward thinking school and as well as BASIC programming we were taught CP/M, WordStar, Multiplan etc. skills which really helped when I got my first developer job.