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'I urge everyone to fight back' – woman wins $10k from Microsoft over Windows 10 misery


Re: Let the lawsuits begin

Microsoft should get shafted over this. Sneaky tactics like starting the upgrade when people clicked the X button are not the way a professional organisation should operate.

Flying Spaghetti Monster is not God, rules mortal judge


Re: Troubling precedent

This could have wider implications. A Pastafarian Minister (Which I am) can currently legally conduct marriages in the US, with a Marriage licence. This can be obtained with just your Ministerial certificate ($20) and a letter of good standing from the Church (Free with the certificate). Also, serving US soldiers can have "CFSM" as their religion on their dog tags. I wonder if these rights will also be revoked?

Twitter spends $10m on rights to cover Thursday-night NFL games


Re: They've lost the place...

You have not seen a Hurling match then!

What to call a £200m 15,000-tonne polar vessel – how about Boaty McBoatface?


I'd prefer RSS Lets get ship faced

Ordnance Survey unfolds handy Mars map


OS MAps are WGS84 compatible (New Ones)

Hello, The new OS maps with the new logo are WGS84 (GPS) compatible. I know this because I was involved in the project that did this!

Neat but narky at times: Pebble Time colour e-paper watch


The quick start guide included with the Pebble Time includes step one: "visit getpebble.com/app from your smartphone and download the "pebble" app"

The reviewer is obviously allergic to set up guides.

Dough! Dominos didn't register dominos.pizza – and now it's pizz'd off


Re: Cockup over Conspiracy...

The Hilton hotel group have already applied for .hilton.


First look: Ordnance Survey lifts kimono on next-gen map app


Re: Batteries not included

As you said "the really cold weather we've been having can kill the battery life of such devices" so therefore if you use your paper map as your primary source and it blows away, you reach into your pack only to find the cold weather has killed your battery, therefore no backup!

That's why it's more sensible to use your phone as your primary navigation tool. If the battery goes flat, you still have your nice, dry, map and compass in your backpack as a backup.

Apple Watch is such a flop it's the world's top-selling wearable


1st Pebble mention

7 days battery life, nuff said.


Re: They need to fix the bugs

They do a cheap one? where?

Creationist: The Flintstones was an accurate portrayal of Dino-human coexistence

Thumb Up

Re: Pastafarians Unite!

As an Ordained Minister I say Ramen to that!

Windows tablet price war FINALLY has 'em prying open wallets


Re: HP Stream 7

considering the HP Stream 7 only costs £75 from the Microsoft store with Office 365 for a year I think it's an absolute steal and love mine. Yes it's not a full PC experience but I've found it nippy, good for email and browsing and have none of the hardware issues you have (I'd return yours)

Poll: Yes, yes, texting while driving is bad but *ping* OH! Hey, GRAB THE WHEEL, will ya?


Simple solution to this problem- Instant 3 month driving ban for anyone caught using a phone behind the wheel. No excuses, none of this "i'm a critical worker so need a car" rubbish just an instant ban. If caught a second time, another ban followed by a re-test. The only way to stop retards using their phone behind the wheel is to make the penalty so high that people don't risk it.

'Daddy, can I use the BLACK iPAD?': Life with the Surface Pro 2


The Surface pro is way too much money. I got an Asus Vivotab Smart running full fat windows 8.1 for £300, £25 for a Medion Bluetooth keyboard and £25 for a Bluetooth mouse and I have all the tablet/computer I need. Why shell out so much for a Surface 2?