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Dolphins inspire ultrasonic attacks that pwn smartphones, cars and digital assistants

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Re: Groundhog Day is with us again

This one is an evolution of the attack mentioned in the previous article.

From said article:

"Also, the attack was conducted with a dedicated speaker – not the sort of thing one can sneak into a room easily – and it hasn't been demonstrated using a mobile phone as a sound source."

$3 worth of simple to hide hardware makes this attack much more feasible.

Uber hires Obama's attorney-general to review its workplaces

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Another Russian saying

"The fish rots from the head.".

SaaS-y security outfit CrowdStrike falls out of love with test lab

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Not just Crowdstrike

Seems rather a mess.

Crowdstrike Vs NSS Labs, more here: http://www.csoonline.com/article/3169582/techology-business/crowdstrike-attempts-to-sue-nss-labs-to-prevent-test-release-court-denies-request.html

Which has a link to a nice twitter spiel here : https://twitter.com/da_667/status/831350334912069636 relating to issues with NNS Labs in general

and a further few links relating to Cylance and it's similar issues.

Which could all be sour grapes.

Add into that mix that people are stating that AV is pretty much useless anyway (a google bod and an ex-FBI bod just recently) and you have a nice steaming pile to wade through.

Hacker: I made 160,000 printers spew out ASCII art around the world

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Adequate Pernicious Toerags.

I can't even be arsed thinking of something interesting to say.

Trump signs 'no privacy for non-Americans' order – what does that mean for rest of us?

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Feds cuff VW exec over diesel emissions scam

Oh Bother

More context

Interesting talk here that adds some details:


Remember that brightest supernova ever seen? It wasn't one

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Surely you mean ASSASSiNeated?

With due thanks to Ennesby :)

Good God, we've found a Google thing we like – the Pixel iPhone killer

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Onboard storage

I see they've copied apple for onboard storage too.

32 GB, probably not quite enough. Oh well, your only other choice is 128 GB.

Bug in Microsoft's StorSimple arrays can kill backups

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I dunno. This seems to perfectly sum up any service offered in the cloudy era.

Beauty site lets anyone read customers' personal information

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What does that site do/display when you enter in a valid email address?

Cyber-crime cost calculation studies are rubbish: ENISA

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Re: what does "per company" mean?

"Presumably they only apply to companies over a certain size?".

Most likely as the report is specific to CII "Critical Information Infrastructure ".

The definition of CII is taken from the Council Directive 2008/114/EC on the identification and designation of European Critical Infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection:‘’ICT systems that are Critical Infrastructures for themselves or that are essential for the operation of Critical Infrastructures (telecommunications, computers/software, Internet, satellites, etc.) “

Microsoft to rip up P2P Skype, killing native Mac, Linux apps

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Black Helicopters

Of dubious jurisdiction

It would seem that centralising Skype in this manner will allow Microsoft to offer Skype in various jurisdictions like Russia, India, Argentina et. al. with the ability to conform to local laws.

Argentina (or is it Brazil?) has an ongoing fight with Whatsapp over encrypted messages.

Russia has newish laws regarding content locality and, possibly, legal interception.

India has a pretty serious hatred of any encryption that it cannot break.

So the changes place Skype in a perfect position to play in all markets, including these.

Web backup biz Monster Cloud monstered after monster price hike

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Re: This is quite missleading

"Yes that's a big jump, but we tried our very best to keep users on the original prices & packages, users then told their friends or IT consultants got their new clients signed up and users were complaining why is user X paying less than we now do. So we have aligned our prices to make our service fair for all users."

So you screwed over the early customers who helped you to grow your business by advertising it for free to their families, friends and clients? Just because other complained they were having to pay more?

You really have no clue about building customer loyalty do you?

Whatever happened to ... Nest?

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Corporate Takeover

Seems like a pretty standard corporate takeover.

No real plan with what to do with it after the purchase and no clue what made it work in the first place.

AlphaGoo is nothing special in this space.

Sir Jony Ive, chief Apple doodler, promoted – into job he already has

Oh Bother

Chief Designer?

There is only 1:


Driverless cars deal death to Detroit, says Barclays

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Road tax?

What happens to road tax when fleets of driverless vehicles abound that you can own, lease, or per per use?

Will we then get per/Km charging for road use instead?

person a - 100Km commute, off peak £5

person b - 20Km shopping, off peak £1

child q - 20Km school run, school £0.50

person p - 5Km unknown, peak £5

Oh Bother

Re: Bollocks...

Multi-car families extend that rational by having two or more people that need a vehicle at the same time for different purposes with different destinations.

That is not going to change just because there are driverless cars.

Why not?

Driverless cars mean that you can commute to work. Once you're there the car THAT YOU OWN can then head home and pick your kid up and ferry said child to school.

What will happen in time is that companies/schools/whatever will get a little more flexible with their start and finish times to allow this to happen.

You may wish to own your own car, probably a long term lease rather than own outright, and that will still be permitted.

It'll just cost you more than pay per use unless your family usage pattern make the cost worthwhile.

But imagine if a company like Uber is running all this? Yuk.

Mad Max: Fury Road – two hours of nonstop, utterly insane fantasy action

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but good fun. See it in the biggest loudest screen you can find. Imax ideally :)

Nice to see the women kicking ass too.

Whizzy-fast Microsoft Azure Premium Storage now available. With a catch, natch

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I/O speed

You have IOPs and transfer rates. They are separate items and you need to compare both of them in order to get the best out of your azure premium storage choices. Cause the DS series VMs have certain limits for IOPs and transfer rates and the premium stroage options have their own limits.

Match them with care.

BYOD is NOT the Next Biggest Thing™: Bring me Ye Olde Lappetoppe

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I thought internet threats were intelligently designed.

Cuddly robots, whipsmart laughs and plenty of heart in Big Hero 6

Oh Bother

Rated PG

Summat to be aware of if you have young kids.

Video nasty: Two big bugs in VLC media player's core library

Oh Bother

Does he work

for Google?

Feds finger Norks in Sony hack, Obama asks: HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE KOREA?

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Cancelled cause it was crud.

Zero hedge are quoting Reuters who were quoting Elvis, no, sorry, some emails from the Sony hack saying the film was a bit of a stinker.

But it "stars" seth rogen so that was a given anyway.

The future looks bright: Prepare to be dazzled by HDR telly tech

Oh Bother

Marketing logo?


Give nerds their own PRIVATE TRAIN CARRIAGES, say boffins

Oh Bother

Trains ...

Double decker trains? Or are the bridges too low?

Juno what's just been released? OpenStack 10, that's what

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I;m waiting for Sword.

After the disappointment of Gold and the important missing features of Juno i suspect it'll be properly usable by the time Sword launches.

Our Vultures peck at new Doctor Who: Exterminate or, er ... carrion?

Oh Bother


Can we stop calling Dr Who science fiction?

It's so far through and beyond fantasy at this stage that it makes lord of the rings read like somethign from medieval history.

As for the Daleks, boring and overused.

But it's still reasonably enjoyable.

AVG stung as search revenue from freebie scanners dries up

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What app to use?

After reading this:


I'd not really advise anyone anymore.

The presentation slides are worth a skim.

New MH370 search zone picked using just seven satellite 'handshakes'

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Re: worth a watch

I'll echo Steve's comment.

That Horizon documentary is well worth a watch and covers a lot of the areas commented on so far.

RBS Group hopes £750m IT shakeup splurge will prevent next bank mainframe meltdown

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Those of us in the Republic of Ireland don't generally refer to ourselves as Brits ;)

Also, the major Ulster Bank outage here lasted close to 5 weeks, not a few days.

Bendy or barmy: Why your next TV will be curved

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If you need a new TV today, get a mid range Full HD box.

Cause, if memory serves, an article on El Reg recently mentioned that the 4K standard has not yet been finalised. So why would you even think of buying a 4K tv today, curved or not, if it could be rendered obsolete in less than a year.

Ten top stories from New Who

Oh Bother

Best scene is in Vincent and the Doctor, where the 3 are lying on the ground and Vincent describes what he sees. Then the CGI kicks in and transforms the night sky into one of his paintings. Really quite beautiful.

I'm going to add Turn Left into the mix. I did like Donna, no mawkishness from her :)

Oh, good call on The Doctor's Wife there.


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