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Amazon buys US healthcare chain One Medical for $3.9bn


Re: Doctors Wearing Performance Trackers and Peeing into Bottles

whats with the down votes! I think you are spot on.

To CAPTCHA or not to CAPTCHA? Gartner analyst says OK — but don’t be robotic about it


COME ON... do it programmically

COME ON... there really is NO need for captchas.

If the website programmer can not block bots programmically then they should not be creating the website. Check input client-side and also server-side then you have clean input ready to use/accept.

Trouble is we now have every Tom Dick and Harry with little know-how from "Specialist Design houses" creating fab online content, looks great but fails to deliver!

Elon Musk hits the brakes on taking Bitcoin for Tesla purchases


Re: Fake excuse

Bitcoin certainly is _NOT_ ecologically GREEN.

BUT to make such a comment nintendoeats must be super green!

Bitcoin Trading volume during last 24hours: $98,818,278,865

Musks pennies he has invested/now retracting?!? is not going to cause a collapse.

Namecheap hosted 25%+ of fake UK govt phishing sites last year – NCSC report


Re: "a 28.8 per cent share of known UK government-themed phishing sites"

is it just me or anyone else think of dido harding when reading that statement!

Bitcoin is ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ says famed investor Charlie Munger


Re: Insert meme here

Just like our wonderful FIAT money you mean....!

Marmite of scripting languages PHP emits version 8.0, complete with named arguments and other goodies


Re: Keep it up!

classis comment! Love it: "... old shiny no longer being supported, maintainable or recruitable."

And "recruitable" really should be a real word.

UK reveals new 'National Cyber Force', announces Space Command and mysterious AI agency


Re: World beating!!!

I remember that sketch - and yes it really was like that even by the end of 1999 to fill tech positions to help fix the millennium-bug. The numpty manager hired two who did not even know how to format a floppy, essential at that time, those were the days...

Test and Trace chief Dido Harding prompted to self-isolate by NHS COVID-19 app


Re: Plenty more dog food needed

Dido: "what do you mean! The probability was checked thoroughly and each time it confirmed we would be paid without delay. Anyone for caviar dears."


Cheap as chips this track and trace

Boris has received a txt to self isolate, "now so have I", says the waster Dido I-lost-all-talktalk-customer-data-to-hackers Harding.

"This track and trace I made is absolutely FAB".

Well peasants that cost us all £12Billion to txt two of the virus! Just for publicity....?

Mysterious metadata monster swamped Google’s blobs and crashed its cloud


Tough when things go wrong, but who cares when its Google, not me!

What a shame for the monopoly! Oh, those poor businesses that depend on Google.

Tough, hope the cascade exacerbates. Nice to hear they have an issue. Thanks TheRegister :-)

Your business suffering, tough, use a local independent and stop selling your company's soul.

Google UK were on the News this morning rabbiting on about how they wish to promote LOCAL businesses:

"there has been increased searches for local produce on our search engines, so we wish to promote those businesses..."

What a load of tosh, just out for some free press, the reporter did well with his question:

"But Google could help by paying its fair share of TAX?"

and the Google marketing kid stumbled through with the usual we pay what is required in the country.... bah bah...

You had one job... Just two lines of code, and now the customer's Inventory Master File has bitten the biscuit


Re: Adding a comment sometimes caused compile failure

interesting - even spread of up and down votes! Do we have an even number of men to women?

What's a Google Play? Huawei talks up fledgling AppGallery store, shows off another voice assistant with a female name


Very clever: "Oh Ce-Celia, I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please to phone home".

May Day! PM sacks UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson for Huawei 5G green-light 'leak'


It is May...

May you can "go away and shut up"!

Boffins debunk study claiming certain languages (cough, C, PHP, JS...) lead to more buggy code than others


Re: Impossible question

"You often don't know that your code is buggy until it's exploited..."

Well said (while others above praise there code without REALLY knowing!).

Publish your code as open source and you soon find out where the exploits are.

Bruce Schneier: You want real IoT security? Have Uncle Sam start putting boots to asses


Re: IOT is only going to grow as an issue long term

found a reference to the MIST:


Along with Clouds and FOG, just to make it a little more clear!


Re: IOT is only going to grow as an issue long term

Mist is not German in this meaning but English, its not a cloud but a small network: MIST


IOT is only going to grow as an issue long term

I have been to talks where the possibility of using IOT being used to potentially piggy-back connections/data and thus creating a local cloud (or "MIST" as I recall it termed).

Security will not improve unless as Schneier suggests:

"improved security without being told [to do so] by the government"

and the MIST could end up another playground for extortionists/malware/viruses/trojans...

Berners-Lee takes flak for 'hippie manifesto' that only Google and Facebook could love


"...the Greatest Living Briton..."

"...the Greatest Living Briton..."

thanks for the heads-up reminder.

Hackers seed StatCounter with nasty JavaScript in elaborate Bitcoin cyber-heist caper


Re: JavaScript far to powerful

@druck you are just "TWO" critical!

Maybe put yourself in safemode so you can handle the unstable environment you find yourself currently within.

Web Foundation launches internet hippie manifesto: 'We've lost control of our data, it is being used against us'



+1 for knowing that Geocities was not just a new computer game! I must say tripod.Lycos was better.


Re: The 'good' old days

> "...with access being in the 56kbps, we were LUCKY to have flames, I barely raised smoke :oP"

YOU WERE LUCKY! All we had was 28Kbps, no smoke at that snail speed, when it stayed connected that is...

China tells Trump to use a Huawei phone to avoid eavesdroppers


re: All I can say, is I’m less embarrassed when listening to Rap Music.

>All I can say, is I’m less embarrassed when listening to Rap Music.

you have Donald.

Where as we in the UK have Brexit.


Holy ship! UK shipping biz Clarksons blames megahack on single point of pwnage


Where is the encryption again???

No mention it was encrypted, therefore, we can safely say it wasn't.

Raw data free for the taking yet again.


Re: Copies

whats a backup?

Insecure web still too prevalent: Boffins unveil HSTS wall of shame


just noticed at number 114 we have..... dah dah.... dailymail.co.uk

Not as if anyone is really interested!

Its at the top for the UK:


And I never knew it was such an important website.

Web biz DomainFactory confirms: We were hacked in January 2018


STOP storing personal/sensitive data in plain text

This type of data should be encrypted in the db, then it is far more difficult for the hacks to get the raw data WHOLESALE.

All too often seems they hack the db and have all the data they need as its stored in plain text.

ENCRYPT personal/sensitive data and avoid this (or at least make it more difficult by encrypting it).

Namecheap users rage at domain transfer pain, but their supplier Enom blames... er, GDPR?


Why would anyone give even more control to google? (just asking)


Not always a registrar issue

This is not all the registrars fault/issue (I have yet to find the perfect registrar).

I have been moving lots of .co.uk domains around for over 2 decades. I have learned to never move a domain until you have confirmed you have control of it.

BEFORE TRANSFERRING: Get your arse to Nominet, login (currently here: https://registrants.nominet.org.uk/app/ ) and check you can manage the domain. Then if issues occur during the transfer you can more easily correct them.

Twitter: No big deal, but everyone needs to change their password


THIS could be start of something much bigger?

How many companies are using Twitter for the entry to their own systems? The knock-on affect will be big.

What about the others using Facebook (or facefarce), or google, etc. if, more likely when, they are compromised the ripple will grow to a tsunami.

No password? No worries! Two new standards aim to make logins an API experience


Re: So if I understand this correctly?

I think the centralisation is the issue here, not the method...

UK.gov told: Draw up code of practice for cops bulk-slurping car plates


and what about GDPR? Or will that not apply to the flatfoot retained data?

It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs



Now we are all bricking it, in more ways than one.

Google slides text message 2FA a little closer to the door


Re: embrace... extend... bloat?

Why are so many down-voting nagyeger? Are they SO SHORT-MINDED! Wake up people.

Ex-TalkTalk chief grilled by MPs on suitability to chair NHS Improvement


Re: Someone has been bribed or blackmailed...

Continued nepotism within the NHS will kill this great health service. And now to see it coming from within our government is a sad day...

British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda


These jobs are for "local people" so get your hands off the precious things!

Sorry - could not resist, as graphic used is from The League of Gentlemen.

Reg Programming Compo: 22 countries, 137 entries and... wow – loads of Python


Re: Fortran 90 "weird?" I don't think so.

first time I have have heard "Smalltalk" mentioned in 20yrs!

PHP use is dropping but smalltalk was never hardly used:


Government regulation will clip coders' wings, says Bruce Schneier


Re: I perfectly agree with Schneier

"I am already dead against IoT and I will ensure that neither my fridge nor my toaster nor anything but my PC will ever, ever be connected."

What about your smartphone? Oh yes thats OK!

What about your TV? Oh, forgot about that, what else too....

Google UK coughs up £130m back taxes. Is it enough?


they are walking over us!

no one ever consider the number of other companies now gone and struggling due to this mammoth monopoly moving into all parts of our lives?

Just think of the majority of marketing-spend, £billions, is now going to google, previously (I mean 15 to 20 yrs ago), local and national newspapers could earn good returns from adverts places, this has now mostly gone. Gone to google.

As we know other Int. companies are going the same too, Amazon, etc.

To be allowed to do this while paying just pennies in tax is criminal and our tax laws must be changed.

A first look at Google’s Android Studio 1.0: Climbing out of the Eclipse kitchen sink


Netbeans has improved, worth a look again if you have not tried it within the last couple of year.

But like all IDEs they take some getting used too - a bit like a woman their idiosyncrasies can drive you mad...

'Dropbox passwords' for sale are all EXPIRED: Bitcoin buyers beware


at last someone else with a brain.

TrueCrypt hooked to life support in Switzerland: 'It must not die' say pair


Re: "Perhaps we will never know"

No sure I agree with you about them stopping due to whinging users, but I do definitely agree they should pay or "they can just feck off".

We're making too much say CryptoLocker scum in ransom price cut


Re: If the spam problem were reduced, then this would be reduced, too

>"My own suggestion remains integrated multi-round anti-spammer tools that would allow volunteers to disrupt >every part of the spammers' infrastructure "

YOU OBVIOUSLY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE! Any volunteers would not have the expertise to correctly report the REAL culprits. Totally clueless comment!

Chinese Bitcoin exchange disappears, along with £2.5m


Re: Plus ça ne change jamais

You and me, we are all just people.

Theres Nowt querer than folk lad!


WOW what a lot of ignorant comments!

This happened over 2 weeks ago and the price of bitcoin still continues to rise: