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Nvidia unveils credit card-sized 'supercomputer' for portable AI



Is this the real life pre-cursor to the terminator chip?

Boffins build billion-synapse, three-watt 'brain'


Maybe this is not Sky Net, but it does feel like its one step closer!

NASA to programmers: Save the Earth and fatten your wallet


This may seem selfish, but $1400 doesn't seem a fire price for saving the planet.

Japanese fanboi first in queue for, er, iPhone 6


Idiot! Nuff said.

P.S. He is on the wrong side of the road from the Apple store.

Better late than never: Monster 15-core Xeon chips let loose by Intel


Re: I want two of these!

I hope that's not at work!


Re: Windows 2008R2

Actually I was! And if I hadn't learn my lesson then, I was installing SharePoint 2013 this week and if discovered that it does not run on Windows 2012r2. Yes, that no mistake, the SharePoint installer tells you at the end, in true to form MS style!

VMware hyper-converge means we don't need no STEENKIN' OS...


This is not that different to mainframes. Things have come full circle ;)

Sinclair's ZX Spectrum to LIVE AGAIN!


What the...

This make no sense as the ZX Spectrum's keyboard was the worst part of the computer, so why on earth would anyone want the keyboard as a bluetooth keyboard for a modern device? The romantics have spoken, and clearly they do!

Darth Vader outs self as iPhone fanboi


Mac Attac

The triangle grill on the front of Vader' face mask looks like the triangle heat sink in the new Mac Pro. Coincidence or further evidence of the dark side connection?

WHO ate all the PIs? Sales of Brit mini-puter pass 2 MEELLION


i thought it was amazing when that sold 3.1415 units

Microsoft fears XP could cause Indian BANKOCALYPSE


call centre's offline

the good news is that all the India call centres will also shutdown in 100 days :)



Don't worry millions of unsold Surface RT units are being shipped to save you ;)

Calling all PSYCHICS and ball-gazers: Can YOU predict a Microsoft strategy?


Bill is off spending all the money he overcharged us for during the 1990's; so of course it gone to shit at MS. They are trying to be all thing to all devices.

iPad 4 is so OVER: 5 times as many fanbois now using iPad Air - survey


Re: I suppose...

150 pages of PowerPoint! If you can't see what is wrong with that, you should be fired!


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