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Desperate MS flaunts UNDEAD SPLAT TALLY to pep Xbox One fans


Bit spooky

Am I the only one concerned with the amount of data collected. Hours played is OK but the number of kills in a single person game.........

How long before we get the NSA/FBI on our doorstep because we played the terrorists in Counter Strike....

Microsoft bans XXXXBOX gamers for CURSING in online combat


Now correct me if I am wrong but...

Isn't there a content protection system in the console that allows parents to add "kids" accounts and control what level of videos and games they play/watch, that even links into the bluray age certificates....

If that's the case then why not just set an age limit on the videos when swearing is detected?

As for games, if a parent buys a kid an age inappropriate game, or fails to set up content protection then complains about swearing, MS can simply tell them to @@@@ off!

MPAA, RIAA: Kids need to learn 3 Rs – reading, writing and NO RIPPING


Teaching law is a good thing....

Just not a special interest groups interpretation of that law.

Yes teach kids about copyright, why it exists, etc. Then explain how the law is being abused to fill the pockets of big business, how little artists and writers are paid, how the take down notice system is being abused and the use of automated bots is damaging creativity.

Yep, teach the kids, but teach them ALL SIDES of the argument!

Of course the first step is to actually decide what the law is and how it should be applied. Part of the problem is that the pace of innovation has overtaken the pace of change in the law

Personal web and mail server for Raspberry Pi seeks cash


Re: Been there, done that

Any Raspi distro, of course. I've done it under arch, which is the most cut down of Linux dsitros


Been there, done that

There are enough very simple distros out there to do this.

This is really a setup task rather than a product.

Just download any linux distro, follow the setup for its apache component and download iredmail, a mix of other open sources apps that installs a functioning mail server in 5 minutes. Its not the best mail server out there and is really just a marketing technique for their other products but it works for small scale mail server.

To be honest, you really should install this stuff manually so that you know how to handle linux and the other software. Otherwise you can end up with massive security holes or major failures.

As for IPv4, its actually pretty simple. You just use dynddns, most ISPs router firmware supports dyn's login making a dynamic IP no problem. You just have to use your ISP to send mail as most mail servers treat mail from dynamic IPs as spam.


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