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Ging gang cloudy? IBM programmer packs it in for life as an online Scouts badge-tracker


As someone who has worked in IT for some 30 years and a Scout Leader for the past 20+ years, I started using OSM a little over a year ago and it is fantastic. Record keeping before OSM was a nightmare ... Poor and long since gone Scout association systems, then leader developed Spreadsheets, good but manual effort,... Then along came OSM, from updating the register on an iPad during the meeting, tracking badges , accounts, events, automatic emailing to parents including reminders for those who have not responded..... The list goes on

So why are the Scout Association writing their own? Who knows, it's the young people who pay 'subs' that pays for it. Apart from it will be 'free' to use, I can't see it overtaking OSM in features and have no plans to move away from OSM


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