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Backup software for HDD and Cloud


Re: Backup? Or just a copy?

"Backup" as a marketing term is ambiguous. In its conventional technical sense it's just a reserved copy of a data. You drag-and-drop a file to another location, it's a backup. When you store multiple past copies it's not "backup" per se, but "archiving" and it's just a form of a "backup strategy".


Been there, do this

Map your cloud storage to a drive letter and then the backup becomes a matter of copying files locally, from C:\ to the mapped drive. So then just let Google Drive or Dropbox do what they do well - talk to their servers and use another program to handle the local copying.

I have this setup and I am using Bvckup 2 as a copier. I've been using it since it was in private beta and I can't recommend it high enough. It can update files using delta copying (skipping over unchanged parts) and cut down backup to a fraction of time. An incredible little program.

Encrypted flash drives


Well, that entirely depends on how exactly the stick is encrypted and whether the encryption format is open and/or if there is API for manipulating encrypted content.

Are you asking if there are encryption options that would allow for that? If so, yes there are. For example, you can use TrueCrypt to format a USB stick as an encrypted volume, mount it as needed and move data back and forth. Furthermore, if you are looking to obscure and hinder the access, you can take TrueCrypt sources and change them to access the volume from your app directly, without mounting it. It all really depends. Your question is just way to general.