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I've had it with these mother-fscking slaps on this mother-fscking plane: Flight fight sparks legal brouhaha over mid-air co-ords


Its the airlines fault

The airlines should install seat locks on the back of each seat. The person seated behind you must release the lock for you to recline your seat. This would eliminate the issue. You must ask nicely to recline but if the person behind wants to use his tray then you cannot invade his space.

Galaxy is CRAMMED with EARTH-LIKE WORLDS – also ALIENS (probably)


Re: Cool..but also oddly disturbing

The switch to low power cellular spread spectrum with a range of only a few miles has taken about 100 years we are nearly invisible from background noise now soon we will be. if we never send a beacon to the planets that might be listening it is unlikely that they will ever notice we are here. Maybe good maybe bad. I still believe that any society that develops interstellar space travel must develop technology that would free them from physical want. In other words if you can feed yourself and keep all your equipment running for the time it takes to reach another star you will have the ability to convert matter into energy and back at will and therefore can make anything needed when needed and recycle everything. With that kind of technology the only thing that matters is art and society. No one needs a job because the machines can make anything and everything.

Probably not as wonderful as it might sound, With no challenges left most people would die of boredom.


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