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Duke Nukem Forever developer defunct, says staffer


@ daniel re: nostalga

dont forget that the original quake ran like a dog on the same systems that duke would play quite happily.

quake: any more than 5 or 6 bad guys in a room and most computers of the time would crawl, (no more than 3 onscreen at any one time) unless you had a bajillion quid for a 3d accellerator card (gl quake gasp!), thats what made quake death match suck in the long term... that and all the brown... and the lag...

duke: streets that looked sorta like streets, "many" bad guys, the same juvinile humour that has kept GTA, south park, bevis and buthead et al solvent for decades (well 1, anyway), i mean a lot of us *were* teenage boys then, and we were the only ones playing computer games, or at least the only ones that would pay to see cartoon strippers.

as for comparisons to ABBA, most of the music of theirs that is around now has been filtered by years of people forgetting about the rubbish. (how many albums full of songs? how many songs could we name?)

so yes, the ai was crap (as with all fps till half life), the graphics were pixely even by the standards of the time, but all that was swept away when Duke would pipe up with a "witty" comment, or the many comedy deaths that could be caused.

(Hell, even the bugs could be funny, like how duke could kick with his right foot and left foot *at the same time* and remain standing.)

Google hires goat army for lawn maintenance


in before...


i aint afraid of no goats.



DARPA gives Cal Tech boffin $6m 'to save Moore's Law'


@ac 1549

i can mostly see this affecting yield. A process decrease that is beyond the current realms of profitability could be made viable if the yield were increased.

the question is, does the potential die shrink/speed increase outweigh the increase in overhead? (routing will be a nightmare)

*points to the number of transistors required to implement pipelines/superscalerblah*

slighty OT , this could be used in an fpga type scenario where whole areas of the chip could be reconfigured *on the fly*

no fpu? no problem! but give me a nanosecond to change these banks of sram... what dya mean you want to keep those?

VeriSign remedies massive SSL blunder (kinda, sorta)



"an email concerning cert renewal..."

phishing bonanza

Ruling makes it easier to get software patents in the UK


nothing is patentable, because everything comes back to maths.

geometry of a new fangled mechanism? (cough dysons big yellow ball cough)

chemistry of a gene targeing drug?

if the patent in question is a *new* optimisation technique that pushes the state of the art, then it should be allowed to be patented. If it is as others have said and is just dll injection by another name, then no. If however, it mereley uses dll injection as part of a larger mechanism, then maybe.

@ "permutation is not invention"

permutation of cogs and gears = difference engine not an invention

permutation of GACT = dna = genetic engineering not an invention

permutaion of filament/coatings = edisons light bulb not an invention

This issue i have with software patents as seen in the us, is that many of them fail the non obvious test. One click ordering? Automatically filling in forms?

Just because an invention is contained within a computer program, it does not mean it should be automatically denied a patent.

See also:

that bloke who uses genetic algorythms to find new (cheaper) ways of building complex circuits... and then patents them. Quite rightly. What the hell are genetic algorythms if not a form of permutaion?

First Android phone to retail for $199


re: new name for google phone.


(can be pronounced goo-bull or goo-<stomatch fluid>. Though i like the sound of the latter (gurgle))


Goggle +3g =4g =gggg

I wonder what the gooey will look like.


Say hi to Haumea - our fifth dwarf planet



+1 insightful

IT pay jumps as skills gap widens


@Simon Ward et al

Thanks for your responses,

I didn't mean that i wanted to bail because I'm not learning about the current fad, its more that the course is *heavilly* java biased (with a few nods to lisp and shell scripting), and that kind of makes me a one trick pony. Even if i was very good at it, it limits my options.

I do take the point about path of least resistance. When I see entry level junior web developer position being advertised for 18k+ it is tempting to get a brain dump certificate and try to blag the interview. (speaking as someone who is on essentially min wage.) In reality, it won't prepare me for the job, and a paraphrased "sacked for being rubbish" is not something i want appearing on my C.V.

Id like to do both, as AC said, but then money becomes a worry (paying for myself @ uni and all that) although there are obviously people worse off than I am. I'll have to see how it goes, and yikes, work hard. :)

Thanks again for your responses.


will code for bandwidth

i have half a degree in software engineering, and im considering dropping out to form my own business.

Not to make money, but merely to have a portfolio to show when i apply for a proper job.

Why should i finish when the course is almost completely java based. Im not being taught about pointers, or c# or mfc etc. I get extra marks for using collections and/or swing ffs.

I would work for £6 an hour (short term) if it got my foot on the ladder.

Any advice?

P.s. Sorry about the typos, am writing this from my phone.

Driving some value into Google's Street View


@ 4a$$Monkey

wasnt there a story a while ago about how the russian cold war maps of britain were better than the OS?


Microsoft criticizes EU's 'unreasonable' judgement

Paris Hilton

re: bribing multiple countries at once...

this is how we were going to pay for galileo :P

then the cost estimates ballooned, so we had to fine them to get the money (after acepting the bribes, of course ;-) )


Prius hybrid to get rooftop solar panel

Paris Hilton

slightly related... doubling fuel economy using off the shelf parts...

a while ago, i was watching that american news show that gets broadcasted on bbc news 24 (abc tonight? summat like that), with a human interest story about:

"how a high school dropout has found a way to double the mileage of his car - using off the shelf parts"

intrigued, i continued to watch... basically hed SWAPPED HIS PETROL ENGINE FOR A DIESEL one!!! and this made the f***ing news?!!! He was being hailed as some kind of genius?!!!! unfortunately i was alone at the time so i couldn't rant

(in other news, water = wet, pope = catholic, other daily wail "state of the countries edumacation" headlines (except american not uk)... although to be fair. a good quote from TP said something like: "it isn't the british who think americans are dumb, its *american* editors"),

i merely rolled my eyes. a lot.

paris. because she rolls a lot as well.

The Moderatrix will see you now


metal, arse antlers, and other stories


i thought the scruffies and eddies crowd never got on... (when the bennefit gig was announced in scruffies the dj played "sway" by coal chamber) ...or am i confusing them with snobs/ramshackle?

re: arse antlers

no. Heavyness of music does not affect them. However, the number of tats in *other* places does indeed increase, although you see the metalwork first. Arse antlers tend to be on the ones who like normal fashion, and are trying out the goth look for a weekend.... what dya mean that was flame bait? :P

Other Stories:

i got half a degree in software engineering (cough java for dummies cough). am stuck in a non it job. should i jump ship and try to get a proper programming job? or waste another year to finish the degree, then get told i cant get a job because i dont have any experience?

Any advice on trying to put a software portfolio together vs finishing the degree?


UK abandons train and tube scanners

Paris Hilton

Re: Hospital analogy

banning/restricting cars in favour of mass public transport


closing smaller outlying hospitals in favour of city hospitals

erm... not only does the analogy work, but is a fair assesment of a lot (all?) of government policies.

lets try it with other issues

post offices



prolifferation of WMD

OMG the gummint only has one policy!!!

centralise then outsource.

mines the one without the spellchecker, ta.

British Columbia stray foot tally hits six


The washing machine that is the ocean...

you can never find a matching pair when you need to.

'Wii workout' for overweight pupils plan slammed

Thumb Up

another +1 with Richard

@ neil

its a chore for us larger kids as well :), thus the plus 1 for richard.

Anything that makes exercise more fun is a winner imho, Sprinting after a ball till your chest hurts, while being shoved around by brutes - sorry - "normal" kids was not my idea of fun then, nor now.

Although if your going to use the wii, then perhaps a light cardio vascular workout (ie aerobics), would be better?

most of the equipment isnt exacty 200 quid per person (not including broken remotes/tellys) and most of the pressure is taken off if the freaks - sorry - "healthy" kids are off doing a seperate activity more suited to their bloodlust - sorry - "level of fitness".

Perl.com sends visitors to porn link farm


re: 2 comments, one at By yeah, right, one at the author

"Um, so the way you browse, you couldn't use google maps? You almost had me convinced, but sorry can't limit my browsing that much."

With noscript you can allow scripts to run by domain, or can temp allow scripts by domain for 1 session.

so add "maps.google.com" (or .co.uk or whatever) to your allow list and your sorted.


Plan for 20mph urban speed-cam zones touted


@ David Wiernicki

>That's a joke, right? That's a bit urging people to save electricity, and telling

>them they should "buy a smaller TV. Do you really need 14"?".

nope, no joke. although the cutoff point could be negotiated. A 1.4 "normal" sized car (escort, R200, etc) can do 100 pretty easily. While taking into account the size of the vehicle, there gets to a point where your only buying a bigger engine cus it goes broom louder and faster.

A 2L largish saloon i would count as a nippy car. 1.8? more like a family car. Id probably go up to 3L before id go from nippy to silly (others thoughts are welcome here).

If your always lugging equipment about, then bigger - obviously - for vans and things. - but a "Clelsea Tractor" for the school run? nah. A 2 seater sports as your regular car? nah. moaning about petrol prices when your getting <10 miles per gallon in the car that probably costs a quarter of what my house is worth. nah.

To compare to your analogy, its more like that bit in the IT crowd where moss and roy are "too close" to the screen. Yes he could have got a more apropriately sized telly, but this ones a bigger/cooler penis extention than the mere 32 inch one.

@Matthew Robinson

"shouldnt we all just get along"

yes - with the exception of chavs. (both in cars and on bikes)


@ Steven Hewitt - Mostly Balls

>He's off his rocker. I have better things to do than drive through a village with

> 12 people in it doing 20mph at 10:30 at night after being at the office since >6:00 in the morning.

10:30 kids in bed geing woke up by some twat doing 50 past their bedroom window with his stereo pumping. not to mention the lack of visibilty when the car rounds the corner at the ends of the (narrow) lane. (both entering and exiting)

>Speed doesn't kill - stupidity on the roads does.... we should just be weeding

>out the dickheads who can't drive.

Like the ones who drive too fast?

>1. Driving test must be taken every 10 years

The ability to pass a test does not mean you drive correctly, it justs means you *could* drive correctly. Have you met a chav? taxi driver? ALthough i would agree that over the course of 10 years the rules change enough to warrant a retest.

>2. When you have your bus pass handed to you, the above changes to every

>5 years.

So the more cautious (ie better) drivers get penalised? Yes, check older people for decline in eye sight or whatever, but thinking people need to retake their test because they are doing WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED to be doing? Like keeping within the speed limit? actually going round a mini roundabout properly?

>3. If you don't pay road tax you can't use the road.

Heh yeah, price road tax based on the size of the engine. So cyclists = £0 kinda like now... what about horses? does that count as 1 horse power?

>4. Better management for slower vehicles.

During those hours, seeing how everone is stuck in traffic. shouldnt you count cars with that? Even when the tractor driver puls over, it just means your getting to the next traffic jam quicker. 10 mins behind a tractor shouldn't ruin your plans for the day. (half an hour on the other hand...) See also my comments on overtaking.

5. Less signs, but make the current ones more bloody accurate!!

What like a 30 limit and big speed camera sign lit up like a christmas tree, paired up with (father down the road) multiple sets of skid marks before the lines in the road? How many times do people need telling?

6. Relax speeding. Motorways should NEVER have speed cameras...Why restrict me? There's no other sod around and I'm confident that I can drive.

So are the chavs, and more importantly the only other person around might be doing 40 (in a 50-due-to-roadworks) and is around that bend your doing 90 down.

>7. Harsher penalties for careless driving. GPS, Smoking and using the radio are all crap reasons. I mean if you're on the phone without a handsfree and plough into a stationary lorry.

Ok i agree. include overtaking multiple vehicles at once on a normal road (one lane each way), overtaking while on a blind bend etc.

>8. Make things like Pass Plus compulsory as part of the test. If people get given a licence to drive on motorways and at night then they need to include at least the theory in the test.

OK i agree with that one


Buy a smaller engine. Do you really need 2L? No. You just want it cus its fun and cool and goes broom a lot louder. While i would agree we are taxed up to the hilt, the ones that tend to moan the loudest are the ones the tax is supposed to target.

China plans spaceport number 4


re: all i want to know is

Thunderbird 5 is a space station... watch the skies ;-)

BAE demos DSL-esque military radio protocol


@ Bert

Dada? Defence against the dark arts?

Think it might be gaga or kaka.

as for internet on fighters, anyone else get the mental image of a fighter pilot playing top gun (in emu) while on a mission...(hopefully with autopilot on)

Pentagon chief: no more oil for blood, man


moochohol vs mushrolium vs...

with all these "alternative" fuels apparently on the horizon, its a wonder we need to worry about the oil situation at all...

Hurry up Mr Fusion!!!

so then we can worry about the helium3 situation instead.

its a good job were friendly with the russi- oh... wait... :S

Council worker develops PC energy-saving program


You can imagine the conversation...

beancounter: we spend to much on leccy. our fellow golf club members

are laughing at us. The BBC says our computers waste power

while they're not in use!!! How did we not know this!!!

Something must be done!!!

head of it: beancounters are moaining, make them stop.

I know, lets set up a training scheme and send

little notes to people about "saving energy".

yeah, that'll work.

sysadmin: <sarcasm>

yes, because our users are reliable people who care more

about the environment than being on msn before 9:01am?


head of it: that doesnt matter, as long as it looks like were doing


sysadmin: about that pay raise...

H.IT/BC togethr: its not in the budget.

sysadmin: RIGHT THEN!!!

and the rest as they say is history...

dammit!! spotted the BOFH refference...!!!

and i thought i was being so witty :)

pub in 3?

Second Life gets its first copyright law suit


paypal *is* a bank apparently

i stand corrected:



just to add...

the paypal ballance was a faux pas on my part, but the rest of my post stands.

market value of a tradeable comodity - and the comparison to war-torn nations currency. As long as people treat it like it has value, then it has value (and also an associated loss in this case)

MPs call for British manned space flight



The UK already has an L5 colony.

Its called Canada :)

Water found on extrasolar planet


needs silicon for sandy beaches... :)

as for skimpies, in the long shot that all the females are like the ones kirk was snogging all the time... no skimpies = saggy bits... :(

and with the planet being so close to their sun, they'll probably have a tan*, which means they'll get arrested at the spaceport when you try get your mail order** bride home.

*or be green, and/or have an accent

**mail order = interplexing beacon, obviously.


water content of alcaholic drinks

water is the main component of of most alcoholic drinks. probably the equipment isnt sensitive enough (yet) to pick out lambrini from babysham. only stout has thus far been eliminated. ;)

as for religion vs science, its a question of data matching the model. just because a scientist from a few hundred years ago was wrong about... say.... the orbit of mercury, doesnt make the whole of science wrong, it just requires a revision of the model.

the religious establishment fought the round-earth-helio-centric lot for a long time, saying that this "wrong" data didnt match thier dogmatic model. for most people this model has now been revised.

religion doesnt prove religion in general wrong any more than religion can prove sceince wrong. ie the existense of a god cannot be proven or disproven, and disproving particular religious axioms does not disprove religion any more than disproving a scientific theory disproves science.

hows about the global warming denyers/scaremongers as a modern example?

ultimately science is just another religion.