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Microsoft’s Azure mishap betrays an industry blind to a big problem

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Re: rm -r *

I actually did this on /usr on a running AIX [cant remember but it was either 5.3, 61. or 7.1] host. The OS stayed running and we were able to rebuild the whole system from there. [We had backups, but this was a test to see what we could do if we didnt have any backups].

Was surprised by the fact the whole thing kept running.

Oracle verifies Java licensing tools from Flexera and Lime Software

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Re: Oracle has killed the golden goose

We actually moved to Corretto in the end.

When oracle came and told us they were going to charge us for all our Java, we decided to move _everything_ away from oracle. Every java and other oracle software [there was a lot] is gone. We are down to under a hundred DB cores, and this was many multiples of this. Our Oracle licensing cost was multiple millions /mo.

Now they cant believe that we have dumped 98% of our bill. When they came to try to sell us OCI they were told get in the f***ing sea.

California passes bill requiring salary ranges on job listings

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Re: Will this actually help ?

Send them a mail stating under GDPR they are to purge your data. If they contact you again, you will report them, and are awaiting confirmation of this email.

Apple update approach 'not realistic' in enterprise, but login 'shim' gets thumbsup

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Re: Stop pissing about

My company has been using JAMF for MACs since I started about 4 years ago and it seems to do everything they require.

IBM quietly announces Power-powered private cloud in a rack to 'evolve' your apps

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Re: Stop pissing about

Last time i was doing AIX about 5/6 years ago we implemented a tool called PowerVM.

Basically you added your SANs and Switches [we used both v7000 and the AFA FS9000], added your Power Systesm [775s and 795s], VIOServers and it was all in a web interface. You could spin out AIX LPARs in a few minutes.

It basically felt like OpenStack on Power.

It was pretty cool to use if you were an old school unix admin.

AWS catches up to Azure and GCP with CloudShell, adds deliberate injection of chaos

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Re: Stop pissing about

Move to SSO and use the inbuilt token system with an AWS profile [we moved from IAM users to this about 9mo ago].

We also use aws2-wrap to put a wrapper around terraform and it works great:

aws2-wrap --profile sso-mytestacc --exec "terraform11 init -get-plugins=false"

Zoom strong-armed by US watchdog to beef up security after boasting of end-to-end encryption that didn't exist

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Teams is a pile of crap, both for messaging and conferences. We moved from slack&zoom to Teams and it feels like we are gone back to the stone age.

Microsoft Q4 sales up, profit down, shares down. More importantly, someone reboot the CEO. He keeps repeating 'tech intensity' over and over

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Re: Stop pissing about

Teams is a pile of shit compared to slack. About as useful as a soup sandwich

Alibaba Cloud revenue grows 62% – but it's still just a sixth the size of AWS

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Re: Stack it high. Sell it higher.

AWS revenue doesnt include amazon marketplace/tatbazaar.

IBM cuts deep into workforce – even its Watson and AI teams – as it 'pivots' to cloud

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Re: Duff batch spotted

When i was last working on power about 5 years ago i set up PowerVM with a number of Power795s, FlashSystem9000s and Storwisev7000s.

It was basically OpenStack on Power connecting directly to the SANs and the HMCs/LPARs and it was fantastic for our environment being able to spin new dev envs in extremely short times as opposed to the normal nonsense. Never got to try to do production loads with it, as i left the company due to manglement being a bunch of jackasses, but it was a valid in-house platform for us anyway.

Honor MagicBook 14: Nice keyboard and ports aplenty – but with a webcam forever fixed on all of your chins

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Re: Sure, USB-C is way more versatile

New work supplied macbook. Using pock app to replace the bar with what i want including esc

A chief technology officer in a time of COVID-19: Keep calm and make the most of the whole business suddenly realising how important IT is

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Re: Duff batch spotted

Split tunnelling is the answer. However some companies, mine included see that as a security risk.....

Google product boss cuffed on suspicion of murder after his Microsoft manager wife goes missing, woman's body found, during Hawaii trip

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He should know the best place to hide a body is page two of Google search results. No one ever goes there.

Curse of Boeing continues: Now a telly satellite it built may explode, will be pushed up to 500km from geo orbit

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Well, well, well. Internet-of-Things speaker biz Sonos to continue some software support for legacy kit after all

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Re: Strange

Winamp with remote control on a Palm Treo 650.

'No BS' web host Gandi lives up to half of its motto... Some customer data wiped out in storage server meltdown

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Re: Interesting

Could you point me at it? I had a 10tb 4disk array fail a disk. During resilver second disk failed. Powered it off to deal with when i have time as it is not super critical.

Snakes on a wane: Python 2 development is finally frozen in time, version 3 slithers on

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Re: Duff batch spotted

See IPv6

I'm still not that Gary, says US email mixup bloke who hasn't even seen Dartford Crossing

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I get this crap all the time

I get emails from a stupid left-pondian for all sorts of crap. I am in Ireland. Hotel bookings, car bookings, flight bookings, school details, his daughters dance company, etc

For about 3 or so years.

A lof of the time, these contain personal information, most of which if it was me, I wouldnt like out there.

I originally tried to be nice, but the fuc*tard kept doing it. Now I respond to bookings with "I assume my card has been scammed as I did not book this", and to his school groups etc with "Tell the f**king numpty this is supposed to be addressed to to stop using my email." Generally with a reply all as they dont seem to know how to use BCC, and also just to show what a muppet he is.

SPARCs fly as Oracle recharges Arm server processor designer Ampere with $40m

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Huge? Tbh i havent heard of anyone running their redhat rip off.

Big Purple Hat is on as IBM closes acquisition of enterprise Linux firm

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Re: Abandon Ship...

"Compile the source for whatever software package into an RPM yourself, and go... I do it all the time when I need some software customized a bit differently"

The app-streams in RHEL8 should take away a lot of that pain :P

UK privacy watchdog threatens British Airways with 747-sized fine for massive personal data blurt

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Re: Trivial to mitigate

Any kind of FIM should have picked this up.

Hipster yap app chaps Slack finally strap into NYSE: Shares of 'WORK' open at $38.50 apiece

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Re: Duff batch spotted

Obligatory XKCD:


Hate your IT job? Sick of computers? Good news: An electronics-frying Sun superflare may hit 'in next 100 years'

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Re: there is some possibility that we could experience such an event in the next 100 years

Actually, according to the acclaimed documentary "Iron Sky 2", Hitler actually lives in the center of the Earth and rides around on the back of a T-Rex.

Freaky photo flingers face fat fines for flagrant phallus flashing fun

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Re: Duff batch spotted

There has been a shop here in Dublin [for apparently 25 years] called precisely that:


Autopilot engineer drove off to Chinese rival with our top-secret blueprints in the glovebox, Tesla claims in sueball

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Actually France has a law where they are allowed charge people that murder their citizens abroad, regardless of the jurisdiction.

Actually, while trying to find the name, I found it isnt murder, it is any crime!

"Under France's Napoleonic Code, prosecutions can be taken against individuals who are not within the French jurisdiction and for alleged offences which occurred overseas."

McAfee – the completely sane guy, not the biz – told to fork out $25m over 'torture, murder' of his Belize neighbor

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Re: Duff batch spotted

I am not a dog guy. Actually I pretty much disliked dogs for a long time.

That is until my housemate got a Staffie. Pure bred. And she is one of the most relaxed, laid back animal I have ever met. She never barks, unless it as birds, or Nemesis [A dog across the road, that barks a lot. Seems she is sick of him :P]

OK, team, we've got the big demo tomorrow and we're feeling confident. Let's reboot the servers

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Re: "the Red Hat paradox: you can make a lot of money selling something that's free."

Eh Ansible is free. Tower is the paid for stuff, and TBH in my last job, we had it, and just dumped it as it just wasnt very useful. To us anyway.

My chemical romance drowns tomorrow's money, warns TSMC: Chip maker's yields rocked by bad batch

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Re: Duff batch spotted

There was a motherboard capacitor issue back around then as well where the caps has some dodgy industrial espionage, china clones of chemical formulae, and Taiwan manufactures buying up cheap knockoff electrolyte solvent that was missing some additives that stopped the issue.


Oracle's in-house lawyer denied access to Uncle Sam's procurement docs in JEDI legal battle

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Re: Why would they think a 15 year employee should access competitive information?

There are 5 external reviewers.

UK-based Veritas appliance support is being killed off

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Re: O.M.G

"Trying to talk to anyone where English is not their primary language is always going to be harder, especially on a poor phone line."

I thought that would have actually included the Scottish. :P

Tired sysadmin plugged cable into wrong port, unleashed a 'virus'

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We had a security office go to a DC to run vulnerability scanning. This was the normal [terrible] process. He plugged his laptop with nessus in running as a DHCP server, and took down the enitre network, including a 60TB oracle db. Fun times!

That ridiculously stupid process was changed very shortly after that.

Call your MEP! Wikipedia blacks out for European YouTube vote

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The most important thing to me from the whole article is:

There is some animal out there with 27,326+ unread mails and 442+ unread messages.

GitLab's move off Azure to Google cloud totally unrelated to Microsoft's GitHub acquisition. Yep

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Re: How?

Probably use the equivalent of Amazon snowball device and then sync deltas for the storage. Containers will be easy enough

Australian prisoner-tracking system brought down by 3PAR defects

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Re: System outages and faults are infrequent

Same as, and about the same time frame.

And that outage was caused by admin error [me, when I knocked the power cable to the secondary container when replacing a failed one in the rack :O ].

Jeff Bezos purple prose reveals Amazon Prime's passed 100m customers

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Re: 99m, 999 thousand, 999 now

Bwahahahahahahaa! Make use of that whilst it lasts! My last employer banned the practice of "Amazon-to-work" after somebody ordered a washing machine, which caused more than a certain amount of difficulty in the post room of a large administrative office.

Ha. Amateurs. Previous company banned the practice of "packages to work" because of two reasons.

#1 Someone had a piano delivered to reception.

#2 The moronic security guards were signing for everything that came in, and the company got hit with 10K+ in import and customs duties at the end of the year.


HPE: Cloud Server WILL survive... we just need someone else to buy 'em

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Re: What I never understood...

I worked in Dell server support over 10 years ago and we had plenty of customers that were parts only or had parts onsite they replaced themselves and called up to replace stock. Not the norm but did exist.

HPE sharpening the axe for 5,000 heads – report

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Re: All Meg has done is get rid of people, her answer to eveyrthing

Hi Meg!

Why Firefox? Because not everybody is a web designer, silly

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Can I put my tabs under the address bar in Chrome yet? No? Then I won't be using it.

HPE's Australian tax failures may have been user error

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Re: Let me guess...

Turn the rack?

AIX-on-Power-as-a-service is a thing? Yup, a cloud just went there

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Before I left the Unix, and primarily AIX, world behind a few months ago I had been playing around with PowerVC. It was basically Openstack implementation with AIX/Power systems, and included interfaces for the v7000 SANs and Flash840 untis we had.

Spinning up images and so forth was pretty easy, once you had a recorded good state. It was kind of like on premises-cloudy stuff.

I would have thought that they would have just expanded on that?

Mozilla's trying on seven hot new spring/summer logo looks

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"Why do I suddenly feel like a game of Battlezone?"

Hey now, a little too far. The remastered version is actually quite playable :P

The future of Firefox is … Chrome

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I won't use Chrome until they give me the ability to put my tabs under the address bar.

I use FF/PaleMoon for now.

Bringing AFA SAN orphans in house

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How about IBMs FlashSystem 840 and their v7000. You hook the FS840 in, zone it all up, and the v7000 manages it as an external device, but does all the heavy lifting.

I just migrated from T1 15000 RPM disks onto Flash, using the built in vdisk mirroring. Left the flash as secondary mirror for a bit, then promoted to primary mirror. Obviously we are seeing read speed increases etc, and when we remove the T1 mirror we should see the full AFA throughput gains.

Sick of Chrome vs Firefox? Check out these 3 NEW browsers

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Re: Lynx, anyone?

Had to install lynx the other day on AIX so I could use apachectl :P

BOFH in mugnificent return to Cash'n'Carrion

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I am in Ireland and can confirm there is one in the canteen here also.

Hollywood vs hackers: Vulture cracks Tinseltown keyboard cornballs

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Re: Hackers

I actually liked the Swordfish Soundtrack as well......

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'

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Re: ?

>I cannot put my tab bar at the bottom any longer (directly above the web page I'm viewing)

This is the reason I will not use chrome.

My FF is set like that @ v34, and ever since 26 or something. I am using classic theme restorer however.

Microsoft hikes support charges by NINETY TWO PER CENT

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>So in our case your brilliant "restore from back up idea" would of meant about 150,000 emails being >lost, with potentially millions of pounds worth of business.

And this is why you should be using cluster exchange servers or at least have the datastores on a SAN so another server can be rolled in....

Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2 reviews: Turn-based gaming's not dead yet!

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@ ColonelClaw

I'm the same. However I picked up Steam Key for Divinity for 15 bucks on ebay. Happy days.