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Microsoft targets online Office bundle at US cheapskates


Ultimate controll...

It's all about money... The key piece of this is RESIDUAL income for Microsoft.

Part of it is obviously a way to control piracy - you can't bootleg what you can't have - but the bigger part is making a user not just "pay to play", but to pay on a recurring schedule. KaaaaaChing$$. This is the same reasoning behind leasing automobiles - the Dealer can make money once on the lease and then again on the subsequent sale.

The convienince part of online software is that it is more convienient for MS to bill you annually than to try to entice you into making a major purchase on the bi-annual release of thier latest and greatest... MS is a marketing machine - NOT a software producer. The software is secondary to the money.

Should the IT department be accountable for energy use?

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IT is very conscious of the watt...

As a Datacenter Administrator I can tell that IT is VERY conscious of every kilowatt it uses. For those of you that don't get into the datacenter much, everything is run through carefully sized UPS systems. I have 160KW in a dual - redundant configuration in my datacenter and it is a huge part of my duties to monitor and ensure that we have enough power keep all the business systems running. Every system is sized not just for CPU power but for KVA and heat load. FYI Cooling is the biggest factor in IT power usage. To suggest that IT should pay for or be responsible for power usage is a non-starter. Servers have to be powered, you are really only talking about moving a portion of one budget from one office to another: OPS or IT. It won't matter in the end.

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

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There will always be ways to keep the undesireables out any given business. Here is the US, it has become very popular to blast country "music" outside of convenient stores to discourage kids from hanging out. It works!, Hell, country music is a powerful deterent to any age group. Of'course I pitty the poor store minder that has to endure that crap all day long.

Water found on extrasolar planet



I hope that we as humans never find intelligent life anywhere in the universe. It will such an embarrassment to explain that we have "evolved" for tens of thousands of years and are still killing each other to prove that which cannot be proved... whether one religion or god is more real or correct than another.

Yep, As a species, we should be embarrassed and ashamed. I hope that we destroy this planet and ourselves along with it before we have the chance to infect the rest of what ever (other) life that my exist in the universe.


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