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Recommendations for private cloud software...

Andre Fouche

The only Alternative (and more secure) is......

Try "HYPERDRIVE" from the company RES Software in the UK. It's easy, quick, secure and everybody should be using it ! Watch it in action here ..... http://www.ressoftware.com/product/res-hyperdrive.

And the winner is...the laptop!

Andre Fouche


The comment from Phil Miesle on laptops and VMWare ACE as a replacement for company desktop standards is very true ............ We are currently rolling out a UK wide scheme of FREE LAPTOPS for every University student in the UK. This in itself will no doubt cause big headaches for the system depts involved ..........BUT , if all the students / staff had the same laptop, the same image , the same login scripts and all using VMWare ACE, then life would be a doddle !! ( and the systems depts involved will have a much easier time with deployments )


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