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Proposed California law demands anti-theft 'kill switch' in all smartphones


Bricked trying to organize a protest...

the crowd sourced gatherings that we have seen in the mid-east, just might have to resort to 60's style communications to get a decent protest into action. And no one will be able to video it... when the authorities brick all the phones in the area !!

Try making the phone into a snitch... it takes photos and sends them out with GPS markers. ps. and the GPS needs to resolve vertical height. my daughter tracked her phone to a 3 story apt building, but could not resolve which floor it was on. When the law knocked on the door, it went dead. tossed in a metal box. No evidence, no arrest, no phone.

Inside IBM's vomit-inducing, noise-free future chip lab


dial in the way back clock...

Back in the early 1990's, IBM built a "quiet room" at their facility in Boca Raton, FL.

It held the worlds record for the quietest spot on earth for a long time, until IBM moved from the site.

There was an Interstate highway, and railway and an airport, all within a mile of facility.

The fun thing to do was take a chair with arms and sit for awhile.

The arms kept you from falling out of the chair due to balance issues that came up.

After 10's of minutes, your hearing would adjust to the new quiet and soon enough you would be hearing your heart beat and the blood rushing in pulses through your head. Your breathing sounded like a some hollywood horror movie of rushing air.

Study: Arctic warming at 'stunning' rate – highest temps in 44,000 years


Re: I'm Sorry

And when the first solar panel gets built from 100% solar produced materials and effort, dirt to roof, then we have a solution of sorts. Not yet, can the total vertical supply chain be put together to supply solar power by using only solar power.


recent changes in the rate of global warming

Since the earths climate has changed to global warming... the glaciers have been retreating at an average rate of about 750 feet per year. Not yet equaled by the rate in the recent few decades, which might run as fast as 100 feet per year. The oceans have been rising an average of 6 mm per year, about double of todays predicted rate of 3 mm per year. The deeper one looks into the data, the more one suspects that todays situation is that the earths climate change is near the top of global warming and is wobbling around at the peak... to maybe, and sooner than later, start back into a cooling cycle. This change in direction probably will take hundreds of years or more. By then, we might have sequestered into permanent storage all the carbon needed by nature to maintain the natural cycle that has been continuous for over a million years. We just might make our future into a permanent ice ball !!


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