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Academics probe Apple's privacy settings and get lost and confused


This is what happened with iTunes. Started out pretty straight forward and gradually turned into a confusing mess. Look at what happened to settings on the past couple of iterations of macOS. You gotta use a search engine to find out how to use it. Just when you think you've figured it out, there's an update...

Apple drops macOS Big Sur on the world – and it arrives with a thud, sound of breaking glass, sirens in the distance...


Re: Safari

Thanks for the link. That was useful. I'm using Brave and apparently it's doing a pretty good job.


Re: Anecdote

I couldn't update for over six hours. It finally worked and I am enjoying Big Sur more than Catalina. I never had this issue before and have been using OS X since it was released about 20 years ago.

Apple's new iPADS have begun the WAR that will OVERTURN the NETWORK WORLD


Re: The question is, do you *have* to use the software SIM card?

The way I understand it, all you have to do is swipe one of three icons representing carriers to switch. No swapping sims.

Microsoft: Anonymous hacktivists DDoSed us? Really?


I don't make any money at all working on my computer from home...

Facebook tests sinister CURSOR-TRACKING in hunt for more ad bucks


Re: So what

Not necessarily. If you have friends or family that are members, your contact information may wind up with Facebook. Also, many websites link to Facebook and they collect information on visits; members on not. I am a former member and have edited my host file to filter out as much of their garbage as possible.