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Applelutely fappulous: Fashionistas bow down before the JESUS PHONE


Your metrics pishing contest has bored me to death..

I'd buy it online.

Steve Jobs statue: Ones and ohs and OH NOES – it's POINTING at us



I think it's brilliant how they clearly used Windows Paint to design it on..

El Reg preps relaunch of Cash’n’Carrion online merchandise emporium


Cattleprod USB stick. it's definately the way forward..(but can it be big enough that i can mod it to include the components from a piezo electric lighter..)

Apple-hungry thieves defy sinking New York City crime stats


maybe it's the idiot to ipad ratio..

See it in London all the time.. Muppets holding their Ipad to the air as if offering it to the Gods.. but no.. in fact taking a picture or video of a landmark (or a lovely plump delicious speckled Pigeon called 'Speckled Jim') and thus making all and sundry know that they have such a device..

I have little sympathy.

Microsoft to RIP THE SHEETS off Windows 9 aka 'Threshold' in April


When 8 was released, I had just bought a new laptop with 7 on it. Coming in from a vista/XP/98 line of previous OS's I had felt uneasy with 7 so thought i would give 8 a whirl.. it was only 50 quid for 8 pro upgrade at Tesco.. and the adverts made it sound quite good.

I know why now.

The install left me with a brick. i sat there for a good 5 minutes going 'omfg what have i done..?!'

So anyway I eventually found the settings and looked for a way to create (choose) 'classic' and bring forth a more user friendly display.. nope.. didnt happen. every login was still met with a shudder at it's ugliness and lack of friendliness.. it was like being tangoed by microsoft every time i turned it on

I persevered, looked at my son's xbox and had a glimpse of what they were trying to achieve, managed to find a way to work with it.. never found the games i'd previously installed though.. then along came an update.. try win 8.1 download for free at the store.. you can have a start button back..so i did..

and then not only did they proceed to tango me on every start up i had the disgruntlement of having to be assimmilated to the microsoft network.. I dont WANT to join your club.. I dont WANT a passport from you.. but nope.. laptop back to being a brick unless I signed up.. b*****ds!

WINDOWS 9 YOU SAY? Oh I cant bloody wait....

What's the best Linux at the moment?

Apple's iPhone plant didn't kill UNDERAGE TEEN factory worker


Re: Not Apple's fault underage kid lied to get job

A commendable method of works that should be the norm. An upvote from me and I hope i can strive to do business in such a way.

I suspect that it grows more of a problem as a firm grows bigger though and that one guy (who isnt open to bribery or personal interest) becomes a number of employees checking new prospective employees and suppliers. The one man who initiated it may very well still hold those beliefs close to heart but checking the checkers.. who check the checkers.. etc ad infinitum.. it all gets a bit watered down.. and expensive.. and time consuming..

BlackBerry rejected Justin Bieber as brand ambassador


They should have got in One Direction.. and brought out a pre teen/early teen friendly mobe at the same time.. less tech and a free song download every month (courtesy of Rim) of the PAYG contract..

Might save them from their own direction

Lightning strikes USB bosses: Next-gen jacks will be REVERSIBLE


Why is it..

That they HAVE to keep making them smaller.. and ultimately more fragile. USB as it was was 'put uppable with' in terms of fragility, but the micro usb3 is it? that samsung/blackberry use is atrociously open to being snapped/crimpled on/eaten by the dog

The lightning charger of Apple is ok but with it being small is pulled out easily, wears, etc etc

Far from being a luddite, but please can i just keep something how it is..smaller is not better. Designers.. ask your missus.

Undercover BBC man exposes Amazon worker drone's daily 11-mile trek



ideal for those wishing to lose weight.. maybe start a temping agency for it..

Sign up to Health Improvement Work Scheme;

Medical Check -> Start work in supermarket trolley collecting. Stage 1 of the scheme

-> 6 months/certain weight loss then progress to Stage 2, Working the warehouse as in the article.

-> further weight loss progression and onto Stage 3, delivering leaflets for companies

-> further recognition of weightloss and onto Stage 4, delivering mail for Royal Mail

After that, who knows...

Should keep NHS happy at least..

Reg man inhales the smooth, non-cancerous, taste of USB nicotine


Re: Good to see coverage, but a few notes:

eGo-T is obsolete? Are you sure? Dying out maybe with newer models but obsolete? not quite yet! Plenty of places still do them, UK and oversea and i've had no problems with spares.

Other than that, great write up Shinku.


Image on the icon seemed appropriate..

I found that my quit campaign worked better with the e-cig than the other types such as patches and gums and sucky sweet things. Theyre all rancid to use and don't really help. more mind over matter and for a long term smoker thats a failure.. me anyway.

The e-cig when used as a normal cig.. ie out to the smoking area to use it, etc rather than sat at a desk has been more productive in helping me quit. a week of use found me reducing the need for a cig quite markedly to the point i can go a whole day without a cigarette. Im not planning a quick fix give up in as much as a slow one, but the e-cig (i have a eGo-T) has been a great help and definately the better of all the options.

Previous steps had been swapping to a Pipe and tobacco, which also helped with the draw down (pun intended) from cigarettes. one bowl of baccy lasting me the best part of a day.. although proper use of a pipe is somewhat an artform in it's use, so not maybe for all.

BOFH: Resistance is futile - we're missing BEER O'CLOCK


I have been looking forward to the latest episode all week

Strangely one of our suppliers has recently changed their on hold from being a luscious voiced female to seemingly someone of standing in their management. Im sure they must have a BOFH as he seemed to be somewhat nervous and high pitched in voice, like someone with his nuts in a vice under duress.

An excellent episode. Beer O'clock on POETS day. Doesnt get much better

Google, Microsoft to drop child sex abuse from basic web search



Surely there is life beyond google and bing..

Admittedly Gas companies follow like sheep. one puts the prices up, all put the prices up.. but will all search engines do this? or just the ones that the average household. Duckduckgo?

We've found it – the ULTIMATE man-cave accessory


Re: Very expensive for what it is

If you timed it right, you'd probably get the lot from Aldi for under £300


That's it..

Project for the Christmas break. Goodbye Halford's toolchest, hello Halford's portable man cave audio/gizmo accessory trolley

Goodbye cruel world: Robot 'commits suicide' in KITCHEN FIREBALL


Kitchen needed retiling anyway...

Google's new Glass: Now with audio connection INSIDE the SKULL


Re: Idiot tech?

Thankfully? for other road users?! I will smile politely at your ignorance of the subject.. Rofl.. Just because a piece of equipment has multiple uses, doesnt mean it will in anyway endanger others, or even affect the road user using it. Ever ridden a motorbike? the wind and general noise inside your helmet will make the use of voice commands impossible when youre riding along.. which is why we wear earplugs.. Commands would have to be done at a stop, which would make sense and be an indirect safety feature.

So starting off, start the vid and record the journey, see an accident in front and you can then stop (safe location.) provide details and save the video for future use maybe. okay so the accident stopped you for a fair few minutes.. youre wearing gloves, helmet, etc no probs. a quick message via glass to the office that youre running late and you can get back on your bike.... taking a detour you seem to recall. Stopped at a set of lights you just check that one more time.. 'glass wtf am i..' Up pops the hud and yes, it is this way.. lights change and off you ride again. no stopping to pull off gloves, search for phones, satnav adjustment or anything else. you maintain full control during the ride with no distractions bar the pillock in the car who crashed.. whilst probably reading a whatsapp message on his iphone.


Idiot tech?

I want one for use commuting on a motorbike in London. The ability to record video, take pics, check mapping and send messages without having to change device or have multiple devices makes it a no-brainer for such use. There are helmets with HUD, there are phones with earpieces, but to be able to control it all without hassle pushes Glass to the fore of the list.

Just wish they'd hurry up and release them in UK

Alien planet is just like EARTH - except for ONE tiny detail


Could it be..

"This planet is a complete mystery," says David Latham, a top brainbox at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "We don't know how it formed or how it got to where it is today."

1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis Chapter 1. HTH, David ;-)