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Surprise! HPE says nothing about ProLiant server hardware for SimpliVity OmniCubes


1 FGPA card = SPOF

User lubed PC with butter, because pressing a button didn't work


Firstly, Larry in IT saved my arse this week, persisting through a long, poor quality phone call to fix a remote login issue,. All hail Larry.

Secondly, I've been in tech comms a long time, rising to consulting writer and info architect. I use Excel all the time for documentation. We write using XML and methodologies such as topic-based authoring for content reuse and re-purposing. I have not found a better tool for doing the initial architecture design and for creating topic lists and outlines. Best of all, under the covers the content is all tagged in XML so I can export and filter it for import to other XML authoring tools.

I also export content from other sources (even code dumps) to sort and organize in Excel - such as all the error message strings.

And, yes, Ive done entire documents in excel because it can handle dynamic content that works on virtually any windows box - I don't have to worry whether the user has that tool.

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror


Last legs

Thanks for taking the W10 eval bullet for us. I'm writing this using Lubuntu on an old HP tower with the sides off, bare SATA disks sitting on top. Min res because the video card took a dirt nap last week.

There is a Win8 laptop over there, leering at me from the missus' desk, but I have developed a Pavlovian loathing.

I need to use Madcap Flare, Adobe Tech Comms, etc, so one was hoping that common sense would prevail and an enterprise OS might emerge from the ashes. The only hope now is that "free" might evolve into open source and someone will create a secure core OS. Arf.

How's this for customer service: Comcast calls bloke an A**HOLE – and even puts it in print


fund free wifi for your neighbours

The missus recently "upgraded" to ArseFinity because we apparently don't have enough Serbo-Croat and shopping channels bundled with the ones that the kids like.

There are about 12 compute devices in the house, and performance fell off a cliff after the new (and improved!) cable modem was installed. Turns out that we'd been turned into a wifi hotspot and anyone with a Con-Cast account could now connect through our wifi modem.

Had to go through two support escalations to get them to switch it into full bridged mode, but I'm off to but my own modem tomorrow. Virtual monopoly since Verizon pulled out of my local market, and the local phone company is a joke.

How to get $542m from Google: Dress as a SPACEMAN with dayglo dancers – Magic Leap


Re: aka the monkey discovery theme from 2001

Gorilla glass screen?

More bad news for GTAT.

Google tosses cash wad into $500m Magic Leap tin – report


> 'I like to think I know technology and I am not easily impressed. I worked at Apple...."

Cinematic fealty.

Mae Microsoft yn addysgu Swyddfa, Bing, siarad Cymraeg*


Re: Gorsaf Station

I found a beer from Caerphilly (Celtic Experience) in my local offie in New Hampshire. From the taste, I imagine that they draw water right from the Rhymney. Or from that shitty little black brook that runs into the castle moat.

Brains it's not.


Re: 380Z

Ysgol Ramadeg-Dechnegol y Bechgyn Caerfilli in my day.


I learned old Welsh in school, not Cymraeg Byw. I'll be impressed if MS Office can properly handle nasal, spirate, and aspirate mutations.

Yn = In

Cardiff = Caerdydd

In Cardiff = Yng Nghaerdydd

Working for DEC in Reading during the 90s, we built in support for most European languages and dialects, including minority languages such as Basque and Catalan.

These days, I mostly use my Welsh to demonstrate to young American programmers how their GUI dialogs will blow up when translated from their English telegraphese into less compressible languages.


Re: The main point to remember here is...

One thing I learned in Yorkshire as a Welsh expatriate is that you don't ask a girl for a nibble of her bap.

Tesla shares dip as Elon Musk admits electrocar firm ran out of juice


Re: "The cars were diverted to Europe", because?

Sorry - meant to write bong not boeing


Re: "The cars were diverted to Europe", because?

yabbut, get the wrong batteries and these things will light up like a boeing.

Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO



Thank you sir. Old habits die hard. I'm sitting at the console login of our box, making damn sure that the code examples in my CLI guide are accurate. Dec tech writer for 15 years. Some of my 1990-era manuals are still online at HP's Web site.


Dabbling on a Commodore 64 in the 80s led to a 30-year career writing and developing training for computing and programming. The first non-Basic language I learned was Shava Nerad's DECAuthor, an internal programming language designed for multimedia programming (probably the first) . We used it to program the IVIS, a touch-screen autotutor/epos unit that combined a Pro-350 (PDP-11, deskside) with a 12" videodisk player via a genlock. I cannot remember one line of code.

From then, it was VMS, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, and Linux, running on everything from a DEC Rainbow through an XC-series Itanium supercompute cluster, to EqualLogic iSCSI sans.

Nice to hear that folk actually read, and sometimes even appreciate, the manuals.

Cops: Bloke makes bet with wife. Wife loses - so hubby TASERS her


Bears fans are not normally prone to violence 'cos the Bears never beat anyone.

I imagine her saying "On the butt-ox, sir", in just that same accent.



Re: Only Catholicism has scientific foundation... Only in England...

dreidel dreidel dreidel I made it out of dust?


broken china

Qin Shi Huang must have bricked his terracotta army.

Nothing to sniff at: Dell Ultrabooks REEK OF CAT PEE, scream users


tested under the horse pisses of El reg

"We found that the Dell keyboard had more slash dots than any other vendor....."


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