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EU threatens 'formal action' against UK.gov on Phorm



"An earlier investigation of the secret trials by City of London Police found customers has given "implied consent" for an advertising wiretap"

-- "honestly guv', she implied consent, so i had sex with her"

Is still rape.

Battlestar Galactica prequel shuns space, spaceships


what are you guys on?

BSG's strength has always been it's gritty story telling, not it's special effects. You could dump that cast anywhere and still have a well told story. You can bet they'll be taking that winning formula with the new cast, who cares that there isn't a space ship in sight? How many shows on BSG do we have when there isn't a single space battle? Loads! But they're still good. This is Deep Space Nine mentality all over again - "it''s on a space station so it can't move, it will be boring" - turned out to be the best Trek TV series. Get over yourselves. If you like BSG, you'll like this. If you don't think you will, don't watch it and lose out on what will be a very revealing pre-story to the events you liked watching.

Also, this is oooooold news... slow day, reg?

Mathew White - I agree with you... I figured from that trailer the same. I'll be anoyed if we are right!

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics



Stop the planet, I want to get off.

UK's most popular Wi-Fi router defaults to insecurity


I'll challenge anyone

There's not a hacker in this world who could get onto my wireless network, even if I left it open. Nothing gets through my walls! Seriously, nothing... wireless is only good for the room I am in and if I want to use my mobile I have to go outside. I had to run cat5 to my bedroom so I can use my laptop in bed.

Germans send teen tearaway to Siberia


I'll start misbehaving, then

I love Siberia! Have any of you been out there? The place is amazing... Women outnumber men 8:1 in many places (not all) and 90% of them are better looking than the "best" of what the UK has to offer these days (my god, are we in decline of attractive people - STOP EATING JUNK AND GET SOME EXERCISE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN!!). Vodka cost less than a cup of coffee, the food is lovely, the list goes on...

So, where do I sign up?

PS - Hasn't anyone seen Brat Camp? It's the same thing.

Microsoft's sex-obsessed RoboSanta spouts filth at children


MS Santa is my idol

You can learn a lot from this guy. For instance, I can't ever pull a girl when I try my normal routine, but now I just follow Santa's advice.

Bird: Hello

Me: Hi. You look nice.

Bird: Thank you.

Me: Let's talk about oral sex.

Bird: You're a dirty bastard.

Me: You're a dirty bastard!

Bird: <slaps>

Me: <slaps back hard>

Bird: <falls off stall, hits head>

Me: <arrested for murder>

Okay, so the first attempt didn't go too well, but when I try again in 20 to 25 years I'll let you know.

Microsoft signs MOU with Siberia

Gates Horns


Now the whole world will have a good source of piracy from MS themselves...

Buffy mastermind returns with new TV series



Mike says "Firefly was a show where a bunch of overplayed stereotypical characters traveled around the universe, landing on planets that always looked like the old west"

Well I liked it. A lot. But then, I like cheese and ham.

Dollhouse sounds okay, but have to agree - WHY FOX?!!!! From someone that worked with vampires, you'd think he'd get the once bitten thing...

Hypersonic hydrogen airliner to bitchslap Concorde


I don't know what's worse

I don't know what's worse, flying in a plane powered by a steam engine ("industrial hydrogen made by steam reforming with natural gas") or flying in a plane powered by a rubbish poor man's sports car from the 80's (Scimitar)....

One plug to rule them all



lol! There already - and not bothered in the slightest!


There's a problem?

I find this debate bizzare. I've swapped between mobiles before and happily used the new charger that came with it and used whatever method of connecting it the phone could support. Which also involves new software on the computer.

Never bothered me.

After all, I don't complain my key to my last car does start my new one.

Doctor Who to meet self in Children in Need special



Paul McGann did have the torch passed to him properly from the previous Doctor, something that Ecclestone never had, so maybe the current lineage is the one that has to be disregarded. This means when Tennant meets Davidson it's all a farce because one is an imposter Doctor!!!


Seen it already...

We've sat through the Davidson episodes already, so we would have seen it when he meets his future Tennant incarnation years before Moffat started to write it.

This makes it easy money for Moffat because all he has to do is go back to the episode where Peter Davidson's Doctor meets David Tennant's Doctor, copy what he wrote in the future from the past and sell it to the current owners.

Personally, I can't remember it. In fact, I think I didn't bother watching all that many Davidson ones, so if anyone can remember watching this new brand new episode before, let me know if it will be any good when it gets it's very first showing for a second time again.


"there's no reason why he couldn't catch up with a former incarnation"

Of course there's no reason. I mean, it's not as if the Doctor Who show hasn't done it already...

Nothing new to see here. Move along, move along.

Dolphins abandon Bay of Biscay


All this bickering makes me thirsty.

And if the Vogon's are on their way, make mine a double pangalacticgargleblaster.

Space Shuttle Endeavour heads for the skies



Comments on this story just seem to be made for the sake of it, rather than having anything to add. Well, that's my 2cents worth, anyway.

Alltunes.com claims win in Russian copyright case


Is it me?

I could be waaaay off the mark here, but didn't AllTunes pay the royalties needed by Russian law to ROMS but it was the Western World who decided to have no part of it, refusing payment from ROMS in the hope they could just have AllOfMP3 closed down quickly under the pretense they were not receiving any royalties?

Had hey just admitted to themselves they were beaten and accepted the payments, which, whilst less than the massive cut they would have for the equivilent sales back home, they would have made a tidy profit from the millions of sales, rather than the naff all they got instead.

Yes, I know there's the long term view, but AllTunes have set a precedent now, one I hope is now demanded by us, the people who pay their wages in the first place.

(like the Beatles story, btw)

Beeb reveals Kylie as Titanic waitress


Sparrow vs Pompadour

I think S4 of Doctor Who would have been turned into the best season ever if they just took both Sally Sparrow and Madame De Pompadour as his new assistant. Given his preocupation with Rose, maybe they could turn to each other...

Either way - Tate?!!! NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, Kylie and icebergs, back to the actual topic...