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Biomass bummer: carbon mitigation could increase ozone

Steve Sherlock

Bloody NIMBYs

"He suggests that trees could be genetically engineered to reduce isoprene emissions, and states that plantations should be located away from urban pollution."

I was always lead to believe that one of the major factors in support of using biofuels was that they'd be grown locally, avoiding the costs and emissions associated with transporting the fuel around the country.

US court ungags Yelp reviewer who dissed builder

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Negative reviews are more valuable

Surely I'm not the only person in the interwebs who primarily reads the negative reviews when looking at a product or service. You can quickly see if someone's being unreasonable and are able to dismiss that review as worthless. On the contrary, if all the negative reviews are constructive and reasonable you know to avoid the product/company.

White Space trial: First Cambridge, then... THE WORLD

Steve Sherlock

Parking in busy places...

So you've never done three laps of town trying to find a space? If the data is available, it can be stuck into an app. Whether the final use is helping you to find somewhere to park or letting you check online before you leave to see how busy the shops are going to be, I'd say that's a useful bit of data.

There's plenty more inventions of the past that have seemed useless at the time, but turned into something we find critical now.

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."

- Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

"But what ... is it good for?"

- Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, 1968, commenting on the microchip.

And just in the interest of not only picking on IBM:

" There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."

- Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977.

UK will obey Euro unisex-insurance rules from 2013

Steve Sherlock

Re: ethics

"Age, education, income etc are all different because people can change them with work/time."

Same goes for gender, but maybe that's a bit extreme to save a few quid on your car insurance.

Of course, if you did take that option recently, you're going to be pretty peed off now.

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

Steve Sherlock


What worries me is that if you're identifying people by their card details, they're storing said details.

O2 claims win in UK mobile broadband speed test

Steve Sherlock

One in a million?

Am I the only O2 customer that has no problem getting and keeping an HSDPA connection on O2 at home or away? I get a particularly good signal in my home away from home, as per the icon.

In the North West of England...

Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m

Steve Sherlock


Just imagine what you could do with 120 million dollars...

I'd go with getting Jack Thomson smacked in the face 6 million times.

ImageShack hacked in oddball security protest

Steve Sherlock

Though how the attack furthers this agenda is unclear

Easy - forums right across the interwebs have people hosting sigs and other images on imageshack. They were all replaced with the notice.

Quick way to get the word around. ;)

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

Steve Sherlock

DING DONG The Witch is Dead...

Oh well, let's just hope the next incompetent fool to fill her shoes has a name so easy to poke fun at as old Wacky.

Taking a first bite out of Wolfram Alpha

Steve Sherlock

Beer unit size?

@Beer gives you energy

At least it knows something about the unit of choice for beer:

serving size 1 pt (480 g)

The downside is the actual calorie count in beer varies greatly depending on the brew in question...

DVLA issues double tax discs

Steve Sherlock

@A better way to do it

"You could just add 1p on to the petrol to cover it and that way there would be no "crushable" untaxed cars on the road, no way to avoid paying it and those that use the road more would pay more."

Why should I be paying to repair your roads when I get some fuel for my RC car, lawnmower, backup generator or whatever other petrol/diesel fuelled device you can think of?

Can't get a job? Try plastic surgery

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Jobs Horns

Legal Loansharks?

"a lot of his patients view the surgery as an investment and are financing it with loans".

Hi, Mr Jones. We're here to repossess your face....

BOFH: Cable entanglements

Steve Sherlock

Oh Sarah....

"There you go. If you want to follow the magic hawk into the maze, turn to page 43. If you want to stay and fight the goblin lord, turn to page 51."

I've some real fond memories of reading those books when I was a kid - thanks for the reminder. Almost as good as the A1200 my brother cracked open the other day :D

Conspiracy theories fly around Norton forum 'Pifts' purge

Steve Sherlock


Anyone else appreciate the irony of not one, not two but THREE adverts for "Symantec Recovery" on this article?

Mine's the one with tinfoil lining and matching hat...

Taliban man loves his iPhone

Steve Sherlock

Powered by...

Li-ion of mass destruction?

City of Heroes fingered in MMO patent lawsuit

Steve Sherlock


It's obvious they're just testing the waters with NCSoft and if they pull it off they'll head off against Blizzards overpaid and rather sizeable force of lawyers.

Worlds.com critically sues you for $500,000,000.

Yeah, right... in their dreams ;)

Dogs and arson feature in top 10 data recovery disasters

Steve Sherlock


I always preferred to use /dev/urandom (although obviously this can be distro-dependant - I'm a gentoo man). /dev/random attempts to be closer to 'true' random (if there is such a thing) by seeding from mouse movement, keypresses etc. Unless the machine is being actively used it runs out of numbers pretty quickly, and even when under heavy use it's unlikely you'll be able to get enough numbers generated to overwrite even a small HDD. When it runs out of numbers your process just stalls until some new ones are generated.

Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures

Steve Sherlock

Re: Lies, damned lies and.......

Unfortunately that wouldn't work, because we all slow down when passing dangerous areas anyway (when was the last time you drove past a school at 30mph during kicking out time?) so there'd be no profit. We'd still (as taxpayers) be picking up the bill to operate the camera though :(

Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?

Steve Sherlock

@Master Baker

Students drinking halves? When hell freezes over maybe. OK, so I might be a 'mature' student, but if you try to palm me off with a half pint you'll soon be calling NHS Direct to find the nearest proctologist...

Same goes for any barman who wants me to take 2/3 of a pint.

Lehman Excel snafu could cost Barclays dear

Steve Sherlock
Thumb Up

Woah hold on a sec...

I didn't mean to buy that 52" telly and assortment of computer goodies on my Barclaycard - can we just pretend it didn't happen?

MS: Xbox will not go Blu

Steve Sherlock

Play on words?

“We have no plans to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience.”

Integrate suggesting internal, could this be a cheeky way of shielding future plans?

Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly

Steve Sherlock


I don't use that much in a month - one of these solar panels could save me a fortune!

Alternatively, in could be a typo. Shame on you for giving me false hope!

Lords to attack UK.gov failings on internet security

Steve Sherlock
Black Helicopters


Who'd pay a dev who'd intentionally (liably) leave a security vulnerability in a piece of software? Surely security vulns are merely bugs, which you often don't spot until someone else "points it out" while it's being used?

Oh wait, we're talking uk.gov. Disregard.

Reg competition: Cisco goes isup

Steve Sherlock


Maybe their T-bag ripped?

Mine's the one with pockets full of chocolate covered espresso beans...

Ballmer gives Norwegian students free love

Steve Sherlock

Yeah right....

Because Scandinavians really have trouble getting hold of free MS stuff as it is!

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

Steve Sherlock
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Chinese Comparison?

It's a bit harsh comparing it to China now isn't it? I mean, China only refuse access to their own people. The rednecks prefer to take it away from the world...

Another London BT exchange hit by thieves

Steve Sherlock
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Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the usual purpose of stealing to sell the proceeds for drug/beer/sex/other money? How the hell would you sell this kind of gear? Surely it can't be in high demand on the black market...

Maybe the "Shame!" AC is on to something :p

OMFG, what have you done?

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High Res

I'm running at an insane res on a laptop and I'm getting two huge grey bars down either side of the site. Looks awful and it's a terrible waste of space. Can we come to a compromise and make use of the full screen when reading a story at least? Shoot the mac-wielding graphics types if you must...

Acer raises UK prices

Steve Sherlock

Lucky Break

Guess it's a good job I picked up my new Acer 8920G on Thursday then - nearly a grand is bad enough without the extra 8%, thanks very much.

CookieMonster nabs user creds from secure sites

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Paris Hilton

Security "in the open"

For those who mentioned the times you have to use networks of questionable ethics (internet cafe or what not) if you get a half decent router at home you should be able to set up dial-in VPNs on it.

Set up a VPN on your laptop or what not and tell it to use the VPN as the default gateway (which is the default iirc) and fire it up when you're on questionable networks.

Works a treat for me :D

(And I guess I'll take this belated opportunity to use the paris icon)

Steve Sherlock

LloydsTSB - Pass

I feel somewhat relieved, but then I remember I'm in court with the gits and it all comes crumbling down again :p

Steve Sherlock

(Bubble Burst) Student Finance website is wiiiiiiiiiiide open. FAIL

Just tried out the student finance site which is full of lots of lovely personal info, and they're as open as.. (on the internet, must keep clean...) a really, really, really wide open thing. *cough*

Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV

Steve Sherlock

Re: Fried squirrel or is it Roasted?

Given that it was cooked by the current passing through I'd say it's closer to microwaved.

Of course, if you consider the squirrel to be part of the heating element then you could always have a nice nut roast...

That password-protected site of yours - it ain't

Steve Sherlock

re: Don't encourage people to use expert$-exchange

Not to mention when you accidentally misplace the hyphen one character to the left. You don't want to know some of the things I've seen in my time...

That being said, it's sad how expert-sexchange, errr, experts-exchange turned out - had a lot of promise in the early days :(

Secret of invisibility unravelled by US researchers

Steve Sherlock


"No such material occurs naturally and it's only very recently that molecular engineering has advanced sufficiently to give scientists the opportunity to create them."

How can they be so sure? Surely if it did exist naturally, they couldn't see it?

Wind farm wound down on air traffic fears

Steve Sherlock

Re: wind, radar, nuclear

"4. Adding this nuisance to the general inconvenience, cost and unsightliness of wind turbines, might it be better to build an single always-on 1.2 GW nuclear power station, rather than 4000 wind turbines (1MW at 30% load factor) that stop working when the weather is calm?"

Can't we crank it up a touch to 1.21GW? If you get the reference, come join me back in the 80's...

Torvalds brands Digg users 'W*nking Walruses'

Steve Sherlock


Grepped a 2.5.25 gentoo-r4 kernel source and got this:

grep 'walrus' * -r

Documentation/rbtree.txt: struct mytype *data = mysearch(mytree, "walrus");

Seems Linus has a thing for the Walrus. Let's hope he doesn't take piccies and travel to the UK...

Chinese earthquake hack scammer jailed

Steve Sherlock

Silly Sentence

A whopping 15 minutes of jail time to compensate for each of the dead. This bloke is the lowest of the low - stealing from those who have literally nothing. Throw the bloody key away.

Then again, 2 years in the slammer might well be enough for him to be dealt with appropriately by fellow inmates...

Judge grants Viacom 12TB of YouTube user records

Steve Sherlock

Media Choices

I think my choice of medium would have to be email.

You think viacoms networks can handle an influx of 12TB of data? I've no doubt google can manage it - they probably hit that daily at least!

Naturally, you'd have to send it two or three times just to make sure it gets through. Don't wanna delay things with the courts now, do you?

'HD TV gas' 17,000 times worse for planet than CO2, claims boffin

Steve Sherlock
Dead Vulture


I love the irony of 'Ads by Google' offering me no less than 6 HD TVs in an article that is saying how awful they are to the environment.

When flash mobs go bad

Steve Sherlock

Bring out the big guns

Our local park was recently attacked with a gallon of Shell's finest - I'd much rather kids ran around shooting water pistols at each other.

US state outlaws RFID data theft

Steve Sherlock

Data security is still security...

It's breaking the law if some little chav breaks into my house while I'm out. If he's caught, he's likely to be banged up.

Does that stop me from locking my doors when I leave? Hell no - I want to be able to lock up RFIDs too!

El Reg reconstructs Heathrow T5 chaos

Steve Sherlock

T5 icon

I thought this was the T5 icon...

And for what it's worth, consider this another vote for more playmobil re-enactments. I just fear what we're likely to get if the weeks top story involves PH or some other celeb slag :p

Seabed cables will be fixed by next week

Steve Sherlock

Food for the conspiracy nuts...

"The only way to put a tap/split on a fiber cable is to cut it...... U.S.A. have submarine(s) equipped for this type of mission."

How many people get bored waiting for a webpage to load and hit refresh?

How many people get bored waiting for a webpage to load and reach for the tinfoil hat because someone must've purposely cut the cable to tap it and reattached by the time they reload?

BitTorrent admin's police bail extended (again)

Steve Sherlock

Hundreds of thousands...

Hundreds of thousands my "place where sun don't shine". Who downloads music/movies/games/whatever? Simple, people who are too tight to go buy it. These donation-driven sites barely, if at all, bring in enough to cover running costs.

Let's just hope the courts see the full picture and not just the propaganda that's fed too them by the REAL thieves...

Vauxhall recalls self-combusting Corsas

Steve Sherlock

Apples vs MS?

Don't be silly - this is nothing like it. Apple fanboys love apple, MS fanboys love MS.

Non-French car owners hate French cars. French car owners hate them even more...

Steve Sherlock

Re: Hope it doesn't eventually include Astras too...

Corsas are made on the continent and shipped over here.

Astras are made in Ellesmere Port, NW England (amongst other places in Europe too, but most of ours are homebred).

I wouldn't worry - it's just continental crap that's going tits up. I have a right to say that after the amount of time and money I've spent on my 406. French cars... *shudders*

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone

Steve Sherlock


"BEFORE!?!?!?!!!! IT WAS MADE IN THE GOOD OL' US of A!!' How come this guy got to 'film' it on a MOBILE PHONE before it was released!!!! Aaargh!!"

Wasn't it released on the same day worldwide? Australia being so many hours ahead of the US means it would be released there almost a day earlier, allowing him to record, recode and upload it and still have time for pizza before it was released in the US.

BOFH: New toys

Steve Sherlock

No user SERVICEABLE parts

I never claimed to be servicing it - I'm just seeing how it works...

My 8 month old son is walking in my footsteps too. He looks FAR too natural with a screwdriver in one hand and a 20 quid electric toy of some sort in the other.

Plods to get helmet cams

Steve Sherlock

Data Protection Act

What happens when 40,000 people from a footie match all decide to send in their £10 for a copy of the CCTV images they appear on, as I believe we're entitled to do under the DPA? That's gonna be a lot of man hours sifting through videos ;p