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Mind the product overlap gap, cloud ONTAP... make way for FlashRay – NetApp veep


"McConney said NetApp examined buying a flash array startup but rejected all potential candidates because of the architectural imitations of their systems"

Great typo

EMC embarks on all-singing, all-dancing VNX jamboree


Project Liberty

"You get the feeling that EMC sees VNX primarily as a test-and-dev thing and not a serious software storage array like HP's StoreVirtual or VMware's VSAN or, indeed, its own ScaleIO. It will be an on-ramp to speed VNX-dependent app development."

Certainly not the case. Consider test-and-dev the "round one" of a "virtual VNX".

Nexenta beats off rivals as Citrix testlab rates its VDI offering 'cheapest'



Foolish to compare sw based, all flash, and "select" hybrid arrays.

Why compare a hybrid FAS 2240 to an all flash FA 420? Their architectures are different, and they serve different purposes to a customer.

Cisco quietly slips out new all-flash arrays – perhaps it doesn't want EMC, NetApp to notice


"it appears there's no longer any notion of a no-compete agreement, unless Cisco and EMC have agreed that: one, Cisco UCS servers are no-go areas for XtremIO arrays and, two, Cisco will not sell Invicta arrays outside of UCS server-connect situations or not into EMC accounts, and, three, VCE converged systems will have no AFAs at all or a choice of both Invicta (Cisco) and XtremIO (EMC) all-flash arrays."

VCE has a AFA option with XtremIO..

Military strategy game? Nope, these 'battle cards' are an EMC sales tool


Re: No dragons.

Haha...apparently many did because they changed the title of the article

EMC tries to snuff out SolidFire before tomorrow's XtremIO-gasm



You've published on two "battlecards" that EMC provides to their employees to educate them on how to compete with other vendors.

I'm sure that you would claim you're "only stating the facts", but you're actually completely misrepresenting the reason these exist. They aren't meant to be published, and I highly doubt "the so-called Battle Card was publicly available on a dark corner of EMC's website".

I'd be more critical of EMC if they were not educating their employees on differences between their technology and others.

HP 3PAR kit wins X-Factor for mid-range storage arrays


Re: Is anyone surprised

Hah, the marketing pixie dust is too much. They'd be better served to give away a few VNX2s to new customers and write up a story about it

I don't mean to sound too flip - but what "same old issues" are you talking about? LUN tresspassing, etc?


Is anyone surprised they used a VNX 5700 and 7500?

Those arrays are 3 years old, and have been replaced by the VNX 5600 and VNX 7800...as of 3 months ago.