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Reg hack to starve on £1 a day for science


You just buy milk. You will still get more nutrition than people in poor countries. It is a futile exercise.

NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec


Nibiru Mayan?

In Assyriology Nibiru refers to the crossing of constellations and planets across the sky. It has nothing to do with the Mayans halfway across the world and from a different epoch.

China strikes blow for property rights, British move to collectivism


Wanna buy DVD?

In the future, you'll be sitting at a cafe drinking a measly zero calorie decaffeinated Brawndo branded eco-coffee that you purchased with your carbon ration when a fellow Englishman in a bowler hat appears and asks you if you want to buy a DVD of a Chinese movie.

Humans becoming steadily STUPIDER, says brainiac boffin


Idiocracy arrives

If cities are making people less intelligent then imagine what political propaganda, fake stories and hysterical information on Facebook is doing to young minds. We'll be having a good laugh on the 13th December 2012.

Coffee next on climate chopping-block


What a running joke

According to said research coffee in any form didn't exist for thousands upon thousands of years during all past climatic changes. It must have only come into existence a few hundred years ago, a bit like creationist belief, just suddenly appearing in all it's caffeinated glory for Hipsters to consume today.

Airbrushed Rachel Weisz gets watchdog hot under the collar


'natural light'

Shooting cosmetics under natural light is an even more complicated experience.

The reason they are shot in studio is to get the hue of the make up in the photo to closely resemble the colour of the actual product. This is especially so when there are multiple colour choices of the same product. It's just colour matching, and it saves production time getting it right on set. The only thing they then have to fix in Photoshop is all the subsurface scattering and cracks that appear when make up is shot under those lights.

Colour matching in natural light is a much harder job to do. First you have to make sure lighting conditions are fine, that they don't change during the shoot, that the weather is clear, that there is sufficient sunlight, etc. Not an easy job already, especially in England. You would also have to shoot ridiculously fast as conditions are always changing, the sun is moving, shadows are falling differently all the time, and then you will find it difficult shooting a model on her back outdoors. Most make up shoots are shot from above with the model laying down, if you've ever noticed the way they like to fan out the model's hair.


Physics genius

I didn't say the 'image' became patchy. I said the shooting make up under studio lighting conditions is very difficult and requires retouching afterwards. I can demonstrate more than 5000 images I've retouched over the years for all the top names. It's an unavoidable consequence of shooting in a studio.

As for the image of Weisz, I consider the retoucher to be quite poor anyway because the image looks retouched (a good retoucher's work looks natural or at least attractive). Companies don't always strike gold when it comes to hiring the right talent.


Be educated, commenters

If you've never shot fashion or in a studio, then please refrain from hysteria dear commenters. Let a pro tell you the score.

The lights used for shooting in a studio are extremely bright. When the flash goes off the combined light penetrates the layers of make up on a model's face. This results in a patchy and rough look that does not represent the results the make up would give in normal lighting conditions.

Thus the purpose of retouching is not just to enhance the image but also to bring back the 'look' the make up is supposed to give. If you argue, oh why not use a better lighting set up? The answer is you can't if you want the whole model or scene evenly lit.

Cure for BALDNESS causes IMPOTENCE, says new study



"These drugs are basically testosterone inhibitors. They are therefore good at stopping things that testosterone causes such as male pattern baldness and prostate enlargement. Testosterone is also responsible for things like libido which you might want to keep."

The drugs are not testosterone inhibitors. They block the action of "dihydrotestosterone" (DHT) at the hair follicle in genetically susceptible men. Big difference.

"The side effects of finasteride can't possibly have been unknown for all this time; hell, anyone with 5 minutes and an internet connection could work this out for themselves."

I took Propecia and the stronger Avodart for almost 4 years and never had a problem with them, except looking back I was wasting my time and money with them. Side effects of a sexual nature really boil down to a individual's genetic response. Regardless, hair transplantation is the best long term option. But baldness has been proven for hundreds of years to be stylish if done right.



Bodybuilders have known for years that pharmaceuticals should be taken in combination with others to offset side effects. That's why despite media hysteria over steroids (or anything manmade), every Mr Olympia since inception are still alive and they're healthy, happy family men.

In the case of pharmaceutical hair loss treatments like Propecia or Avodart, it would be advantageous to take a male fertility drug such as HCG or Clomid to maintain the sexual functions. The combination would raise sex hormone levels without the need for exogenous testosterone. I would also recommend adding an anti-aromatase (Tamoxifen, Femara or Arimadex - although the Clomid mentioned also works) to the stack to prevent excess testosterone converting to estrogen.

Anonymous activists to hit the streets


hey peeps, stavros here!

When any group claims to be speaking for "the people" without a democratic mandate, I feel very aggrieved...

UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info


Subversion by any other name

Apply this shiz to China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia and some of those Stans in Central Asia. If they comply fully, then we'll follow.

Lost ancient civilisation's ruins lie beneath Gulf, says boffin


beliefs and facts

Dilmun is in fact Bahrain. In ancient times the Babylonians and Indians believed it to be a major gateway to a pleasant afterlife owing to the sweet freshwater surrounding the island. That's why we find over 200,000 tombs on the island of foreign origin.

As for the Garden of Eden, cmon, are we talking history or fiction? This is strictly a Bible story that relates to very wide region from Euphrates to the Ganges according to Josephus.

Apple snubs O2's handset enviro-spec rating

Big Brother

count me out

I won't buy anything with an eco rating. It's bad enough I'm forced to put up with CO2 footprint numbers on a milk bottle. Keep giving these people the power to do it and they'll stick a rating on you and make you live on rations in order to keep the poor poor and the rich in perpetual power.

Independent bigs up the 'Wanky Balls festival'



The "Independent" haha

It's non-stop fun in Zero Carbon Britain, 2030



"The planet may be continuing to produce oil, it may not, but what happens if the rate it's being used is greater than the rate it's being produced? Answer: It runs out"

Pointless question and answer as nobody knows at what rate or in what quantities Gaia produces oil for us. But if you want to get close to an answer, take all the living organisms that died today, calculate the total amount of mass which would sink through the layers of Earth to form oil, multiply it by 365 for the days of the year, then multiply it by the number of years ever since organic life first appeared on the planet, then subtract the amount of oil used by humanity, then realise that ther rate of oil production should be increasing over time as we have more living and dying species today (in total numbers, not in diversity) than ever before due to industrialisation, domestication and farming.

I await a scientific answer without activist diatribe and vitriol.


My answer

"I by no means agree with the greens on carbon, but I wonder if I'm even the same species as people like you. You use the word need in such a bizarre way it puzzles me. Why on earth does anybody "NEED to carry an mp3 player" or whatever. Nobody NEEDS an mp3 player. You don't NEED any of those things, you just want them."

You are correct, there's no chance we could be the same species. Your specie is clearly blind as I had written, "you MIGHT also need to carry an mp3 player, video player, newspaper, laptop, photos in your wallet, etc"

And some people do NEED these things. Ask a few musicians or fans who feel their lives are enhanced by the presence of music. Clearly you feel they don't NEED these things and should shut up and pray five times a day or something equally useless, backwards and green.

So my tip. Next time you want to spit at someone try not to aim to high. It only lands back in your face and we see what kind of person you are.


Fixing more trollop

"I enjoy my internet access and a warm comfortable home but I don't believe in any way that they are rights."

If they weren't a right we could demand then you're saying it is OK to take them away from people.

"Were humans miserable before the industrial revolution?"

Yes, they were pretty ill, died easily and they committed genocide quite often for very minor things that today are in abundance and available to many.

"Why is it necessary for a TV or phone to be outdated only 6 months after you bought it?"

If you want to use a Nokia 3310 you can still do so. Just don't cry about how you might also need to carry an mp3 player, video player, newspaper, laptop, photos in your wallet, etc

The more powerful a device becomes the less you need to carry around, and that is not only efficiency at work but also good for the environment.

"Even if oil were an unlimited resource it is still a dirty one."

Dirty only if not processed to the best standards, which we have not achieved yet in the meager time we have used oil for fuel.

And technically speaking oil is unlimited as the planet continues to produce it under our feet all the time. We can't live without it as nearly all products are developed using petro-chemicals.

"Why do I still breathe petrol fumes whenever I walk down the road?"

The so-called harmful chemicals in petrol fumes are measured in the billionths parts of air and in real world terms would only harm your health if you were extremely weak or stuck your mouth on an exhaust pipe. Some are beneficial - CO2 feeds plants and Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator which improves your blood circulation. It is used by athletes in higher amounts to improves sports performance.

"It is not some sort of written rule that humans are greedy, they simply choose to be greedy. Equally they can choose not to be greedy"

If you have no self-interest then you're not interested in survival, by your own hard work at least. A person who gives up on their self-interest is a person who has given up their rights, even their life, to the authority of either a make-believe being, a megalomaniac political ideology, or the state.


the future

It was only a few generations ago that naysayers complained about a lack of resources and knew nothing about oil or nuclear. In the future when we're getting energy out of wormholes or fusion or smashing particles together or even from other dimension, our successors will be laughing at us....if they aren't in a green hell that has forced them to live without being able to think or invent anymore.


What they did not reveal

To generate the wealth needed to feed its progressive citizens, Britons would be paid carbon credits along with their wages with the credits being stored on an identity card which would double as a carbon rations card. Each citizen would be alloted a fixed number of carbon credits monthly which would be reduced every time a purchase is made (or any form of consumption occurs including travel, eating, etc). No form of consumption will be possible without using the ration card.

Once a person runs out of carbon credits they will be required to either work more to earn more or purchase them. To put it simply, the more productive you are and the more you share what little wealth you have with the rest of society, the more you will be punished and have to pay for it.

That's what the report didn't want to say. But there's more. Without much of an economy to pay its citizens wages in the first place, where will income come from? To this end, every nation will be required to take part in carbon trading. Nations which do not take part will have sanctions and penalties imposed on them.

As a result of carbon trading, Britain's low carbon and low production economy will be selling credits to the tune of billions of pounds worth to emerging economies who will need to purchase credits if they want their economies to grow. Britain and other powerful nations would thus be stealing from the poorer off who want a chance to grow, but can only do so with the use of cheap carbon intensive methods.

This revenue stream will effectively pay for a vast welfare system in Britain turning our once productive people into lay-abouts living on bare minimum incomes. To the Greens, Neo-Marxists and their new alliances with Islamist clerics and activists (see the Respect Part for more) this would mean shunning consumerism and returning to a simpler life involving local farming, cleaning streets, animal care, praying, and generally following a shariah-like religious system introduced slowly and subtly via the backdoor.

Once that happens, everything else falls into place quickly in just a couple of generations to turn a democracy into a theocracy.

iPhone manufacturer to shutter China factories


Elitism and imperialism today

This is what happens when couch potato do-gooders in the West stick their noses where they don't belong. People lose jobs and die. But who cares, right? They're just Asians.

Imagine where Britain would be if we were told in the 19th century that we could not have workhouses or factories with any form of cheap labour. Britons would have been poorer off and cutting each other's throats.

ToryDems stoke ID card 'bonfire'

Big Brother

Yep, big brother

Did that Labour elitist commie twit say "unauthorised working"?

We need authority for permission to work do we now? Shows what direction Labour were taking us in.

Queen's speech pledges faster deficit cut, 'freedom bill'


Income tax

Until we have very low or no income tax then the issue of benefits and pensions will always be a problem. If you want to tax us, do it indirectly on the goods and services we buy. Don't tax my wages and I'll look after myself without state help.

Climate change 'no excuse' for failure to beat malaria



"Funny thing about chronic toxicity and exposure to carcinogens... just because you don't drop down dead on the spot, doesn't mean that the chemicals were harmless or that you were unaffected."

NO ONE was affected or has been to date. NO ONE was affected when DDT was used to eliminate malaria in the US and Russia decades ago either. The amount of DDT required to cause human harm is much higher than needed to beat airborne vectors.

Learn something about toxicity levels and how long they have to be maintained for before talking eco-crap.


DDT in India

DDT may be officially banned but India uses it anyway and has seen a large reduction in malaria and dengue in recent years. I lived in Mumbai for two years and they would spray the entire apartment block with so much DDT that you could not see your hand in front of your face. I inhaled it on all occasions as did all neighbours and there were no bad health effects.

Cameron aims to bring LibDems into government



I'm thinking about calling the police to complain about a man who is squatting in a building nearby. He's 56 years old, mean, abuses people who disagree with him, and the address is 10 Downing Street.



Here's comes the tidal wave of disinformers of the yet again failed Left whose Big Brother policies have yet again been rejected by a nation.

1. They say that the majority voted against the Conservatives. Well, there we see how they fail to understand the democratic vote and how it is supposed to protect society from the rule of the mob.

2. They say Thatcher's "Laissez Faire" policies wrought destruction. I think not. Successive failed post-war Labour governments and our debts from the days of empire and the war is what caused Britain trouble. We have never had a "laissez faire" economy either. You have to be delusional and living in a basement for a very long time to think so. If only we had one.

Brighton goes Green

Big Brother

Sad for Brighton

She's a Big Sister Marxist who couldn't look qualified to speak on science or the environment whenever debated with.

Mystic Met closed Europe with computer model



I was trying to say this last Friday on The Reg but my comments were not making it past the moderator who probably thought I was mad for underestimating the so-called volcanic ash cloud.

Icelandic ash cloud to keep UK skies closed 'til Saturday


Exactly as predicted

Though my previous post has not turned up, it went something like this "The media and Met Office are still doing the dirty work of the anti-flight arm of the green lobby. We haven’t seen a sign of this ash cloud over us. We’ve had three days of absolutely clear, blue, cloudless skies over northern Europe and no sign of any ash or dust. Yet the hysteria over something that could not effect airplanes continues and behind it all are the same organisations as ever."

Now we have this:


I figured out how bad the flawed science was myself using a bit of logic. How come the Met Office and the media with their millions of pounds can't figure it out.

Test flights show no problems...the threat has been exaggerated by the Met Office, computer models, regulators and the media


Another anti-scientific hysteria

So we've got sunny, clear, cloudless skies and not a trace of this magically dangerous ash cloud anywhere to be seen and yet we've caused billions of pounds worth of damage to the economies relying on flights to and from London, including our own bankrupt economy!

The state of science and the media these days is so bad it wants and sometimes causes everything to get shut down over baseless fears.

Everything that could be hypothesised here about ash turning to glass inside turbines is nonsense. There simply isn't enough ash up there, the amount if not dense enough, it's not at the right altitude for most flights, and flights would only be affected for a fraction of their journey time. And I mean a very small fraction!

Tories put ID cards, Contactpoint on manifesto hit list


The state of British politics

It's not a coincidence that our current prime minister is unelected and we've seen a contemporary rise in neo-Marxist centralised power, government bloat and waste, and high taxes all at the same time.

What Brits have to ask is just how did they allow themselves on to this dangerous path. When they ask that then they'll understand that their politeness, tolerance, political correctness and apathy is more harmful to their freedom and prosperity than anything else.

Greenpeace labels Dell 'a bloody marketing machine'



There's nothing wrong with PVC or BFRs. Here's what Greenpeace's founder has to say:



LHC particle-punisher in record 7 TeV hypercollisions



Statistically speaking something did happen after the first particles collided today. Idiotic save the world cultists around the world shut the feck up for a while. We need to do this more often.

Times websites want £1 a day from June



At least behind a paywall all the commenter trolls with their weird conspiracy theories about the extreme evil of Murdoch (basically anti-Semitism aimed at an Aussie Scot because they think he has a Jewy sounding name) and all their global warming hysteria crap can be left on the Guardian's site.

Anglia defends Oxburgh's eco network ties


Gimme more reasons

Another reason to abolish the House of Lords along with the current twats we call the monarchy. Britain needs to become an independent republic with a dynamic global economy not tied down by the EU, UN or any other mafia run by technocrats.

Commodore 64 reincarnated as quad-core Ubuntu box



Needed the classic Commodore case and keyboard to sell it to me and a decent graphics card.

'Go veggie to save the planet' UN, EU plans debunked


Easy solution:

Eat vegetarians. That's what us carnivores do.

Britain expels diplomat over faked passports in Hamas hit row


And then

Not one of you wouldn't like to be a hitman doing that lovely job they did in Dubai. It was the stuff of male fantasy.

Tories go nuclear, promise to prop up carbon price


Forget Orwell

In the future we'll have the Islamic Green Republic of Quangostan run by the Respect Party and its allies. So don't fret. We'll have a low carbon economy just like the Taliban had.

I raise my last pint to you Great Britain. You were only great for a short time.

Big Brother

Let's Spike this one up

O ye, the Prophet Spike hath spoken and seen that Britain will be likened unto the darkest valleys of death should it liveth with carbon credits and rationing under the shadow of the EU beast


Big Brother watcheth thee


Yet again

Yet again the EU wants us to stop producing energy and become even more dependent on countries like Russia and OPEC for their gas and oil while frittering away billions for windmills made in China. How much evidence do we need to prove that they simply want Britain to become a beggar state so that the world can finally do away with our stupid ideas like the abolition of slavery, democracy, liberty, etc

Without all these conditions and human rights that we demand, authoritarianism around the world would be so much better off and there would be world peace, right?

And who the hell is Herman van Rompuy??

Nerd alert: First Lucid Lynx Ubuntu beta fun


interface fail

Still looks like an ugly cousin of Windows 95. If the Linux crowd want to be taken seriously they need interface designers who see where interfaces are heading and get there before MS or Apple. And then they need a great SDK and profit incentive for developers. Otherwise this is a waste of time and Linux should stick to servers.

'Twitter gives voice to the voiceless' - eg the US President


Best thing to do

Use Twitter on the Shitter to tell the world what you're doing. Democracy will be rising with each dropping.

'Snowball Earth': Glaciers, ice packs once met at Equator



Michael Mann's tree ring derived hockey stick with hidden decline only goes back 1000 years and ignores such things as the Roman Warm Period (deleted from Wikipedia), the Holocene Climate Optimum or anything earlier as mentioned by this article. Therefore this new world religion we are being made to believe in cannot accept the possibility of a planet older than a thousand years. Heathens all who believe otherwise! Hail to the modern Cyruses of the EU and UN! Death to Spartaaaaaa!

Climategate hits Westminster: MPs spring a surprise



British politics at its finest elitist shit. Been that way since the days of the slave trade and forcing Indians to buy clothes made in Liverpool. Now they want to tell the poorest people to stay poor and live on carbon credits and welfare handouts while the wealthiest get to keep all the energy resources for themselves in the name of saving the effing planet. It's called elitism and imperialism. It has nothing to do with a trace gas.

Global warming worst case = Only slight misery increase


All scenarios considered

I used to believe in all this overpopulation and global warming malarky when I was a young attention craving lefty who wanted to impress girls and myself with how much I cared.

It's embarrassing to look back upon such moral posturing. It's like I was a politician or religious nut.

The truth is everything is getting better because humans are hard wired for forward movement, even when they believe in such fanciful nonsense and hysterics. There's no problem that our natural desire and progress isn't solving anyway. It's just that activists always see what's happening anyway, jump on it, and then claim they were the ones who solved the problems!

'I'm an IT worker not an assassin'

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This is not the BBC

It's awesome to hear news of this hit. We should be celebrating it. The world is so dire and boring and politically correct that we needed some guys with balls to do the stuff WE LIKE TO SEE in movies.

More please, with torture Liam Neeson style.

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@Keith T

Native "Palestinians" don't exist. The Romans called the Jews "Palestinians" to insult them as the real "Palestinians" were a bunch of unruly pirates from somewhere near Greece who frequently raided Judea.

If you really want to talk about natives of that little strip of land then it should be native Judeans...or Jews as we say in English.

NASA pegs Noughties as hottest decade on record



Global warming my arse. They've reduced the number of temperature monitoring stations by two thirds in the last 20 years and have homogenised the data between them to such low resolutions that the models are reporting warming where there isn't any. To make it worse the quality of data recorded at the surviving temperature monitoring stations is poorly contaminated by urban side effects.

They should end this hysterical nonsense and put proper context to the issue of energy security. If they are desperately manipulating data to pass regulation on carbon emissions then let there be a carbon trade between the very richest and the very poorest. Let the very wealthiest buy carbon credits from the very poorest so that everyone else in between no longer has to subsidise the welfare system.