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Australian national census fails in the IBM cloud


"expected to be back 9am today." Tried at 11:30am still down.

Consumers beware! Ofcom's seen a scary new mobe nasty: APPS


Re: The very fact

Could you imagine the unemployment level if we did not have public services?

Most of them could not get a job as head toilet cleaner in a major hotel.

CONFIRMED: NBN Co has NO blackspot fix plan


It's all a joke

My wife sent an email to her sister in mid west NSW, it returned undeliverable. When we seen her last week it turns out the satellite is full and she was turffed off.

ADSL? Too far from the switchboard. Copper wire also crap.

NBN? 18 months if your lucky. "We will email you with a solution soon" HOW? "oh, you don't have internet access do you you". no you idiot.

Australia's proto-NBN now decaying in the desert

Big Brother

Re: If

Too right, if it was all left to private industry the Harbour Bridge would have been two lanes, one north bound and one south bound. Not enough money coming from that area? Bugger 'em let them do without.

Oz Army red-faced after ready ... aim ... FIRE burns suburbs


Artillery my fat arse...

There is NO artillery range at Lithgow, the closest is at Singleton, What most likely happened is Explosive Ordanance Disposal training.


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