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Which Who to view? Pick one from two: Doctor Who twin trailers hit the interwebs


Very little is revealed???

I'd say that it gives away quite a lot about John Hurt's Doctor, mainly that he's so hated because of what he did to stop the time war, although quite what that might be isn't even hinted at.

Google's Nexus 5: Best smartphone bang for your buck. There, we said it


Re: @Lloyd cheap and nasty

I hadn't noticed that it was magnetic but I've just checked and you're right and I'd wager that you're bang on about the accessories, although quite why anyone would lug a zoom around for a camera of that quality (it's not too bad on low light but for action shots it's all blur).


Re: cheap and nasty

No, I said it was cheap and nasty, the case looks and feels like a Storage Options Scroll Essential. The screen is beautiful but that's all, the camera on the back is fugly. So presumably if you're not trolling you have one? And you can tell us all what your likes and dislikes are then? And perhaps you could even stop hiding behind a troll account?


Re: cheap and nasty

I have no idea what a Nokia 2310 even looks like nor do I care. That's the thing about opinions everyone's got one, even if it's just to blatantly troll.


Undecided as yet

KitKat is a mixed bag. I started doing what I normally do and disable all of the Google services I never use, much to my chagrin half of the phone stopped working, the most crippling being that II turned off hangouts and it disabled text messages. Eventually I found ways and means around a lot of this crap simply by trial and error, I hate the fact that the entire desktop now runs off of the Search service, disable search and it'll turn itself back on as soon as you go to your desktop with the added bonus that it resets your desktop. Saying that it's more fluid than JB and there's some improvements to things like the camera app.

The phone itself is cheap and nasty but the hardware is decent for the price, it's roughly the same size as my Galaxy Nexus but with a larger screen area, decent speakers on the bottom and a seemingly longer battery life. I'm withholding judgement but currently it's "okay".




I knew I shouldn't have posted what I perceived to be a smart arsed comment when I'd been down the gym and needed a sugar fix. I take it back and I'm having a Mars bar.



< pedant>I think it's more likely that they're MADE from CLAY. I'm assuming that's a typo. </ pedant>

iPHONE 5S BATTERY: It may NOT just be you, it may be RUBBISH


It's become so easy to mock Apple

That it's now akin to taking the mick out of a "differently abled" kid, it's wrong and I feel dirty doing it.

Virgin Media only puts limited limits on its Unlimited service


Re: Still throttling by up to 65%

I set up a new SkyDrive connection to upload a load of photos the other day, I'm not sure if it was Virgin or MS but 20GB took 3.5 days, (by my reckoning that's 0.55mbps), it absolutely killed the connection too.

Z30: The classiest BlackBerry mobe ever ... and possibly the last


Here's the thing

Blackberry does what it should do, works well for corporate users, the problem with that is that every single corporate user I've ever encountered wants an iPhone as their company phone. Not because it fulfills all or even some of what they need it for, simply because it's bling. We had a sales department who told us that we needed an iPhone app because our client base was screaming out for a mobile version of our product (on release it was used by 4 people a week out of a base of 250,000). Of course this meant that they would all need an iPhone to show it to potential clients so we migrated everyone off Blackberry to Apple, cue a massive rise in support calls and lots of blame on "well I can't do that on an iPhone when I'm out on the road".

Wozniak: Please, whatever you do, DON'T buy me an iPad Air


Re: Rip ......

Surely you mean you could theoretically rip it and store it easily. If you actually did such an outrageous thing it would be illegal and you could be prosecuted by CBS for using something you actually owned albeit in a different format?

Met Police vid: HIDE your mobes. Pavement BIKER cutpurses on the loose


A bit on the late side for this aren't they?

These tactics have been employed by phone muggers since around 2000, I know, it happened to me outside CPFC in around 2003.

All cool kids' phones run ALTERNATIVE alternative custom Android ROM



Cyanogen is great when it works but how often do you update to find that your GPS or wireless no longer work properly? I gave up in the end, went back to the stock firmware and now only buy Nexus devices so that I don't have all of the crapware that the manufacturers stick on top.

Google: Thanks for the billions in revenue, UK. Here are your taxes, that's ... £11m


This again

It almost mirrors my workplace, lots of finger pointing apportioning the blame to others for following the rules whilst patently ignoring that the problem lies with the rules and rule-makers themselves not with those abiding by them.

Have PIXmania. In fact, have £59m with it too, Dixons tell German VCs


No great loss

I've never known anyone to say anything pleasant about their returns process. I bought a camera from them for my parents which packed up after 3 months, I duly sent it over to Paris (you have to) which cost £22, where it was examined by Canon, who produced an entire report saying that it wasn't covered under warranty. When I queried what exactly was wrong that it wasn't covered under warranty Pixmania said that they would email me the report but it would cost £20, so I asked for the camera back, that'll be £30 postage please. Eventually I just gave up and bought my parents a new camera, far easier than dealing with that bunch of rip off merchants.

Travel much? DON'T buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3


It's almost as though......

The EU based Mobile networks have realised that they're getting shafted by people buying foreign sim cards and are asking mobile manufacturers to stop it, but surely they wouldn't be that unscrupulous would they? Oh hold on, I was talking about mobile network operators wasn't I, ignore that last bit, they're all crunts.

Grand Theft Auto V: Violent, sweary and amazingly ambitious



Am I the only one who finds GTA a bit.... well boring to be honest?


Re: 'The likes of .. BioShock Infinite have lifted the bar'

Infinite was a better than the original but still too easy.

El Reg seeks new mobile, wireless tech writer - could it be YOU?


I'd love to do it

Unfortunately I've not been able to look favorably on mobiles since the time I slipped in the shower and ended up in the emergency room.

For the 17th time.

Sofas with a roof and Star Trek seating: The future of office furniture?


Yeah right

Has anyone worked for a company where anyone outside of the boardroom has high concept furniture? Most of the places I've worked you're lucky if you can find a chair that's got the requisite number of legs.

Cisco email accidentally sent to 1000s of employees causes message list MAYHEM


Similar experience

I worked for a subsidiary of a certain Blue Bank and some noob sent an email to the "all Company" group (which covered every UK branch, head office, etc) asking a question (something like "does anyone know where the printer ink is"). Cue much "why is this coming to me?", "please stop emailing me" emails, which was stopped very, very quickly by an email from the CEO's PA, which simply introduced herself and stated that everyone should stop responding, the email was obviously an error and to leave it alone. It was a very clever email, it came across as a school teacher scolding children but with the added backing of "carry on and you'll be dragged in to see the CEO" but managing to leave the threat heavily implied without being threatening. kudos to her the trail stopped dead and everyone got on with their lives.

Phil Collins' daughter 'will give you A VIRUS' – security bods


Is that why I've gone bald?

Have I got the Collins virus?

£250k fine for dumping council workers' files in Tesco bins, er, binned


So what you're saying is

That government bodies at every level are inept? Who knew? Next thing you know we'll have politicians distorting the truth to fit their own agenda (or someone else's if they've been paid enough).

Myst: 20 years of point-and-click adventuring



Whilst Myst was visually stunning, I seem to remember becoming very bored, very quickly because it was very slow and clunky, and my machine spec would have been well above average (these were the pre-marriage days when I had such extravagances as disposable income).

Loads of mis-sold PPI, but WHO will claim? This man's paid to find out


“I read an interesting number the other day"

Was it 5318008?

Horrific moment curvy mum-of-none Mail Online spills everyone's data


People use real details?

How odd, why would anyone do such a thing?

Sony refuses to flog off Spider-Man lab and other entertainment wings


Re: If they'd sell the entertainment tail, the hardware dog might be more appealing

Not to mention the nice audio DRM watermarks now.

AMD's newest chip: Another step toward 'transformation'

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Re: AMD vs Intel

Well said. You've just made me go and google Cyrix, I always wondered what happened to those guys, they made cheap chips which "nearly" outperformed Intel's own.

You MERCILESS FIEND... you put that audio file on AUTOPLAY


Re: Hellraiser

As I've already said, he wrote the screenplay for the film Hellraiser but that was based on The Hellbound Heart which I don't believe there is commercial novelisation of, therefore whilst he did "write" Hellraiser, it has stage directions in it, if that's what floats your boat and you enjoy that kind of thing then certainly you can read it, I'd wager it's probably a lot more enjoyable to watch though.


Re: Hellraiser

Yeah, the basic plot's the same, but Hellraiser itself is obviously much more fleshed out (pun intended), my point really being that the written aspect wasn't called Hellraiser (and obviously that I'm a pedant).



<pedantry="on"> Technically Clive Barker didn't write Hellraiser, he based the screenplay on his short story the Hellbouond Heart which is one of the Books of Blood. So I think you should really be saying "I suppose a copy of our Old MacDonald could have inspired Clive Barker to write the Hellbound Heart which he later rewrote as the screenplay for Hellraiser.<pedantry="off">.

Yes, you're right, I need to get out more.

Weird interview questions

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Re: How about

Well, that's kind of when I got bored and came up with the claustrophobia BS, I thought "if you're going to persist in being stupid then I will be too".


How about

Q. So, let me give you a situation and see how you respond.

A. Okay.

Q. It's 3am and you're in the office, you have a 9am deadline and the code you're working on is failing.

A. Okay

Q. What do you do?

A. You mean fix it?

Q. No, everything you've tried has failed you've exhausted all options.

A. So, I'd start looking for answer on the web, starting with a simple search, ending with asking questions in forums.

Q. The internet's down.

A. Okay, so I'd phone someone I knew who'd be awake here or in a different timezone and put the question to them or ask them to post for me.

Q. The phone system's down.

A. Okay, I'd go outside of the building and use the phone or the internet.

Q. The door's are locked.

A. I'd climb out the window.

Q. The windows are all sealed.

A. Okay, so let me get this straight, I'm in a darkened office, alone with no means of external contact and no way of leaving the office and I've exhausted every possibility I'd can think of for fixing the code?

Q. Yes.

A. Okay, I'm claustrophobic and I'm starting to have a panic attack.

Q. What?

A. Well, you wanted me to relate your scenario, I've done everything I can think of and obviously I'm not going to get anywhere because it appears that every piece of technology in the office has broken. At the end of the day I want to go home, but it appears I'm locked in the building with no means of exit, I'm claustrophobic so I'm very likely to start having a panic attack at this point.

Q. Um, okay, I think we'll call it a close there.

I think the answer they were after was "keep trying different things until it works", but surely this is negated by the "you've exhausted all options"? All in all it was a complete BS interview given by marketing hipsters who seemingly knew nothing about IT.

New in Android 4.3: At last we get a grip on privacy-invading crApps


Does it block adverts

You know like Ad Blocker is supposed to (but falls over constantly)?

Sky falling: 119,000 Brits flee O2, Be after Murdoch broadband gobble


They are offering great deals at the moment though

For example my mother was offered Unlimited Fibre, phone line with free calls and tv including free sports for £25 a month. Yesterday their Orangutan turned up to fit it:

- Nah, can't get TV reception

Okay, I'll just take the Fibre and landline then.

- Oh, unfortunately the exchange has somehow now miraculously oversubscribed.

Okay, bye, bye.

- Wait, but we can offer you the same package as you had before at the same price.

Bye bye now.

BOFH: Don't be afraid - we won't hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer


I'd laugh

If it weren't all so true and genuinely depressing, still at least I can take the opportunity to say that inkjet printer manufacturers are all bastards.

Guinness: Have a quick bonk over the bar and receive FREE BEER



Really? You have the most densely populated are in the country to pick a bar from and you come up with a pub in Watford? Maybe they've gone for the places rated with the least NFC phones?

Amazon's profit-eating machine revs into overdrive


Oh come one now

I don't shop at Amazon precisely because they've rarely turned a "profit" for tax purposes, bizarrely, I've now discovered it's actually generally cheaper to buy my books elsewhere, Sainsbury's Entertainment tend to be pretty cheap plus they pay tax, have free delivery and the same pre-order guarantee as Amazon (lowest price).

Burger-rage horse dumps on McDonald's: Rider saddled with fat fine


Re: Does anyone know

"If you try to obtain a burger while on foot at these restaurants you will be refused - you have to have a motor vehicle in order to obtain a burger!"

Incorrect, I have been served as a pedestrian at the McDonalds drive through window of the McDonalds in Wandsworth after a large number of alcoholic beverages in a nearby drinking establishment (the Ship) when the main restaurant has been closed, I'm not proud of the fact but in fairness I was drunk, as was everyone else in the queue (yes, there's always a queue of drunk people when the pub shuts).

PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister


There is an upside

I suppose at least one good thing will come out of this, the IT literacy of teenage boys will increase as they find more ways around the pron blocks. Parents will NEVER be able to stop teenage boys insatiable desire for pron.

Fever pitch as Dublin tar drop fall captured by webcam


That reminds me

I'd best go and check on the missus, she's been in the loo a very long time.

Brazilians strip Amazon of brazen .amazon gTLD grab bid

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ICANN turned down money?????

Good Lord whatever next? Amazon paying tax? Had they got the domain they would obviously have written the ICANN fee off against tax.

Unreal: Epic’s would-be Doom... er... Quake killer



It was dull, despite multiple attempts I could never get into it, compared to things like Quake, Doom, System Shock, etc I was indifferent. Graphics aren't everything.

'Thundering mechanical behemoth' walker mech to attack Leicester today



From the state of it surely there's an R missing is there not?

Gadgets are NOT the perfect gift for REAL men


I'd like to think that my wife would never buy me tech

She knows bugger all about it and would invariably buy the wrong thing, she's also sensible enough to know that. She did however get me a signed photo of Bruce Campbell which has pride of place in the dining room.

Apple adds Yves Saint Laurent CEO to executive team


YSL is a "chav" brand is it not?

I'm saying nothing about the market for Apple users.

British Bebo founder buys back social network for $849m profit


Re: $849m profit????

So, the answer to the question is "yes the headline is incorrect" then? Thank you for clarifying, I didn't need to read the article to know that it was wrong.


$849m profit????

Are you sure? I find it very unlikely that he financed Bebo all by himself, isn't it more likely that he started it and on selling it he received a percentage of the sale price, the rest going to investors?

Watch out Tesco Mobile: Vodafone, Sainsbury's want to eat your lunch



I can't comment on what the network's like outside of London but inside you make as well use smoke signals to shift data, Vodafone just crap out constantly, your phone says GPRS but you screen just hangs....

and hangs.....

and hangs....

Whilst I despise the life out of Tesco at least they use O2 who seem to have a network that actually allows data backwards and forwards (except when it falls over, obviously).

'The Apprentice' is a load of old codswallop, says biz prof


In other news

Reality TV is not worth watching, whether it be the Apprentice, Big Brother, or "talent" show dross like X-Factor, don't do it people, find a hobby, like nailing your testes to a plank of wood, it's more fulfilling and less painful to watch.


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