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Like the Death Star on Endor, JEDI created a ton of fallout and stormy weather in cloud market


Can anyone tell me

Do I need to have watched Wrath of Kahn in order to understand the new Star War film?

Full credit to the man previously known as Zowie.

Two years ago, 123-Reg and NamesCo decided to register millions of .uk domains for customers without asking them. They just got the renewal reminders...


Re: Motherf***ers

Open a support ticket telling them, they've just agreed to refund me and apologised.

I just said:

You sent me an email last week asking me to renew a domain name, as I only have one domain name I duly renewed the requested domain. However you appear to have given me a new domain name sitename.uk instead. Please remedy this situation by renewing the existing domain name refunding the price difference between the two.

But yes, they are tossers.



Had I not seen this article I wouldn't have even twigged, it's about time for my domain renewal to be up so I went in after the 123 email last week and "renewed". I now own a .uk domain that I never asked for. I've just dropped them a friendly support ticket asking them to resolve the issue as they appear to have given a me a new domain rather than renewing the existing one which is wurely what they meant to do. We'll see what the reponse is and take it from there. I can't think of a single valid reason as to why someone would think this was a good idea, especially once the court cases start.

Apple's making some announcements! Quick, lay off 435 Uber workers


Re: 27000 employees?

Mechincal Turk? Not likely, the Turk had far more checks then Uber.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

Surface: Tested to withstand the NFL. Microsoft firmware updates? Not so much


It's a bit like rugby?

To elaborate further, it's essentially rugby league with body armour and slightly tweaked rules but with larger gaps during the plays/tackles.

My 2019 resolution? Not to buy any of THIS rubbish


Re: Late to the party. As usual...

No mention of Livingstone's part in Eidos and Tomb Raider then?

A year after Logitech screwed over Harmony users, it, um, screws over Harmony users: Device API killed off


Re: Went off of Logitech...

Same here, I'm still running loads of the slim devices though, 3 radios and a duet connected to the home cinema system with a Squeezebox server on one of my media servers. It all still works well and I can't see me upgrading any time soon (if it ain't broke).

Tumblr resorts to AI in attempt to scrub itself clean from filth


Remove the pron from Tumblr

Ah, I see, so their target market is now gym photos because outside of pron that's the only other content on Tumblr.


A mate told me.


Technical foul: Amazon suffers data snafu days before Black Friday, emails world+dog



I've received no letter which may be because I closed my account, however they did say when I closed my account that they would keep my name, address and order details on their systems for "audit purposes" which potentially means it's been breached but they haven't informed me as my account's closed.

UK.gov fishes for likes as it prepares to go solo on digital sales tax


So tax avoidance will be unaffected then

Phew, Phillip Green will be happy.

If you have inner peace, it's probably 'cos your broadband works: Zen Internet least whinged-about Brit ISP – survey


Talk talk came third?

Wow, I can only assume that's because they've got so few customers left that whilst 99% of them complain that still only leaves under 1,000 complaints.

New theory: The space alien origins of vital bio-blueprints for dinosaurs. And cats. And humans. And everything else


Re: Never make assumptions

Have you been out in your local High Street recently? I'd say the B-Ark is a definite favourite for the origin.

Amazon Alexa outage: Voice-activated devices are down in UK and beyond



I might be affected but I no longer have an Amazon account and have never had an Amazon data slurper either so I don't see how.

Every step you take: We track you for your own safety, you know?


pet water fountain

Is the "pet water fountain" in question a cat mate? I only ask as it'll cost you a bloody fortune in filters and you'll need to brush up on cleaning the motor out when it gets clogged up (guess what I did last night). There's a nice chap on Youtube who's got a very informative video on how to dismantle it.

Want to know what an organisation is really like? Visit the restroom



How does that work for places like TFL? One of the buildings (the management one) has marble washrooms, all lovely and shiny and the other 2 buildings are apparently dreadful.

TalkTalk ups the (dis)satisfaction ante as UK folk wake up to borked email


Re: Oops, this is what happens when you try to login

Webmail. I'm surprised that they use Java, I'd have thought that was a bit advanced for them, I was thinking more cgi.


Oops, this is what happens when you try to login

HTTP Status 500 -

type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread











UK consumer help bloke Martin Lewis is suing Facebook over fake ads


Lewis was unequivocal about the fake ads: "I don't do adverts."

Does shameless self promotion not count as advertising then?

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser


Hold on

Didn't the EU try to get them to remove IE but their defense was it was part of Explorer and therefore integral to the OS? Does the same apply with Edge because as far as I can tell it's not part of explorer at all so surely it can be removed?

Will the defendant please rise? Utah State Bar hunts for sender of topless email


Re: "to the breast of their knowledge"

PG Tits?

WhatsApp? You still don't get EU privacy laws, that's WhatsApp


Oh dear oh dear

" led by the UK's information commissioner"

You may as well have appointed some roadkill to investigate, I doubt the OIC can even spell privacy let alone know what it means.

Rejecting Sonos' private data slurp basically bricks bloke's boombox


Re: Logitech Squeezecenter

Yep, I've got 3 squeezebox radios and a squeezebox controller/receiver on my stereo, all running off an HP microserver running squeezebox server, it's been like that for 10 years or so, not a problem so far.

Vibrating walls shafted servers at a time the SUN couldn't shine


Re: Wind!!!

I seem to remember we had a similar issue with pigeons at a certain spread betting company, not quite as funny as the tech who kept going up to the roof to "inspect" the conenction during the summer without realising that there was CCTV up there and we all knew he was strpping down to his budgie smugglers and sun bathing.

iPhone 8: Apple has CPU cycles to burn



So, does iTunes work properly yet on Windows or does it still self destruct constantly?

Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham


Re: So still 20 years in the future...?

Yes, 100 years ago.

Sysadmin tells user CSI-style password guessing never w– wait WTF?! It's 'PASSWORD1'!


Pft, amateurs

Ours are Password123

AWS users felt a great disturbance in the cloud, as S3 cried out in terror


Might I suggest a slight headline tweek?

AWS users felt a great disturbance in the cloud, as millions of S3 instances cried out in terror.

UK government's war on e-cigs is over


Re: Jesus, NO!

Much as I'm loathe to defend him, I have actually set off a fire alarm in a pub before through vaping (well, 3 times within a 5 minute period actually), although it was in a very small room and I am one of "mix your own" types who puffs a heavy VG based mix, I might add that I use no flavour though, just VG and nicotine (<1%).

No chips for you! Toshiba takes flash off the menu for WDC


Re: I wish to complain

I reckon the EU can use Conor McGregor and the UK can use Anthony Joshua.

Fire brigade called to free man's bits from titanium ring's grip


Did they try

Whacking the ring with a hammer?

I'm just curious as to the noise it made, I'm thinking......


Google Chrome will beat Flash to death with a shovel: Why... won't... you... just... die!


Re: Why wait until December?

Ah, the BBC and Flash, remember when they last revamped their website and removed most of the text based stories and replaced them all with video feeds ripped out of the news channel? Cue a much touted "try our new mobile site" which was supported by little to no mobile browsers, I wonder how many readers that cost them?

Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update tweaked to stop you disabling app promos


I've always wondered if MS were going to commit Tech Suicide

And now I have an answer, they've been borderline before, specifically ME, Vista, 8.0 but this really takes the p155. All of our work systems have already switched to various flavours of Linux, AWS and Postgres due to exorbitant MS licensing now WIndows itself has become untenable, I guess we see where Linux goes. Apologies I have just taken the team for refreshments and 5 pints later I'm a tad wobbly.

Argos changes 150 easily guessed drop-off system passwords


Argos is a subsidiary of Home Retail Group

Shouldn't that read "Argos is CURRENTLY a subsidiary of Home Retail Group" seeing as Sainsburys' got the green light to buy them last week?

Washed out summer? Fear ye not: DVDs for DevOps droogs


On the subject of tabs

The single best moment of Silicon Valley season 3 hinges around tabs vs space indentation and I'm sufficiently with Richard that I started getting annoyed on his behalf and yelling at the screen.

Star Trek Beyond: An unwatchable steaming pile of tribble dung



I watched the trailer up until the warbling started and it looked pretty bad, Justin Lin was a poor choice and Pegg without Edgar Wright isn't really that great at anything production or script based. It's a shame as the first two films were enjoyable, although yes they were retreads.

Gaming apps, mugging and bad case of bruised Pokéballs


Maybe I misheard Mr Reid

But I always assumed he shouted "Runaround..... NOW!"

Tupperware vehemently denies any link to storage containerisation


Same thing happened to me

I was talking on a forum discussing what sort of database compliance we had, I said "I'm an ANSI boy", boy, sooner than you can shake a fish at the moon I had an email through from Neil Gaiman's lawyers, it's just not on. It's almost like that time our IT department got sued by Jupiter for mentioning Io.

Dolphin fans freak, blast browser's bumbling bundles of bloatware


Yeah it's a bloated mess

It has but I think most of us were reticent to uninstall it because of our bookmarks and the pain in the arrrssss it is to move them over. Fortunately the new malware helped us along with that problem by adding extra impetus.

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware goes FULL SCREEN in final push


My personal favourite piece of W10 functionality is

The W10 uninstall. I don't want Candy Crush thanks, or half of the other crud you decided to chuck on there, so I uninstall it only to have Windows 10 reinstall it. From what I've seen written on boards by multitudes of others this is standard behaviour, sorry MS but you're only having one machine, the others are all staying W7.

David Bowie: Musician, actor... tech admirer


One thing

I'm not a huge Bowie fan, I like the odd song here and there but the one thing for me that stands out about him was that I never heard anyone say anything detrimental about him (with the possible exception of his drug taking). The media never really slagged him off, there's never really been any gossip about him and the friends I have "in the industry" never had tales and they have tales about everyone. To my mind if he managed to walk that tightrope without falling off then he must have been a genuinely decent human being and for that alone he should be mourned.

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England


Re: Well

Unless they're used in mass production lines where they're regularly turned into vapour, i.e. in a bakery. What happens when to the excess fluid when you bake a cake? It turns into vapour. Where does that vapour go? Into the air. Has anyone working in a bakery ever died from inhaling cake vapour? Err....

And they're likely inhaling a hell of a lot more vapour than me. Carry on though, have your opinion and I'll carry on vaping within the law, in pubs, in clubs, I'm polite, I ask first.


Re: Well

Fine by me, as long as you move to another pub, it's all grand.



I vape Vanilla, and by Vanilla I mean from the supermarket proper Vanilla (not Mexican beans as there have been health issues with that), I also buy Vegetable Glycerin from a baking supplier, the only thing I have an problem with the provenance of my Nicotene which I buy from a well known Vape shop chain, everything else is designed to be used in baking and I mix it myself. Anyone complaining about my vape (and there have been a few) gets a reasoned argument along the lines of "do you eat cake?".

Apple LIGHTSABERS to feature in The Force Awakens


Re: Retrogression of the "Force".

My understanding is that the character wielding the weapon is obsessed with Jedi relics, hence him using one.

Legion of Superheroes fly in from Redmond for SQLBits bash



Still not a patch on Brighton when the Woz graced us with his presence.

What’s new in SQL 2014?


The gap between SQL 2008 and 2012

SQL Server 2010 was released as 2008 R2 because Microsoft hadn't finished it in time, so your concept of 2 year release cycles is accurate.

Whovians, your Doctor needs you: Take back the Day from One Direction




PUNISHMENT gluttons: The Dr Who monsters that come back for more


Bring back the burnt out husk master (after final regeneration or some such nonsense)

He scared the living crud out of me as a kid. Kids these days are too wrapped in cotton wool, we need more stuff like Davros in Doctor Who, make the buggers have nightmares. And while we're on it, bring back The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water, the kid getting fried getting his frisby from the substation, the kids on the building site, is that a tractor left with the keys in it?

Why are you putting that jacket on me? What sort of a jacket ties up at the back? I'm fine I tell you! What are you doing here doctor? What's that injection for? No, I'm fine, I'm fine I'm...............

'Daddy, can I use the BLACK iPAD?': Life with the Surface Pro 2


I didn't read the entire article

All I want to know is... does it support any decent 3rd party VPN connections? The original Surface Pro only supported MS VPN connections, no 3rd party support at all (from what I read anyway) and most VPN providers wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. Give me a product I can connect to home and work machines from with the added benefit of playing video plus web surfing and I'll buy it.

Yet ANOTHER IE 0-day hole found: Malware-flingers already using it for drive-by badness


hmmm, IE, IE, IE???

I know the acronym from somewhere but I just can't quite place it, it must have been quite a while.