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No extra bank holiday for 75th VE Day, but the pub will be open longer

Skier Boris

It's such a special occasion we're going to re-cycle and existing Bank Holiday rather than have an extra one.

Blighty's online pr0n gatekeepers are begging for a regulatory beating, says digital rights org

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Re: "We want the UK to be the safest place in the world to be online"

"Simple : do not let children go online without supervision. Do your bloody job as a parent, instead of using a screen to do your child's education."

Frequently said by someone without children! While I agree with the statement, given the prevalence of screen availability (smartphones, friends smartphones, school, friends home etc) - good luck with monitoring their internet usage 24/7

Yes as a parent you can teach them the rights and wrongs but most teens with rampaging hormones are going to find porn at some point - there's enough floating around on sites which won't even require age verification. Let alone what goes on on the likes of SnapChat

NHS England claims it will be all-digital within the decade

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Same with digital records!!!

Skier Boris

The "Red Book" is one of the things they are planning on replacing with online system. While it could be done online, given the amount of people who like to see the Red Book I'd imagine it will be tricky. In addition to pre and post natal care, we've used them to demonstrate up to date immunisations for Nurseries and Child Care, including at Kids Clubs abroad.

Hate to say it but for harassed parents and others, I think the Red Book is probably a very good and robust system.

London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones

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Re: Call a farmer!

Surely it can be tracked then?

Alternatively - where's John McClane, it's Christmas at an airport FFS

Skier Boris

Apart from saying they have teams looking for the operators, I am intrigued how police are searching? I'd assume, based on very limited knowledge, that you could scan and trace signals from controllers, which would help target location??? Don't know - interested.

As for punishment - chucking them into Gatwick departure lounge should suffice

Mystery sign-poster pities the fool who would litter the UK's West Midlands

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I've noticed that many service stations in France now have huge bins as you leave to rejoin motorway i.e. big enough you can throw rubbish from car window. Would like to see a few of these at motorway junctions in UK which just seem to be knee deep in litter.

The 5p charge in bags does seem to have had a positive impact, so a similar tax on takeaway wrappers may be an option, although sadly I suspect the cash would never get back to the Local Authority who was responsible for picking it all up.

Looking on the brightside, I recall litter being a lot worse back in the mid-70s

El Reg tests portable breathalyzers: Getting drunk so you don't have to

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Re: So really

Yes I'd be more interested in something for use the morning after. Anyone tried those disposable units which were compulsory in France?

When algorithms ATTACK: Facebook sez soz for tacky 'Year in Review' FAIL

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User error I think

Right, so with the year in review you can a) choose not to bother b)preview it before posting it on your wall c) customise it. So obviously the fact you didn't like it is FBs fault!!!!

eBay, Facebook, Tumblr ALL go TITSUP in me-too MULTI-FAIL

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ParentPay site was down last night as well just to add to the fun. Lots of stressed parents trying to add money to kids school accounts

RM CEO: We didn't even try to sell PC biz before killing it

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Re: vulgar

When I left (ok was made redundant) in 2005, everything was focussed on 'the bottom line' and how much any activity would add to it. Up until early 'noughties' I do believe RM made money as they did actually deliver a good service and really had the interest of schools at heart.

let's not forget that RM aren't the only company looking to make money out of schools - take a stroll around BETT in January and you'll see their are hundreds at it.

PC addict RM finally quits its building habit, plans to axe 300 jobs

Skier Boris

Actually sad to read this - I am aware there are plenty of RM haters but I worked for them for 11 years and was very proud of the products and services that we provided. As my role involved a lot of contact with LEAs and schools I also know a lot of people liked what we did as well.

Sure there were alternatives, but to many schools the ease of use and support were appreciated.

The RM One was designed in consultation with schools and was incredibly popular at the time.

Expecting numerous downvotes for daring to say this


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