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Surface Pro 4: Will you go the F**K to SLEEP?


I disagree with the statements made the the HP X2 would be a better choice, because of battery life. It has a claim of up to 9 hours. Yet testers have got 9hrs 23 from an SP4. And the SP4 has a bigger screen (12.3 up from just 11 for the HPX2)

See article here for more info


Bottom line: your usage may vary. But I have an SP4 with a M3 processor and I used it through a day for 9 hrs (though half of that was with the wifi off. )

Truphone debuts 66-country flat rate roaming deal


Re: what about skype for business?

True Roland, I did kindof miss that point as I was not really paying attention, but if you have skype for business with a dedicated virtual number, then all you need is a local sim card with a data tariff. And your "client facing" number wont change.

PS cant wait for more Wimax deployments.( 5km range for access points - thats a gamechanger)


what about skype for business?

A while ago I got a company onto skype for business for their roaming execs. Seemed a bit cheaper with approx $20 all you can talk to groups of countries.

And skype call quality is pretty good, even over bad connections. I used it in Kenya recently in a hotel way up north, and the quality was fine. Which surprised me, because it took ages for a just an ordinary webpage to load on the same connection. Something about their P2P design and the compression used I believe.

Poker ace's vanishing hotel laptop WAS infected by card-shark – F-Secure


Re: Use full drive crypto with TPM

Yes TPM is the way forward but there still needs to be improvements in the implementation of TPM. Hardware manufacturers are not making use of all its functionality that it has to offer. Currently it is only implemented for basic functionality. In addition once the intermediate and advanced functionality is implemented, Users also need to be trained in how to read and deal with the warning messages. (it is a bit "BIOSy".) There is also extra support required of IT departments. (EG you can potentially "brick" your laptop.)


Solution: Secure Chips?

Re Evil maid and harddrive encryption> This is what TPM is supposed to protect from: the chip recognizes when various "platform Configuration registers" have been changed.

V Difficult to hack a TPM chip (requires an electron microscope) and there is a new version 2.0 out now.

The chip only costs $26 each. (I got a quote from Alibaba supplier [min order 10]) The hack with the electron microscope costs approx $200,000.

Also introduces features which could (and should) be used to secure Network and Wireless communication.

TPM is the solution in the right direction and needs to be further developed.

Lone sysadmin fingered for $462m Wall Street crash


why was internal IT upgrading specialist software

Why didnt Knight get the actual trading software company to upgrade their software? Didnt want to pay for their support charges?


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