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Cisco boss Chambers: It's our fault H-1B visa shakeup is struggling


H1-B Means Cheap Slave Labor

Cisco has not hired any American citizens for a tech job in over 10 years.

They prefer to hire H1-B salves.

Why are you publishing propaganda from criminals?

Psst, hackers. Just go for the known vulnerabilities


Re: Reactive only management

You are correct.

White House taxes Silicon Valley to skill-up American workers


Cynical but Stupid - Another DC Fail

The purpose of the H1-B visa program is to import cheap slave labor and to then lay off the American workers.

Training more US tech workers will simply result in more unemployed Americans. Duh.

What needs to happen is for thousands of people to go to jail, and I do not want them to hire an Indian to go to jail: I want US citizens to go to jail for this.

Black hole boffins close in on gravity waves


Re: A "tenth of a microsecond"

Well, if the pulses are a few microseconds wide, and include spectral components in the Gigahertz range, then 100 nanosecond accuracy (10 MHz) is actually pretty good.

I suspect that they are either noise limited or speckle limited.


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