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Think tank warns any further delay to 5G rollout will cost the UK multiple billions – but hey, at least Huawei is out


Our local newspaper is onto a news generating scam. It publishes the planning applications for 5G masts knowing full well that there'll be a follow up story some time later of the new masts being burnt down by the mongs.

Virgin Media CEO says Brit broadband biz 'performed well' in Q2, which is a weird way to say losses almost tripled


You have to haggle.


My bill was due to go up £20 this month. I called them expecting to spend an hour wrangling with a Filipino before getting through to retentions.

Instead I get through to the UK directly within 2 minutes. When I said it was too expensive they immediately offered to keep me on my current price for the next 18 months so I snapped their hand off.

I'm paying less that the cheapest new customer bundle for more than they get.

It's been five years since Windows 10 hit: So... how's that working out for you all?


Re: It works just fine for us

Same with me. I support a friend of mine who lives on the other side of the world and who is totally bereft of any computer nous at all.

With W7 I used to get a cry for help about once a week and would have to Teamview once a month or so to sort stuff out for him.

Since he got W10 he'll maybe ask for a bit of help every 2 or 3 months and it will vary rarely have anything to do with W10 itself.

Chinese tat bazaar Xiaomi to light a fire under Amazon's Kindle with new e-book reader


Re: Bazaar?

They sell excellent value for money phones and also a brilliant electric toothbrush that lasts a month on one charge unlike the Oral thing which needs recharging once a week.

Trump gloats, telcos weep, and China is furious: How things stand following UK's decision to rip out Huawei


Re: NSA Backdoors in Cisco and Juniper kit?

I'm so tempted but I'm a kind soul at heart so I won't.

July? British government could decide to boot Chinese giant Huawei from the UK's networks by this month


What about all the Huawei street cabinets that Openreach have? Do they not pose a threat too?

We're no longer helping UK Post Office persecute postal workers with our shonky system, says Fujitsu


Re: Been thinking

The first job I had was in a bank back in the 60s. It was that long ago we were still using pounds, shillings and pence.

After we closed for the day we'd count all the cash. If we were more than 15 shillings (75 pence) out nobody went home until it was sorted.

If we were short it was bad enough but if we were over it was a major visit from head office deal as we had money that actually belonged to one of our customers.

Honor launches new UK store, laptop, kettle, er... toothbrush?


I used to use an Oral electric toothbrush which was big, clunky and needed recharging every week. I bought myself a Xiaomi SoWhite (I know) which has the same diameter as the 18650 battery that drives it and only needs recharging once a month.

The Oral cost about 40 quid, the Xiaomi was a tenner.

Xiaomi Mi 9 owners furious after dodgy Vodafone software patch bricked their mobes


Re: Android One

The updates come from the manufacturer not Google.


Re: Android One

A Mi A2 Lite is £179 - and a fine phone it is too!


Re: To be fair

They've got a shop in Westfield in London and they're sold online by all the usual suspects.


Re: Identified Root Cause

It wasn't a supplier half way round the world. It was Vodafone.

World's smallest violin to be played for opportunistic sellers banned from eBay and Amazon for price gouging


Logitech C920 webcams (normally 80 quid from Amazon) are being soled on Ebay at 20 quid a time at the moment...

Brit MPs, US senators ramp up pressure on UK.gov to switch off that green-light for Huawei 5G gear


Re: Dear US protectionists

I voted remain too but the buying power of the NHS is nothing to do with the EU and everything to do with the size of the NHS.

The regulation that you're referring to aims to stop the practice of a company buying the production of a generic drug , often as the only supplier, changing its name and then legally jacking the price up by a thousand percent.


Re: Dear US protectionists

You mean the situation where one of the largest purchasers of drugs in the world uses their buying power to keep costs down as opposed to the US where profiteering kills people with outrageous drug prices?

MPs to grill Post Office and Fujitsu execs on Horizon IT scandal after workers jailed over accounting errors


Re: @ If they prove the system is flawed

Bates v Post Office


Jet2 hacker who deleted every account on UK company's domain cops 5 months in jail


He ought to have got 10 years for wearing brown shoes with a dark suit.

When is an electrical engineer not an engineer? When Arizona's state regulators decide to play word games


Re: AKA Libertarians

When I was in the merchant I went for a haircut in San Francisco. I asked the barber what the certificate on his wall was and he told me it was the state licence that said he was allowed to cut hair.

He was stunned when I told him all you needed to cut hair in the UK was a chair and a pair of scissors...

Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election


Re: @steelpillow and ImAlrightJack

Before the GPO was privatised you had a choice of two types of telephone - a big black Bakelite one or a flipfone. It was hard wired and couldn't be moved. BT, regardless of their dire customer service, was a breath of fresh air.

Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!


I joined a tiny company as the installation man when they had enough business to require a full timer to go out and install their kit. Before I arrived the 'Sales Manager' would go to PC World and pay fifteen quid for each 2 metre Ethernet cable they needed for an install.

Right-click opens up terrifying vistas of reality and Windows 95 user's frightful position therein


I used to work for a company that installed Windows networks into GP surgeries. We'd go in and install the kit and give the staff a quick whiz round the desktop before the proper training took place.

This was at a time when personal computers were quite rare in people's homes so the staff weren't particularly familiar with Windows.

I will never forget the female receptionist who was quite happy moving the mouse pointer from left to right by moving the mouse from left to right but couldn't understand why the pointer didn't move up the screen when she lifted the mouse off the desk...

Wait a minute, we're supposed to haggle! ISPs want folk to bargain over broadband


Re: Marketing lies

I called Virgin last week to do a bit of haggling and the woman from the Philippines tried to convince me that I'd be better off paying £20 more than I was.

I told her to cancel my account and was immediately put through to 'accounts' who asked me if a 60% reduction on my bill for the next year would be acceptable...

Facebook: The future is private! So private, we designed some handy new fingercams for y'all!


I'm not sure that Zuck would want to know where I stick my fingers...

UK Home Secretary doubles down on cops' deeply flawed facial recognition trials


"Javid said: “This game-changing tech will help us do this and will be vital in the fight to bang a few more innocent people up.”"


Years late to the SMB1-killing party, Samba finally dumps the unsafe file-sharing protocol version by default


Re: I think the situation can be far worse than that

Post Office counter machines run NT4 even today...

Having bank problems? I feel bad for you son: I've got 25 million problems, but a bulk upload ain't one


Re: Did the CCM run a timer?

When I was working on a ship's radar scanner I always made sure I had the fuses in my pocket before I climbed the mast.

Tractors, not phones, will (maybe) get America a right-to-repair law at this rate: Bernie slams 'truly insane' situation


What a bizarre country the US is...

Owner of Smuggler's Inn B&B ordered to put up a sign warning guests not to cross into Canada


If his B&B is in the USA how come he's being tried in a Canadian court? What jurisdiction do they have over him?

Easy-to-hack combat systems, years-old flaws and a massive bill – yup, that's America's F-35


Re: Easy to hack ...................

I don't know. I'm British and it didn't sound like a joke to me. It just sounded like the usual uninformed bullshit that passes for fact round here.

Perhaps you ought to read the results of this years Red Flag



Re: Easy to hack ...................

"Since the aircraft will never actually leave the ground "

Does that exclude the 300 that have already been delivered as of June last year?

Blighty's most trusted brand? Yeah, you wish, judge tells Post Office in Horizon IT system ruling


They're trying to get the judge kicked off the case now...


Re: This is a disgrace

The Post Office is a government entity. It's not part of the Royal Mail which is a separate private company.

China still doesn't want iPhones despite Apple slashing prices, say market watchers


Xiaomi MI A2 lite - 180 quid.

Where's Zero Cool when you need him? Loose chips sink ships: How hackers could wreck container vessels


Re: Serious infrastructure carnage

I was a 'freight guy' for 10 years and everybody on board called them ships.

I've never sailed with anyone who called them vessels in every day speech.

'Vessel' is reserved for logs or other official documents.

Sometimes (shock horror) we even called them boats as in box boats or gas boats.

What happens when a Royal Navy warship sees a NATO task force headed straight for it? A crash course in Morse


You had to be able to send at 25wpm using an ordinary Post Office hand key if you wanted to work at Portishead/GKA.


Re: Audio Morse

We had 35 start the MRGC/C&G/Radar combo at Riversdale. 3 years later there were 3 of us left taking the radar exam.


I did it for 10 years as a radio officer in the merchant. Once you're reasonably competent the letters just form in your head. It's a bit like speaking another language.

In audio morse there's a plateau at about 12 words per minute where your brain switches from hearing dit dah dit as 3 separate sounds to the letter R fully formed.

After that you can lag enough to be able to write whole words at once rather than separate letters

+ VA

Take my advice and stop using Rubik's Cubes to prove your intelligence


Re: 1970s?

You are Diane Abbott and I claim my fivetyfour pounds

Windows XP? Pfff! Parts of the Royal Navy are running Win ME


The next time you go into a Post Office and see them using the touch screen behind the counter be advised that under the counter is a Pentium 4 with 256Mb of memory running NT4...

The Chinese are here: Xiaomi to bring phones to the UK next month


"Chinese brands are notorious for their eccentric UIs, but Xiaomi has a decent story here. "

Xiaomi do two versions of some of the phones, one with their own UI and one with plain Android One. The Redmi 6 Pro has their UI whereas the Mi A2 Lite is the same hardware running Android One.

I bought a Mi A2 Lite off a UK seller on Ebay last month and am very pleased with it.

Code of conduct claims new Texas Instruments CEO after just six weeks


I suspect that breaching the company's code of conduct involved something along the lines of 'fancy a quick shag?' to one of his underlings.

Registry to ban Cyrillic .eu addresses even if you've paid for them


Re: ACII stupid question and you get a stupid ANSI...

In Thai the the word 'mah' can mean one of 5 completely different things depending on the tone it's pronounced with. The Thais have 5 different words but English is stuck with 'mah'.

First A380 flown in anger to be broken up for parts


Re: This underlines one more thing

And much quieter

Crappy IoT on the high seas: Holes punched in hull of maritime security


Re: Not just open sea navigation...

The easiest way to shut Suez is down is to refuse to give the pilot his carton of Marlboro :-)


Re: Plain text rudder commands is not a problem in itself

Yes of course a shipowner is going to pay for the necessary bandwidth over an expensive satellite link so the crew can indulge in a bit of gaming...

UK's Royal Navy accepts missile-blasting missile as Gulf clouds gather


Re: How fast is 'fast moving'

"Second, you would be surprised how narrow the straights of Ormuz and several other Gulf chokepoints are. "

Strait of Hormuz...

'Every little helps'... unless you want email: Tesco to kill free service


Re: Damn

gandi.net. 6 quid a year for a co.uk domain with 5 free email addresses. Based in France. Their motto is 'no bullshit' which seems to be the case.

FCC drops idiotic plans to downgrade entire nation's internet speeds


I'll never complain about Virgin again...



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