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IT downtime not itself going down, power failures most common cause

Alexander Caplan

User Error

“Power failure” as in…

1) Incorrectly commissioned uninterruptible power

2) Ignored failure of redundant PSUs

3) Stale UPS battery packs

4) Poorly maintained diesel generators

5) Leaks from incorrectly commissioned fire suppression

6) Failure to properly balance power loads

I’ve observed them all over the years.

And a host of other totally unrelated and avoidable issues noted down as “power events”.

In essence, the vast majority of outages result from human error/negligence.

A problem that’s likely to only get worse as tenure of experienced staff decreases — along with the conscientious of the next gen of “worker”.

Fiendish CryptoLocker ransomware: Whatever you do, don't PAY

Alexander Caplan

Offline Backups

The behaviour of this malware should be a reminder of the continued relevance of offline backups mediums, such as magnetic tape.

It's not too difficult to imagine mechanisms by which malware could infiltrate online copies of data, or whereby a limited number of recovery points are also rendered ineffective. And malware's not the only threat: consider rogue or incompetent IT resources, malicious competitors, etc.

Offline media remains the only solution which provides fully-immutable copies of data to recover from, if the worst happens.