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Microsoft enlists Apache to help Windows devs build hybrid mobile apps


Hi All Web Developers.

Not a troll coment. I thought the days of targeting web to mobile verses desktop had gone. I thought keep to the standards and a page will render in a way you can use ond a mobile, tablet or desktop. OK viewport I know, what am I mising in the view poart model view controller by tarketting html4 with jslib/jquery, or html5 with jslib/jquery.

Help me out.

OpenSSL bug hunt: Find NEXT Heartbleed, earn $$$ – if enough people donate cash


Well I gave them a bit

Hi All,

Just did my $20 pledge (its US after all). It is suprising just how much of out internal and external infeastrucuture and products we sell are affected by this. It would be nice to see some of the larger organisations that use it back this, rather than take weeks to fix their app/firmware etc - openwrt had a patch by Thursday/Friday, home come it takes the big orgs s o long?

As the advert implies -> 5 beers = $20, nice, calm, planned work time - priceless.


Microsoft, HURTING after NSA backdooring, vows to now harden its pipe


New years resolution

The more leaks - the more GCHQ keeps coming up - sucke being British or US citizen.

It seems I have a choice between being on-line, or reserving my privacy (I have not issue giving it up as part of an investigation). Being in my 40s I grew up with films such as Brazi - a horror story of what we could become. I still believe spying on your own population is a commie thing.

Originally, my new years reolution was to give up the (personaly) use of any US (sorry US) software product - including Windows (Rome Total War II and Elite Dangerous are a huge hinderance to this - where is my will power?). I have made good progress, but my gmail account of a decade is going to take longer.

I think I will change my resolution to "move to" private cloud infrastructure on my own hardware protected by VPN with heavy encryption. This way I can feel my privacy is protected, but give us keys for a rightful investigation (hopefully very unlikely) and fight (politically and intellctually) for a more civilised society) - back to where I think we were, and we should be.


OpenSUSE 13.1: Oh look, a Linux with YOU in mind (and 64-bit ARMs)


Hi Gary,

I use Debian in VMware (gives Gnome3 fallback mode) . I tried OpenSuse 12.3 - struggled and failed to X under aynthing but a small window (guessing 640x480). Is it easier with Opensuse in Virtualbox?

Thanks for any tips



I havw really like SuSE. In 1997 I moved from Redhat 7.1 (now some sort of hat) to SuSe based on screenshots of KDE 1 on a front cover of a LINUX/PC mag. Never looked back until last year. Recently with my interest in ARM, particularly the Raspberry PI I have moved to Debian 7 (desktop) and Rasbpian. I have a Windows 8 gaming laptop ready fro elite dangersous - but that is a Wheezy Vm bootstrap other rhab games.

I am on the opensuse ARM mailing list - obviously I delete more than I read, butnot sure that Raspberry PI is in favour with the opensuse developers. Having said that please flame and prove me wrong - love to go back to a zypper package manager :-)


GCHQ was called in to crack password in Watkins child abuse case


Assumptions all rounf

Cloud storage.....password - I am feeling quite negative - I assume this means they asked the Online Storage Provider (OSP) for the password. The alternative is even worst.

Apologies to those who feel strongly about thesubject of the data, I admire a clever hack as much as the next techie - particularly for good causes, the article is lacking in detail.

Call me niave ( hello my name is niave) if this was enrytped before saving to the cloud, surely the key would be on the computer to retrieve the data stored (a nuaghty boy that stores images without wanting to look or a naughty boy that can remember a 255 characters string), or legally has to be given up. More info is needed.. Is this a clever hack worthy of "hats off" regardless of motivation or who? Did someone handed over keys under UK law? Or the now increasing familiar "the bastards" can hack encryptoin algorthitm Y?

Non-emoitenal curious minds wish to know.


More details please for the benefit of all readers, whether they live under a percieved facism regime or not

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world


As a LINUX user for 20 years (give or take..started in redhat 2,1 kernel 1.2/1.3) I find myself in the strange position of not liking Windows 8 (or 7 come to that) but having Grudging respect.

Have a nice widescreen 1920x??? laptop at home from about January with Windows 8. Very hard to get used to. Either download a 3rd party start button or create a toolbar from

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Drag the little bugger to the far left. and close up eveything else. You are left with a menu called "Program" with a double area that opens a start menu style menu. Works really well for non-touch, gives you everthing added (except notepad, so pin it). On touch the double area is too small.

I put LibreOffice on for sanity.

At work just upgraded from 5 year old Windows XP Toshiba Tecra ??? with office 2004 to an SSD Windows 7 with office ???(2010 I think). Very fast OS , but Office sucks (particularly Outlook). The Ribbon replaces easy menu and shortcuts, that have been aroudn since Excell 5/Word 6 with new alternatives. Struggling with this! I really find the rbbon bar + loss of desktop real estate annoying at work..

My view: Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 are great OSs under the hood - suck mighty in UI - might be blaming Office for Windows 7 to be sure. Give me Windows 7 + Ofiice 2003 + sensbile screen res at work, and I will be a productive happy chappy.

What I have at home works well.