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It's not you, it's Three. Mobe network goes titsup across UK

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No issues in SE Scotland

This certainly was not UK wide in my experience. I've got a monitored 24x7 UMTS broadband connection on 3, and there were no observed blips on this service today. I suspect the geographic impact of this outage may have been far more limited, than the articles made out.

I still maintain Three is one of the best mobile carriers in the UK, especially for data. I run a business which relies on me being able to access fast internet pretty much anywhere. I used to run dual-carriers for resilience (Three as primary, one of the others as secondary, depending on coverage), but experience showed ThreeUK to be very reliable. I've now dropped the redundant carrier, as it was a waste of money and more often than not, the redundant link on the alternate carrier would fail anyway! Oh the irony!

Leaky security could scuttle global ship-tracking system


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Totally agree with the previous comments.. more nonsense by security researchers who clearly don't understand the intended application of the technology they are "investigating".

As for the mention of "marinetraffic.com".. anybody who has had even a cursory look at the site (of which I'm a frequent user) will see the rather prominent warning:

"Vessel positions may be up to one hour old or incomplete. Data is provided for informational reasons only and is not related by any means to the safety of navigation."

In other words.. it's here for fun, don't rely on it, and if you do.. tough! Marinetraffic.com are effectively "crowd sourcing" their data from enthusiasts with AIS receivers at their properties and an internet connection.

The only thing these "security researchers" have done is come up with a more complex way to achieve something that could be much more easily done by other methods (such as simply buying an AIS transceiver and feeding it the desired GPS/NMEA data to "spoof" your phantom ship.. wow.. how high-tech!!).

Clearly some security researcher was running short of CEH points for their recertification!! Groan....


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